5 Tips on Where to Meet Women – Offline or Online?


Modern technologies provide a wide range of different services for romantic acquaintances. More and more people enjoy the advantages of dating sites and social networks to search for true love. But does this mean that we should forget about offline dating and plunge into the virtual world of communication? Where is it better to get acquainted with a girl – online or offline? Today, you are going to go into this matter and learn about the best places to find a girl both on the Internet and in real life.

top places to meet women

Where to meet women online

In general, you can find true love everywhere and in the most unexpected circumstances. But nowadays, more and more people make acquaintances on the Internet. Online dating is the most affordable and comfortable way to find a significant other. This idea is especially good for very busy people who have little free time. This is why the number of different dating services is increasing. Where does online dating take place? If you decide to look for a loved one on the Internet, there are some options where you can do it. So, let's consider the 5 best places to meet women online.

Online dating sites

This is the most convenient and reliable way to meet a girl online. The principle of operation of such sites is familiar to everyone. You create an account, fill out a questionnaire, post photos, view profiles of other users, send them messages, and respond to their offers to make the acquaintance.

Nowadays, the audience of online dating sites is truly huge. The most famous services number millions of users. Every day, about 2-3 million people log on to the web and visit favorite dating services to find a loved one. Many dating sites transform into social networks, where people do not only monitor the profile pages of other users and hope to meet someone, they also keep public pages and communicate on forums. These sites can be called large-scale communities that unite people from all over the world.

It is worth dispelling a few myths about dating sites:

Their audience is not entirely single girls. There are half-and-half men and women on such sites.

Dating sites are not the last chance for those “who are over-forties or fifties". Half of the visitors of these sites are people aged 18 to 35, that is, those whom sociologists call the youth.

Internet dating is not only interesting to the shy ones who cannot make an acquaintance personally. More than 60% of people have used the capabilities of such sites at least once in their life, and about 30% are their active users – that is, those who have never tried to make online acquaintances are in the minority! And there is nothing surprising – dating on the Internet has a number of advantages:

  • There are a huge number of people and you can chat with each of them. So on dating sites, the choice of potential partners is much greater than in real life.
  • You can view as many profiles as you want and write only to the people you like.
  • Communication can be started and stopped at any time.
  • Online dating saves time – it is not necessary to go out on a date with every person you like. You can start the communication by chatting online and only then, make an appointment.

best place to meet women offlineOf course, online dating has its drawbacks:

  • There are not only decent people who are looking for love but also scammers.
  • Not all the users of dating sites are honest – some lie about their external data, work, income, and lifestyle, while others hide the family. Therefore, you should take new acquaintances critically – however, this rule is also relevant to offline acquaintances.

Nonetheless, the drawbacks of online dating sites do not scare the users away – on the contrary, the traffic of these sites is growing every year, and sociologists say that nowadays, 45% of couples have met on the Web. So, dating sites are a real chance to find your loved one.

Social Networks

Originally, social networks were created for communication and maintaining contacts, but today, these services are often used for romantic acquaintances. In social networks, dating algorithms are similar to acquaintances in real life: you get to know people, communicate with them, spark the interest with bright statuses and creative photos, join thematic communities, look through ladies gallery, and so on. In addition, dating on social networks – such as Facebook or VKontakte – is very convenient for introverts, who are somewhat lost during personal meetings. If you like the option of dating in social networks, then find out how to meet women on Facebook and act!

Dating apps

This is one of the easiest options to meet a girl online. After all, the application is located on your phone, consequently, you can chat with the opposite sex whenever and wherever you are. You just need to download a dating application, fill out the questionnaire correctly, post some interesting photos, and find out what to write to a girl to attract her attention and arouse interest. After all, the ordinary “hello, how are you” does not cause in a woman any desire to response and the standard extreme interrogation discourages all the desire to continue the conversation. So, you should become creatively in a different way. To make an acquaintance, use the information that is listed on the profile page of a girl you like or choose an unusual topic for conversation. For example, offer her to share some crazy life stories or to tell about the most unusual dream. Thus, you will attract her attention, avoid tedious questioning, and break the ice.

Forums by interest

The easiest way to make an acquaintance and find true love is to choose a girl according to common interests. Nowadays, there are many groups, public pages, and special forums with the same interests, where single people have the opportunity to find love. You can get acquainted with someone right there or write to a girl in private messages. Moreover, it will be easy to come up with the topics for conversation as you both have the same or very similar interests.

Mutual Friends

This is another good way to meet a girl online. For example, if your friends know some attractive single lady, who would like to start a romantic relationship, ask for the link to her profile page, study the information about the beautiful lady, and write her a message! Moreover, many dating services provide an opportunity to see the list of friends of your acquaintances. Thus, you can find a girl you like and learn some information on how to win her heart from your friends.

To sum up, do not forget that virtual acquaintances, akin to real ones, require emotional investment and some time. The goal of every dating site is to draw two people together, but all the rest happens in the same manner as in a face-to-face meeting. Show interest, care, and show some attention to each other, use the capabilities of a dating site to its full extent and, ultimately, do not delay with de-virtualization.

Places to meet women offline

Many guys want to find a decent girl for a long-lasting relationship. But where to find a girl for serious relations? In fact, an acquaintance can take place everywhere. And the success of a meeting is determined by the correct behavior, appearance, actions, words, and intonation of a guy. But if among other things, you choose a good place to make the acquaintance with a woman, then the chances of success rise significantly. Therefore, it will be easier to start a conversation with and spark the interest in a girl you like.

Moreover, a place of the meeting exerts a strong influence over the first impression of you. So, you should not approach girls in the backstreets, or dirty underground walkways. Let’s find out what are the top places to meet women offline.

Shopping venues

What do all women love? Of course, shopping! Therefore, shopping venues are the best way to meet women offline. Such places give an incentive to the stretch of the imagination. After all, there are plenty of different stores, and accordingly, the conversation with a girl in each of them will be started in different ways. The best way to make an acquaintance in the store is to ask a girl you like to help you in the choice of something or to offer assistance if you see that the girl is slightly at a loss.

If you meet an attractive lady in a food shop, you can ask her about the quality of an edible product. In the clothing store, ask a girl you like to give you a hand with the choice of a new jeans or shirt, give her an opportunity to express her opinion on whether this or that thing suits you or not. At the same time, you do not have to buy it at all. By such a question, you will spark the interest of the lady for five-ten minutes, and further, it will be easier to keep the communication alive even outside the store.

A bookshop is another great place to get acquainted with women. But it is better if you know a thing or two about some books. Also, you should make acquaintances in the thematic sections of the bookstore. Thus, you will not only have more chances to finish the meeting successfully but also to find a girl with similar interests.


One may think that it is impossible to make the acquaintance for serious relations in such a place, but it is not so. Gyms, dance sections, yoga, fitness centers, and swimming pools are very good places to meet women. Especially considering the fact that women who visit such places and take exercises are very attractive and have neat figures.

Of course, you have to engage in sports activities too. If you come to the gym or fitness center, you need to work on yourself, but not just wander about and pick up the girls, distracting them from doing sports. After all, they come to the gym particularly for taking exercises.

So, how to meet women at the gym? You should take a closer look at those girls who go to the gym regularly and then, look for a way to get to know one of them better. For example, you can conveniently run across a girl you like at the exit of the gym. In such a situation, a real gentleman always offers a lady to drink a cup of coffee in a cozy place, give her a ride home, or at least accompany her to a bus station or metro. This is the best way on how to meet women at the gym. Also, evening or morning jogging can help you find a beautiful girl who takes care of her health and body.

top places to meet womenPublic transportation

For most people, making acquaintances in public transport is a real challenge. There are a lot of people around, and as soon as you utter a mere sound, all the glances instantly stare upon you and all the passengers become awfully interested in what you are going to say. But just after a few seconds, everyone loses the thread of your story, unless you speak about tasteless things very loudly or curse out the passersby like a crazy pensioner. It doesn’t matter where you meet a girl – in a shuttle bus, on the subway, or on the streetcar – the essence of such an acquaintance is the same everywhere: you should be sharp-witted and ingenious. But keep in mind that in public transport, the time for acquaintanceship is limited and you should act quickly. Take a seat near a girl you like and start a conversation. Do not hesitate and temporize when trying to get acquainted with a lady in public transport. Another good option is to spot a pretty girl in public transport, and then follow her and make an acquaintance. In this case, you will have more time to spark the interest of a girl. This is a really worthwhile idea. Believe us, it works well!

Concerts and music festivals

Many men doubt “Are concerts a good place to meet women?” Of course, yes! To say more, it’s quite easy to find true love at concerts and music festivals. It’s best to get started the communication with a question. It allows you to draw a girl into a conversation. You just need to approach a girl you like and ask her something. Moreover, we are long accustomed to the questions from strangers and no longer afraid of them. For example, people often ask how to get somewhere, where to find the desired street, etc. But your question to a woman should be original. You can ask something in a foreign language. For example, put a question in Italian. And when you see her face expressing extreme astonishment, tell her that she seemed you Italian thanks to her voluminous dark hair.

But remember! In no case ask the girl a question: “May we get acquainted with each other?” as it shifts the responsibility for acquaintance to a woman. Not a single attractive lady will like this.

Cooking class

In fact, you can meet a charming lady in almost any classes and practical courses. It is the best place to meet women offline. And it doesn’t matter what you do: knead clay, learn to drive, dance, acquire a second language, or cook food. The main thing is that you can meet a like-minded and interesting person who is no stranger to self-development.

One of the best places to meet women is cooking class. Women love to cook and talk about food, so take advantage of this little female weakness. Do not know how to make the acquaintance? Ask a girl you like for the calorie content of an edible product or take interest in the nuances of cooking a dish. And do not forget to take the phone number of the girl you like at a pretext of getting a few more recommendations on nutrition. Moreover, you can invite the girl to dinner in a restaurant and learn new exclusive recipes together. In the end, you already have some common topics to talk about, respectively, the conversation will begin naturally. In addition, cooking classes provide an opportunity not only to find the love of your life but also to get the necessary skills.

Final thoughts

As you can see, online and offline meetings are equally good. A street, a gym, or a dating site – not the place determines the outcome of a meeting but your ability to act and make acquaintances with girls. Failures happen with everyone, even with the most experienced pick-up gurus, and it is not a reason to shrink into yourself and live a sheltered life. On the contrary, it is an incentive to develop yourself and learn some expert advice on how to improve your skills of communication with the opposite sex. Good luck!

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