How to Tell Your Girlfriend She Gained Weight


A couple of years ago you started dating an amazing girl, but over time, she stopped taking care of herself and gained a few extra kilos? If you see that your girlfriend gets fat, don’t let this go too far and don’t wait until her extra pounds become obvious. It is easier to rectify the situation until it has become completely hopeless than face criticism in a relationship. In the future, she will only thank you for starting to sound the alarm after a couple of unnecessary kilograms. So, my girlfriend is gaining weight – what to do?

girlfriend gets fat

Getting Weight Is Normal, Especially in a Relationship

As it turned out, love relationships with women are not the ones that last for one night, but long-term ones. And they can significantly affect your belly and other parts of the body. In a new study, 2.000 people were interviewed. They all had relationships. What did they find out? Three-quarters of people gain weight after they have found love. 41% believe that this is due to regular joint dinners in fast food. But 64% of people indicated that they no longer feel the need to take care of themselves and think they look good. They said that there is no need to attract partners anymore. On average, according to the results of the study, the comfort zone in a relationship begins in about a year and five months. This figure is different for different age groups, for example, people from 18 to 24 years old “relax” after 10 months, and the older generation, aged 45 to 54, only after a year and a half.

Marriage is another trigger for gaining weight. 57% of respondents said that they had gained weight during the first year of marriage – an average of 8 kilograms. Moreover, women gain weight twice as much as men. Five years in marriage is the worst checkpoint for shapes. 42% of respondents said that they ceased to look after themselves during this period. How can a man survive this period and not fall into a crisis?

Honest Reasons Why Extra Weight Is Not Good (Even For Men)

Overweight can be a source of various diseases and is a consequence of malnutrition and lack of sports. So, why do you need to get rid of it?

Heart and vessels diseases

Is your girlfriend gaining weight? Well, it is bad. An obese person’s heart is experiencing increased stress. The more kilograms people have, the more oxygen and nutrients they need to deliver to cells and organs. Therefore, it has to contract faster and pump a larger flow of blood at a time. Also, in a person with fatty deposits throughout the body, fat is deposited around the heart muscle either.

girlfriend gaining weightRisk of diabetes

About 90% of people with diabetes have excess weight. Overweight is an excess of adipose tissue, which is hypersensitive to hormones that defeat fat (adrenaline and glucagon). When fat is defeated, a large amount of fatty acids is formed, which are distributed throughout the body with the flow of blood. They come in contact with cells, changing the chemical structure of their membranes. This leads to a decrease in insulin sensitivity.

Problems with breathing and risk of apnea

In people with excess weight, the breathing process changes. It becomes intensified and superficial, shallow breath and the same exhale. The body constantly loses the norm of oxygen. There is no way to breathe fully because the adipose tissue around doesn’t allow it. So, if you say my girlfriend is getting fat and I love it, it is a very wrong approach. It can harm her health!

Kidney and liver diseases

Fat cells accumulate in hepatocytes, due to which the function of the liver cells is severely impaired. Due to significant functional disorders, all metabolic processes are disturbed, a deficiency of vitamins, vital amino acids are observed, blood coagulation is reduced. Obesity also leads to a deficiency of nephrons – special cells of the kidneys where substances are filtered, absorbed and secreted. With a further increase in the mass of adipose tissue, the mechanisms of action of the kidneys literally break down.

Difficulties with conception and pregnancy

How to tell your girlfriend she’s fat. Tell her that she can have problems because of her weight because adipose tissue affects the synthesis, accumulation, and metabolism of hormones. Therefore, the more adipose tissue, the less intensively sex hormones produced – estrogen in women and testosterone in men. A high body mass index leads to a hormonal imbalance that affects female ovaries and causes infertility. And overweight also harms the male reproductive system.


We always carry our weight with us, so fat people have to carry a heavy burden on their feet. This very heavily loads the spine and joints, as a result of which they stop performing their functions too soon. Thus, obesity becomes the cause of the following diseases: osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, spondylosis, and flat feet.

Are Women Inclined to Get Weight More Often Than Men?

In some families, an often discouraging situation arises: a wife limits herself in food and regularly goes to the gym to maintain her perfect weight, while such problems are not familiar to a man. He eats and drinks everything he wants, and physical activity occurs from case to case, and for some reason, he doesn’t gain extra weight.

Are women more likely to be obese? It really is. Life is not fair. Women have long complained that men can eat more than they do, while not gaining weight. And now science has proven that women have reason to be furious.

On all continents of the world, women of all nationalities and ethnic groups accumulate more fat than men. Food intake alone doesn’t affect the difference in fat storage. Both sexes consume about the same percentage of fat in their diets, while men consume more calories in general than women, with the same BMI. But men and women assimilate food in different ways, mainly because of genetics, hormonal and biochemical factors that contribute to the conversion of food into fat (or don’t contribute).

Girlfriend Gaining Weight: How to Tell Her and What to Do?

For girls, being overweight has always been a sore point, especially when they constantly suffered from it. On the one hand, men will do it right if they directly say that their girlfriends getting fat. But on the other hand, it’s also worth considering the very psychology and level of a girl’s lack of complexes.

Be ready you will hurt her anyway

If your girlfriend was always overweight, even as a child, then she would perceive your words very emotionally. Even if she gained so much weight not so long ago, she may anyway close in herself and refuse to lose weight, “I love myself for who I am. And if you don’t love me like that, then I won’t keep you.” And this is even in the best case.overweight girlfriend

Don’t be rude

How to tell a girl she's fat without hurting her feelings? If you want to make a girl lose weight, don’t criticize her appearance and body. If you want to save a relationship, it is impossible to categorically hint a girl that it’s time to lose five to ten extra pounds! And even more so, this can’t be voiced in the format of an ultimatum.

Don’t demand if you also gained weight

In fact, even your excellent appearance should be enough to motivate your woman to keep fit. Even if you have lost extra pounds, don’t put pressure on the girl. She may already feel uncomfortable because you are better than she is. Just use your example to show how to get better.

Offer your help

How to get your girlfriend to lose weight? The support of loved ones, their understanding and sensitivity are very important. This is the magic tool. Ask how you can help your woman. Does she need tips from you? And what can be done to make the road to harmony easier? What if she has ideas but is just too shy to ask. Joint trips to the gym, fitness center or pool bring you even closer.

Support her

If you see that the process of losing weight is difficult to a girl, never support her with all sorts of bad phrases, “So what, how much have you get rid of?” and something like that. If a girl almost doesn’t lose those extra pounds and asks you if the result is noticeable, then don’t say that you don’t notice anything. Say that now the result is not very significant, but it will be better later. This is how to tell your girlfriend to lose weight.

Look after your eating habits to help her

If you both love spending time in fast food establishments, then it will be beneficial for both of you to switch to healthy food. At first, this will certainly not be easy, but if you want it to work out, tell your girlfriend that you need to achieve some goals together as a couple, and a healthy diet is very good.

Show you still have feelings to her

The first success depends on how you can find the right words for the first conversation about weight loss. This is how to get your wife to lose weight. Think in advance and choose the words that prove your feelings to her. Otherwise, the consequences of the conversation will be disastrous. Instead of motivation, an inferiority complex will be obtained.

Accept the truth this is a long process

There is no problem if the reaction turns out to be adequate and productive to your words. But in most cases, everything happens exactly the opposite. Therefore, before offering your help in losing weight, think 10 times. Who needs it more – you or she? If your woman thinks that she is in a perfect form, you will need to take many efforts to look at herself from another angle.

To help your woman lose weight, you can just change your lifestyle. Start moving more, take action, and the extra pounds will begin to melt. In the evenings, go hiking together, start rollerblading or cycling at the weekend, attend ice rinks, a swimming pool, and game events where you need to move a lot. Your overweight girlfriend will be grateful to you if you help her with this.

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