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Online Russian Women for Dating and Marriage


Since the online dating first launched at the end of the 1990s, Russian women remain the most popular choice for western men, who are into building a family with a foreign bride. The reason for that lies not only in the fact that little is known about women from other post-Soviet states but in the cultural peculiarities of Russian brides. So, let's not waste our time and figure out why online Russian women dating remains the most popular choice for western men.

About Russian Girls: Why Are They So Beautiful?

A lot of men would say that they are dating Russian women because those Slavic girls are beautiful. But does it mean that the reason lies solely in the appearance? Yes, Russian women are known for their natural beauty. They like to take care of themselves as well, that's why you won't meet a Russian woman without makeup. You can see it even from Russian dating profiles. But is the beauty the sole reason for dating Russian brides? Nope, at least not when you think about beauty only in terms of appearance. Russian women are beautiful brides and wives, which comes from their cultural differences with American women. Put that feminism thing aside, the real reason lies in the upbringing. Russian women are taught from the childhood that man is the central figure in their life. Ideally, every Russian girl should become a housewife and a mother. In reality, a Russian woman has to work and take care of for children because of Russian men, which rarely correspond to that ideal picture of the man. Thus a Russian woman has transformed into what can be described as a universal soldier. She is a tireless mother and housewife and manages to build a successful career. But whenever she meets a man that gives her the possibility to switch to that traditional role of hers, she will use it. If you think that the woman should be the housekeeper and not a careerist, you Russian bride is most likely to be absolutely okay with that.

Dating Culture

If you don't like those overly-emancipated women who prefer going dutch on your dates, you should think twice. Maybe going dutch is not such a bad thing? Because that is something that is not going to happen on your first date with a Russian girl. According to Russian culture, man is a provider, while the woman is a receiver. Moreover, when it comes to your offline dates, you are the one who should arrange the date, regardless of how much you know about Russia. Why Russia? Well, because that's the country where your first offline date is most likely to take place. She won't go to the US for your first date. So, start learning as much as possible about Moscow and its places for dates. So, when it comes to dating a Russian girl, you are the one to handle everything.

What Russian Women Expect From a Relationship?

Well, if you think about just dating a foreign lady forget about Russian girls. Basically, forget about all the Slavic countries. Slavic girls are quite serious when it comes to relationships. If they wanted a mere dating that would stick with their locals. So, you must have serious intentions, like marriage, when you start dating a Russian girl. And it is something you should talk about while chatting, as Russian girls won't waste their time on men who are interested in simply dating a foreign woman. To cut a long story short, Russian women expect that you are going to marry them. If you are on some Russian dating site, you must understand that those girls are not there to chat with you, they are there because they want to find something that terrible lacks in their homeland – real men. And real men are obliged to marry girls who they date. It's not our opinion that we are trying to impose on you, we are just explaining you the Russian way of thinking. So, if you don't have any serious intentions about your Russian dating, you shouldn't start in the first place.

How to Meet Russian Women?

If you are wondering how you can meet Russian women, you have only two options. The first one is going to Russia, which is going to be too expensive and will make no sense if you don't know Russian. The second and more convenient one is to meet Russian ladies online. Pick a reputable brides dating site, register your account and start chatting with them gorgeous Slavic girls. But pick the reputable dating service to avoid falling a victim of online dating scams. Don't create an account immediately, check out the reviews and check out how long the site has been on the dating market.

The Pros and Cons of Dating Russian Women

Let's start with the pros. If you are dating a Russian woman, most likely you are going to marry, which means that you are going to get a loving wife, a tireless housekeeper, a perfect cook, and a loving mother of your children. It seems like everything is great, right?

There are, however, certain disadvantages about dating Russian women. Russian girls are often too demanding, which can easily scare off men who don't realize the reward they are about to get. Another issue is that Russian women may find it problematic to assimilate in your home country. That requires your patience and eagerness to help her, which sometimes is also regarded as too demanding for men.


Sex in an inevitable topic, when it comes to dating. Do you want to know how good Russian girls are in bed? Well, they are great. Russian girls are known as fantastic lovers. She won't say that she is tired and she will go in for different experiments in order to please you. But to keep it this way, you need to satisfy her too, which means that you have to be a fantastic lover too.


As we've already said, Russian women dream about marriage, which means that she is most likely to reply yes to your will-you-marry-me-question. But you need to be honest with her and be ready to express your love before and after the wedding, which should be pompous if you want to please her, as Russian girls have no problem with marrying guys and they have no problem with divorcing them.

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