7 Reasons to Date a Nerd


You fell in love with a nerd and now, you can’t understand how to date a nerd, right? If yes, you came to the right place, because our purpose is to provide you with a nerd dating advice and a number of useful tips which will help get on their good side. Besides, this review caters to the needs of both - men and women. Mayhap, this information will assuage your doubts and help you finally understand that it is all right to date crummers!

how to date a nerd

What’s It Like Dating a Nerd?

Seems like every person tries to answer this question, especially if you have never experienced this before. Keep in mind that there are lots of reasons why you should date a nerd. Nevertheless, if there’s no chemistry between you or you feel like this person is no match for you, you should stop harrowing the feelings of each other. Unfortunately, no good will come out of it!

Nevertheless, you have chances to get a good husband or wife. Nerds are deep-browed. Just take a look at the most well-known crummers like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Matthew Grubber. Seems like every girl dreams of dating one of these men and it doesn’t matter how old they are. But these nerds managed to soar to success!

Today, there are a number of nerd dating sites where they gather and chat with each other. If you want to meet a real nerd, you should register on one of them. You’ll see their profiles and make yourself familiar with their way of life and their hobbies.

Besides, the main distinctive feature of every nerd is a too high IQ. Sometimes, it is so high that during a conversation it seems like this person lives in a different world. Nevertheless, you have a sterling opportunity to date a “professor” and listen to lectures for free. Furthermore, do you know what the most significant sexual organ is? You’ll never guess the correct answer - it’s your brain. Since nerds have too high IQs, they won’t face any difficulties with satisfying your sexuality. To make things amazing and exciting, they will conduct profound research beforehand.

In any case, nerd girl dating or man dating has lots of benefits. They are the same people as you are but only a little bit smarter. It doesn’t mean you should be ashamed of being in relationships with these people. By the way, if to believe the statistics data, nerds cheat on their partners less than anyone else. Therefore, if handled properly, you can find a reliable partner among wonks. You just need to know how to date a nerd girl or man.

Top 7 Reasons to Date a Nerd

If you still doubt whether you need to venture into this dubious project, we will persuade you to do this. Life is too short and you might know a well-known saying characterizing this situation - the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In very deed, it doesn’t matter who this person is - the one who always makes the party go or a nerd. If you feel chemistry, you should try.

benefits of dating a nerd Well, what are the main reasons for dating a nerd? What for should you do this?

These people will always be listening to you. You might know that the majority of guys have just one purpose - to get you into bed as soon as possible. Some of them even don’t care what you are saying. But we can’t tell the same about nerds - they are very attentive listeners. Simply put, they will be imbued with your problems and will even try to help you. Do you understand what it means? A nerd will always remember the date when you met each other, your favorite flowers, the color of your eyes and other little things of life which women care about.

The same is with nerd-girls. They will be glad to listen to you and share your success or sorrow.

They always fulfill their promises. It doesn’t matter where you met each other, online via modern nerd dating websites or in a real life, but if a nerd promised to do this or that thing, they will fulfill their promises. In other words, they won’t let you down. If you are tired of hare-brained men or women, nerds will change your worldview.

You’ll have round-the-clock technical support. This person will be ready to help you repair your laptop or install this or that app. In other words, you shouldn’t go anywhere searching for a reliable technical support service because a nerd will do this for you. The majority of nerds are tech-savvy users. They don’t require the explanation on how to do this or that thing. You can use this benefit in your favor!

You’ll learn anything new to you. Don’t like too boring lectures? You can rest assured because with your nerd partner you won’t be made to visit lectures. Nerds will deliver lectures at home. When you are involved with this kind of a person, be ready that you’ll be listening to lectures on an ongoing basis. Some of them may be boring for you but you should change your sentiments to this problem. Just look at this issue at the upside - you’ll learn to take seriously some problems and teach your nerd to take it easy!

The majority of nerds play only intellectual games. Keep in mind that nerds prefer mind games. They won’t be staring at the screen of their computer for hours in order to complete another level in a game which won’t teach them. They prefer playing intellectual games. Therefore, you can be sure that your partner won’t be fooling around.

They don’t cause problems, they solve them. Do you know how hard it is to find a partner who will help you solve your problems? Otherwise stated, this person will not be bothering you with their problems. Nerds are very diligent. They can spend a few hours to find a bug in a program or choose the appropriate torque wrench to fasten bolts. Keep in mind that the same nerd will surely be with you when you need help. They will always go with you no matter how far it is necessary to go.

They are highly-motivated people. You might know that motivation is the key to success! Nerds are used to being the first in absolutely any area. There’s no need to remind them about different tasks. They know what the term “consistent motivation” means. Besides, they constantly set objectives and achieve them. It is really great when a person invests in oneself!

These are the main reasons for having a relationship with a nerd. However, you should bear in mind that you shouldn’t date fancy pants only because they are wise or their income is more than average. If you want to build a successful relationship, you should love this person. Otherwise, both will be unhappy.

Interesting facts about dating a nerd

Want to hear some interesting facts about geeks, right? We surfed the net and found a few amazing facts about them. Mayhap, this information will help get to know more about the character and behavior of nerds. It doesn’t matter where you met, in the hall of your university or you found each other on one of the nerd dating websites. This information will help you know better how they think:

  • The majority of employees working for Google, Apple, Facebook, and other well-known IT companies are nerds. Now, they are up-and-comers in their respective fields. Hundreds of women want to date them. However, to grab their attention, you need to be aware of nerd date ideas because traditional opening lines don’t always work.
  • When dating a nerd, there’s no need to play it cool. Simply put, you shouldn’t pretend to be a different person. In very deed, it is really hard to try to be cool round-the-clock. Be the one you want to be!
  • There’s no need to stimulate conversation. Keep in mind that nerds have lateral thinking. In other words, they can easily talk about philosophy, medicine, drones and divert the topic in a matter of seconds. Simply put, they can be agreeable companions upon the road or anywhere.
  • Bill Gates is the most impressive nerd today.
  • Nicola Tesla created the Wardenclyffe Tower more than 100 years ago. Today, this man is regarded to be the main person for high-voltage enthusiasts.

You probably see that nerds aren’t just tiresome persons who have an obsession with studying. Geeks can make the history! So, what are the main benefits of dating a nerd? What to expect from these relationships?

  • how to date a nerd girlThey are highly motivated people.
  • You can pull up your grades.
  • You have a chance to be a wife/husband to prosperous people.
  • Nerds are very attentive.
  • They are good listeners.
  • They won’t let you down.

And thus, with our list of benefits why geek dating is so great, it is time for you to decide whether you need to get tied up in these relationships or not.

Tips for Dating a Nerd - What Should You Know?

Considering the fact that geeks are great partners, sometimes you may overlook them. So, if you decide to give these relationships a chance, you should take into consideration our tips. They will help you understand how to behave with nerds:

Be attentive to them. Nerds like when their partners listen to them. If you want to build a good relationship, you should be ready to listen. However, they will always help you solve your problems.

Appreciate them. You should always be focused on their faithfulness and intelligence.

Try to find common interests. It is evident that you are different, but if your goal is to build strong relationships, you need to find common ground.

Respect their tastes. It is evident that the majority of nerds are passionate about science. Therefore, you shouldn’t make them love football or baseball.

You should respect each other. This is a key formula for successful relationships.

The Best Nerd Dating Sites or Where to Meet Them?

Want to meet a sci-fi buff? Have not the slightest idea where to meet them? Why not use the benefits of modern technologies? Today, people meet each other not only at the local libraries or cafes. The majority of nerds live online. Therefore, you need to use the benefits of the modern web environment and find your partner there. We listed a few nerd dating apps and sites. Mayhap, they will help find your soul mate:

Zoosk. This service is not free. You need to pay up to $30 per one month. However, hundreds of people have already found each other via this site.

Match. If you know who your ideal partner is, this service is for you. The basic membership is absolutely free. Therefore, you can check their features for free and decide whether you need to buy a membership or you’ll better opt for other services.

SoulGeek. This is an absolutely free nerd dating site which is endowed with an awful lot of different options. Besides, hundreds of nerds have found friends or partners there.

Bottom Line

Dating a nerd doesn’t mean that you date a monster. They are very sensitive persons, but it doesn’t mean they can’t love or don’t know how to care for you. If handled properly, you can build a healthy and strong relationship. If you feel like a nerd from your campus tries to reach you, don’t say no. Just try! Who knows, maybe this person will be your lifelong sweetheart!

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