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Every man thinks that he knows how to turn a girl on better than anybody else. In our fantasies, 2-3 minutes, 2-3 words and one seductive gaze are enough to make a girl completely crazy about you and a perspective of a hot sex in your bed. But in reality, most of the men have problems when they try to turn on representatives of the opposite sex. All the far-fetched charisma disappears somewhere, the vocabulary is limited to one indistinct sound, and the eyes begin to turn from side to side, like you are a sexual maniac who escaped from a nuthouse.

Today we will try to deal with this problem. We will give you a guide to action, tips and recommendations. Learn them and you will become self-confident. It's not a secret that confident men are the most popular among women. Confidence is sexy.

how to touch a woman to turn her on

Turning a Girl On: Different Approaches

And now forget for a while that confidence is your main sexual weapon. We want to make sure that you correctly understand what self-confidence is. First of all, your inner strength must have a real foundation. If you do not know how to conduct a dialogue with the opposite sex, if you are absolutely not interested in life, if erudition is an incomprehensible word for you and if you do not have the most outstanding appearance - this is a bad foundation for self-confidence.

Most often, the cause of such problems is a little overestimated self-esteem of the stronger sex. Some of them believe that girls need only one look at the beautiful male body for turning on. Of course, aesthetic beauty also contributes to an ideal intimate relationship, but unlike men, the very process, which precedes sexual intercourse, is important to women.

So let`s talk about hot text messages to turn her on first. The easiest way to attract the attention of a girl by correspondence is to write some kind of harmless joke with an intimate subtext. This will direct your conversation in the right stream. You can write, for example, that you are very cold and dream that one hot little thing can come to warm you.

Just do not use stereotyped phrases in your correspondence, which can be read on different dating forums. Better try to make up something of your own and it is desirable that it is a romantic humor that can charm the object of your adoration.

  • Make the girl a few compliments
  • Do not talk about sex directly
  • Write about your inmost thoughts
  • Ask a question with an erotic implication
  • Send the girl an erotic photo

You should invent some questions to ask your girlfriend to turn her on. What these questions will be directly depends on her character. For example, if she is not averse to talking on a candid topic, ask what underwear is on her today. If you are used to a more delicate conversation, ask what she thinks about Thai erotic massage. After all, while she was not at home, you mastered a couple of secret points on the female body and a couple of methods of influencing them. You cannot wait to show her your skills. But since you told that, you should really know how to touch a woman to turn her on.

sexual turn onsYour touch should be as gentle as possible, barely perceptible. She should feel that you are touching her, but so that she does not need to focus on this. This will create a slight sexual tension, anticipation of something more intimate and deeper that will follow these touches. But you should know where to touch a girl to turn her on. Her neck, arms, hips, hair - all the girls interpret such touches as a partner's desire to enter into an intimate relationship. Girls feel special because you do not try to immediately touch their breasts or buttocks. You are excited by more "subtle" parts of the body. This makes girls feel special. And this is very exciting. And don’t forget about gentle things to say to a girl to turn her on during this stage.

Texts to Turn Her On

The fast pace of our life sometimes does not allow us to see our beloved often and this leads to the fact that people begin to distance themselves from each other. If you want your love relationships to remain passionate even at a distance, try to excite your partner by phone.

Such a trick can be done before a very important romantic date. When your girlfriend comes to meet with you, she will be ready to continue the evening morally and physically.

Examples of sexy text messages:

  • “I imagine how you lie next to me, and I stroke your soft and velvety skin, kiss your juicy lips and smell your hair.”
  • “I cannot wait to hear your gentle voice and kiss your sweet lips. Come quickly to me, my sweetie.”
  • “It’s getting darker outside! And I can hug you and kiss you not being afraid that someone will see us.”

Where to Kiss a Girl to Turn Her On

The surest way to excite a girl is to kiss her correctly. Many men make the same mistake. They kiss the woman hastily, they try to move to the intimate process as soon as possible. Usually this behavior does not excite, but, on the contrary, in some way even repels.

Subconsciously the woman begins to understand that her chosen one wants only sex and not the continuation of the relationship. Therefore, do not rush, but put all your feelings into the kiss, only this way your better half can feel your warmth and desire and remember this moment for a long time.

Where to kiss:

  • The earlobe
  • Lips
  • Fingers
  • Palm
  • Neck
  • Decolletage area

How to kiss:

  • Start with light kisses
  • Do everything smoothly, without fuss and sudden movements
  • Make sure that the strength of the kiss is increasing
  • Do not forget at this moment to pay attention to the other parts of the woman's body
  • Whisper a compliment in her ear
  • Take the girl in your arms
  • Do your job :)

Do not be afraid to experiment. If it seems to you that your girlfriend will like another sequence of kisses, change it. Watch the language of her body. You can easily understand if she's excited enough. If there are gaps in your sexual education, here's a list of signs that a girl really wants sex:

  • She makes attempts to deviate and then again presses against your body
  • She constantly adjusts her hair
  • She is licking her lips
  • She breathes deep
  • The girl's nipples are very swollen

Popular and Uncommon Turn-Ons for Girls

So let’s talk about other sexual turn ons. Men invented many ways to make women look at them with lust. What can we say, we reached unprecedented heights in it. And we have the key to the excitement of any girl, regardless of her character. Here is the list of turn-ons:

  • Erotic massage
  • Pleasant compliments
  • Touching the hair and body
  • Gentle embrace
  • Light and passionate kisses
  • Erotic movies
  • Aphrodisiac foods and scents

We want to talk about erotic massage. This is the most effective way to make a girl dream of only one thing - sex with you. If you are willing to devote a little time to practice, you will succeed. Believe me, the effort will pay off more than you expected. There are two things in the world of sex: his majesty erotic massage and other turn ons for girls.

Before you proceed directly to the massage, take care of a romantic and pleasant environment. Turn on some quiet music in the room, light aromatic candles, place vases with flowers everywhere. Also, do not forget to make sure that your lover is comfortable lying. For the massage any place with a soft mattress is suitable.

Be sure to prepare clean towels (one of them will need to be rolled up) and special oils. If it turned out that it’s a bit cold in the room where you plan to do a massage, then prepare a thin blanket. It will cover the parts of the body that you will not massage.

biggest turn ons for girlsMassage rules:

  • Start the massage by stroking the feet
  • Gradually climb up to the calves, and then to the hips
  • Spread her arms along the spine
  • Gently stroke the girl's hands
  • In the end, always pay attention to the neck

If you want to learn more of the biggest turn ons for girls, pay attention to this method:

  • Tell her how you feel
  • Whisper a couple of pleasant compliments
  • Lightly bite her earlobe
  • Cover her whole body with kisses
  • Do a light massage
  • Pay special attention to erogenous zones
  • Periodically cuddle your beloved to yourself

But what about weird turn ons? Some girls like them more than anything else. Some girls like guys who smell and look like they took a bath for several days without stopping. The same goes for body hair - there are girls who like it when you reflect light like a mirror. But there are ladies with a completely different look at what is sexy. They like the smell of a man who was engaged in heavy physical labor for 3 hours before sex. We do not recommend you to use the second method if you do not know for sure how your partner will react. But the first option is almost always a win-win!

It has long been proven that a woman's desire to have sex directly depends on her emotional state. So if it comes to bed, try to do everything so that she does not think of anything else but you. Only after you see that a woman is carried away by your actions you can go directly to caresses.

Be patient and do everything without fuss and haste, because unlike men, the female turn ons are very slow and deep. Therefore, only a truly gentle man can achieve from the girl reciprocity.

As you already understood, the main thing in relationships is love, tenderness and trust. Therefore, if you want your lady to feel the same as you, do not be afraid to show her your warm feelings. If you are completely open, you can always be on the same page with your lover.

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