Top 7 Signs Your First Date Went Well


Sometimes, it’s very difficult to evaluate how well your date went. Yes, it was nice talking to each other, and you even found common topics for conversation, but is there mutual interest? What did the kiss goodbye mean? Should I wait for the call or did they promise to contact only out of politeness? So many questions, but only one conclusion - the time between the first and second dates is the most exciting. "I think the first date went well," you say, but so many things were left unsaid, you don’t know what is going on inside your partner’s head, so what should you do? How to figure out that your first date went well?

We know how to calm you down and cheer you up – here are the signs that your first date was more than successful.

first date went well now what

How Important Is a First Date?

A first date has significant meaning because of the importance of the first impression that we make. The first impression depends on the way we present ourselves, the way we care for our appearance, the things we say and how confident we are in ourselves. The latter is often overlooked in its importance, and nowadays many people rely on the idea that insecurities and fears when it comes to the first date are cute, and it is somewhat true, but not everyone will act positively to that. Anyway, I digress.

While sure, you can end up having a very long and happy relationship that didn’t start with a good first date, nothing is that simple and predictable, but it is very much in your interest to make a good first impression.

The likelihood of having any continuation of a relationship or even having just one more date depends on the way the first one ends up. But how can you figure out whether there will be any continuation? How can you know what to expect?

Ways to Determine a Good First Date

Now let’s look into some signs the first date went well, and there is a high chance that you are going to take the next step in your relationship.

Analyze the way the date ended

Here’s the first of the signs that the first date went well. Although for most people, staying until the end of a date is just common sense, there are many cases of disturbing signs that you should shorten your stay on a date. Many people are polite enough to make an absolute minimum at a meeting. They just want to finish any activity that partners do together and stay until the end out of respect for the other person. Therefore, if after twenty minutes, a person does not run away under the pretext of an emergency message from a friend, then this is the first sign that everything is going well.

Figure out if there is a mutual desire to spend more time together

How to know if your first date went well? When a person wants to spend time alone, instead of taking part in a group date, this probably means that they are comfortable with that person.

Extension of the date

Offering something (other than going to someone’s home) after dinner is solid evidence that a person wants to have another date with their partner.

how to know if your first date went wellYou want to have another date

You had a lot of fun together, and now you two are sure that you want to have a date and spend some more time with each other – this is surely a sign that your date went well. But be careful, this isn’t always the case, as some people go on the second date just out of politeness, but it still means that the first date was fine and, at the very least, bearable.

Sincerity and honesty

How to tell if a first date went well? You felt sincerity on the side of your partner. Let’s say you have met someone on a hot women dating site and now you want to move your communication forward, you want to have a proper date, but does your partner even know about your intentions? When you start dating someone, you must definitely establish the exclusive right to treat these relationships in the same way as another person does. This may mean regular dates and the need to arrange a date on an ongoing basis. If you are not serious about these relationships, you don’t want anything serious, and you just want to have fun – don’t pretend like you want to spend the rest of your days with that person. Openness is the key if a person is not looking for something serious, and your interests do not coincide. Also, remember that if you are using online dating services to browse single girls – you have to mention your intentions in your profile so that no one that has different intentions will waste their time, intentions are very important.

Spontaneous, unusual dates

Here’s the last thing on our good date checklist. An informal invitation to find out if a person has a free day to spend time together, without any warning, is a sign that another person is thinking of a date, even if they weren’t planning to have one. If a person asks to do some random things together, like going out to a park, then this indicates that a person wants to get to know their companion better, wants to spend extra time with them, and wants to be there, wherever their partner is.

There is a big difference between an official date and a simple “Do you want to hang out together?” If a person is looking for a more serious relationship, then you should pay attention to the way they arrange dates. To better understand the intentions of the person with whom you have to go on dates, you must determine if the above indicators were present during the meeting.

What Conclusions Can Be Drawn from Your First Date?

Now that you are home, and you can analyze all of the information that you've received during a date, let’s make some conclusions and figure out whether it went well or not and whether a person suits you or not.

What is their relationship with their family members, friends, and colleagues?

If a person says that everyone seems to always act like dicks, no one seems to understand them, then you should not jump to the conclusion that they are misunderstood, and you should pity them, maybe you just had a date with a dick.

Their sense of humor

While it will be hard to figure it out, you can draw quite a lot of conclusions from the sense of humor of your interlocutor. It is dark? Is it absurd? The way a person tells a joke and what is the punchline will tell you about the worldview of a person, the things they find funny, the things they find absurd.

Their hobby

Now, this is quite simple, and you will have to make conclusions based on the things you have heard. If you don’t want someone that is too obsessed with something – avoid a person that always seems to talk about the same exact thing, collecting postcards, fishing, or playing soccer. If you don’t want to date a person that doesn’t have any hobbies, then you should know that spending time with friends, playing videogames, and watching Netflix cannot be qualified as hobbies.

Their intentions and pace in which they want to develop a relationship

You should be sincere with your intentions, and your interlocutor should do the same to you. The worst thing you can do when it comes to this issue is to pretend as if you find a person interesting, you pretend like you feel something for them, and then you run away after your first sex and lose all the interest in them. This will not cause a person any pleasure, on the contrary, it will cause lots of pain and discomfort, they have been fooled.

Signs of a Good First Date

Your date has come to an end, and on the way home you torment yourself with speculation about how exactly it went? You are trying to evaluate all the pros and cons, understand what your new partner liked and what they disliked? There are ways to determine if everything is going as it should!

So, here are 7 key signs a first date went well, and your relationship may have a future.

1. Duration of a date

Did my first date go well? If everything goes as it should, you won’t want the meeting to end. Therefore, if the meeting lasts more than an hour - this is a good reason to consider it successful. If you or your partner always keep staring at your phone, check what the time is, then a date is a failure.

2. A nice conversation

If you can easily communicate with each other, this is a sure sign of a successful first date. The conversation should be relaxed and natural, and conversation topics should arise by themselves.

3. Some light touching

This is a very subtle sign. If the person with whom you went on a date does not hug you right away, this does not mean that the evening is lost. But if they touch your hand, hair, knee, and you both feel comfortable at the same time - congratulations!

4. Eye contact

When partners do not like each other, they usually do not make eye contact. And vice versa. So, if you look at each other all the time and make eye contact during a conversation, everything goes according to the script.

5. Watch their body language on a date

Here’s one of the most important signs the first date went well with a girl. If your partner is really interested in you, then they will blush and be nervous, so you will definitely notice it. In addition, they will find even the worst of your jokes absolutely hysterical, and therefore will laugh for a long time. Watch the body language of your partner, a person accidentally licks their lips, keeps staring at you from time to time, is embarrassed, and so on. All these are signs that a person considers you physically attractive.

6. The ending of a good first date is delayed

If the date ends abruptly, without trying to make a new appointment and without plans for the next evening, then it is unlikely that there will be any continuation. If you both want to be around a little longer - this is a great sign. You are also on the right track if the partner does not run away, saying as an excuse that they urgently need to feed the dog or get up early in the morning.

7. Future plans

Ok, let’s say your first date went well, now what? Think about the things your partner said about the plans for the future, your relationships depend on this information. We are not saying that the first date should end with a conversation about the wedding – absolutely not! However, if you share plans with each other, what would you like to do and try in the future – this is a good sign. You will probably meet again!

As you can see, it is not difficult to determine whether the first date is going well. Just be careful! Do not miss out on the signs that a person shows and try to figure out whether they are interested in continuing a relationship or not.

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