Things that Russian girls cannot forgive


Thousands of western men are dreaming about dating or even marrying a Russian girl. Of course it's all because Russian ladies are very different from western ones. Russian women are more feminine and they value the family traditions. They are not career-oriented and they are family-dedicated. Well, a complete antithesis to what western women are. So, there is no surprise that men from around the globe have a burning desire to meet a Russian bride.

Things that Russian girls cannot forgive

Probably, you're picturing in your head how you're dating Russian women, how you're picking the right one among hundreds of Russian brides. If you're using one of those dating sites that offer you to get acquainted with Russian girls that are looking for marriage, you're probably have someone particular on your mind. And of course you are imagining your love nest and how great your mutual life will be.

But, do you really know how to treat a Russian girl? Do you know how to treat a Russian woman? Before taking Russian women for marriage or just dating Russian girls, either online or in physical world, you ought to know few things that they can't stand, as well as, few things they cannot forgive.

Russian men are ain't no bears. While Russian women dream about their perfect life of housewives or mothers, they have to work almost 24/7. When generation by generation men are brought up without father figures in their lives, they start taking women for granted. After WWII claimed millions of Russian men, the quantity of women in Russia became superior. Thus, women were forced to compete for, the of men. As a result, competition to get a husband turned women to overprotective mothers for their sons. So, from the early years Russian men are spoiled with female attention. And most of them are whiners.

Before you start your online or real dating activities, try to analyze yourself. Are you completely happy with your life? How many complaints do you have?

Because, if you think that the world is treats you unfair and you're not the employee of the year only because your boss is a jerk, maybe that emancipated western woman is better for you. She got used to your whining, 'cause she knows that men do cry and they do complain a lot.

If you want to start a relationship with a Russian girl – forget about whining. Russian women can't stand it and they've heard it all before from their male comrades. In relationship with a Russian girl you must be absolutely masculine. Show her, that you can take care of her. Show her, that you can protect her.

Russian girls are quite smart and, mainly, they know much more about the world than you know about Russia. Actually, they can tell you something about your country that you never knew. If you travel to Russia to visit her, don't start your conversation on the first date with expressing your surprise that everything you've heard before wasn't true. Yes, bears are not walking in the streets of Moscow and people are not drinking vodka as often as you thought. Moreover, balalaika is not used as frequently in Russian pop-songs as you might think. You may express your admiration of the beauty of Russia, she would definitely appreciate that.

If you want a successful relationships with a Russian girl and hope to put a wedding ring on her finger, your muscles are not the only way that you can seduce her. Make, at least, a brief research on Russia, it's history and culture. Shock her with her knowledge.

Showing your knowledge in Russian culture, will show you from the best side. She will get sure, that you have serious intentions that go much further than just spending few night with a Russian doll.

Now let imagine, that you're already in a relationship with a Russian girl. Regardless of are you still online or your romance transferred into the physical world, there are few things that Russian girl will never forgive.

Taking her for granted
Yes, you've crossed a thousand miles for the first date with her. Yes, you do pay for her. But, if you start taking her for granted, it means that financial part overshadows the romantic part of your relationships. Such an attitude is unforgivable. And you'll have to sweat over thinking how to get a girl to forgive you.

If there is one point that Russian and western women have in common, is that they can't forgive lies. Especially, if you lied about something serious. It is always better to be honest, especially with a Russian girl. A little scandal will cause less damage, than lies, because sooner or later she will find out. In case if you have lied and she knows that you have lied, never insist that on yours “truth”. There is only one way how to make a Russian girl to forgive you for lying. Russian girls hate when men run away from problems instead of solving them. Once again, they had enough of that with bears and balalaikas. Russian men solve problems by running away to drink vodka. If you want her to forgive you – stay with her and talk over the situation with her.

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Of course, this is not the behavior of a real man. If you treat girls like that, you will be lonely forever.
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