In Bed with a Russian Girl: a Complete Guide


Men, who don’t know what women like in bed, can spoil even the best relationships. Meanwhile, you need to make only a little effort to make your partner the happiest person in the world.

Women are amazing creatures. It would seem that everyone has studied all their secrets and has checked on the quality all the erogenous zones. But still, some men don’t understand a lot. If you are one of them and don’t know what girls like in bed, then this article will help you deal with all the subtleties.


What Russian Girls Prefer in Sex Life

Sex is an intimate and deep action between a man and a woman, as a result of which partners can get physical and emotional pleasure and achieve the highest degree of harmony and trust. But what things do Russian girls like in bed?

1. Foreplay

Never skip this step. It is important for all women to feel that they are loved. It is also important to pay attention to different parts of the body of a woman that are considered very sensitive: her neck, her ears, and her hands. You will be surprised to find out how many erogenous zones girls have.

2. Kisses

Lips of women are very sensitive erogenous zones since they contain a lot of receptors. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of women experience great pleasure from kissing, especially if they are kissed by loving men.

3. Good physical form

To be fit doesn’t mean that you must have big biceps and press. Dating Russian women, it’s enough to devote sufficient time to the process and don’t stop every 2 minutes because you are tired.

4. Domination

They love when men dominate. Take control of the process and don’t forget to bring piquancy, especially if your girl is bored.

5. Embrace

Embrace and talk a little with a partner after sex. But the main thing is not to overdo with caresses.

6. Caressing

Among sexual things that girls like are caresses. Often, men see in their partners only the objects of sexual desires. But this is very selfish. Think about the fact that women expect affection, tenderness, and love from you. Cover all their bodies with passionate kisses, and you will see how they may open to you and respond to a storm of emotions and a flow of caresses.foreplay

How to Make the Best of Sex Life with a Russian Girl

Traditionally, the leading role in sex is given to men: they are required to have experience, knowledge of erogenous zones, endurance and ingenuity. But this doesn’t mean that women should behave in bed as inaccessible medieval housewives. Openness to the new things, activity, and the desire to please the partner – this is the basis of the right lovemaking. Here are tips on how to make the best sex with a Russian girl:

1.  Don’t forget about sensuality

  • From the first days of love, show your partner how sensual and affectionate you are. It is not necessary to hint at sex, just be sensual when talking to each other.
  • Touch each other’s hands during a conversation, hug in bed, and kiss your partner’s cheeks and lips. Your touch should be associated only with good and pleasant things.

2.     Forget about all your complexes

  • Try to get rid of complexes during sex life with a Russian woman. This can be done only when you free yourself from the prohibitions. Trust your partner because she doesn’t care how you look at this particular moment. Your bedroom is a closed space where there is no one but you two, so don’t be shy or afraid of something.
  • Bring to life the most extravagant and desired fantasies of each other; ideas can be found in books, on the Internet, in films.

3. Set your mood

  • Good sex can be achieved if you have a good mood. It is necessary to think and exclude in advance things that can distract or hinder the receptors. And nothing will break the sweet pleasure.
  • Talking to a partner, you have to exclude all conversations related to friends, money, children, etc. You just need to try to get rid of tension and be able to relax.
  • You have to surrender to your partner, trying to get as many pleasures as possible.

4.     Change your scent

  • You have to look and smell nice. An everyday bath and a shower are not discussed.
  • As for perfumery, you have to experiment here. Your partner may not like smells that you like. Choose different toilet water or perfumes and look at your woman’s reaction. Or simply ask her to choose a new perfume for you. Your approach has to make her heart beat faster. Your smell may have magical power!

5.     Experiment

  • Do not forget about the fact that sex should be diverse. Experiments with different positions and places for sex can give you and your partner immense pleasure in sex.

6.     Don’t forget about mutual support

  • And most importantly, if your partner or you have problems with intimate life, do not leave it without attention.

Actually there are a lot of things that girls like in bed. Ask them about it.

Clever Ways to Spice up Your Sex

There are some rules that can help return sparks to your relationship and add some spice to it.Intimacy

1.  Become the best version of yourself

How do you think, what girl can ignite the desire of any man? Well-groomed, beautiful, seductive, without complexes, and self-confident, is it not? Of course, it is. The same concerns men. Girls are attracted to confident, well-groomed, gallant men with athletic figures. And most importantly, you must be confident in your attractiveness and sexuality. Feel like a star, behave like a star. This will give a partner even more confidence. You will be surprised that your lovely girl will be ready to fulfill all your desires.

2. Do erotic massages

A wonderful idea for diversifying sex is erotic massage. This also can be a very pleasant surprise for a loved one. Especially, if you plan an unforgettable night and your better half has a hard-working day. Use various aromatic oils – it will help relieve stress and arouse sensuality. Create a suitable atmosphere with candles, scented candles, incense, silk bedding, and muted light.

3. Romantic bath

If you still don’t know what girls want in bed and how to impress them, then prepare a romantic bath. You can give free rein to your imagination. Use rose petals, scented candles, and foam for baths. You can prepare a light treat for your loved one – fruits, champagne, or wine.

4. Add an intimate

Muffled light, romantic music, silk bedding, whipped cream, rose petals – all of it can be used. Don’t forget about erogenous zones of your partner. Stimulate it by ice cube or kisses. Feelings will seem to you brighter and more impressive. Experiment, but try to do it so that you and your woman feel good.

5. Be sincere with each other

There must be trust and mutual understanding between partners. If you are embarrassed or afraid to talk about your sexual desires and fantasies, then there may be problems. Discuss your sex life. Share impressions, emotions, tell each other what brings true pleasure and what leaves you indifferent.

Dating Russian girls, use all the opportunities to improve your sex life, and new horizons and unconquered heights may open to you.

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