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Sea and ocean cruises are considered one of the most promising sectors of the global tourism business. This segment of the international travel industry is developing most dynamically, and the demand for services of cruise companies is growing faster than for all other tourism products. According to statistics, the majority of cruise sales (77%) are in the US and Canada. Americans buy about 5 million cruises a year (for comparison: 200 thousand cruises are sold annually in Spain, and about 20 thousand in Russia). Cruises for senior citizens most often take place in spring and autumn or winter, when the hot weather cannot affect the impressions of the trip. Pensioners from Europe and the United States have long appreciated the benefits of cruises as an all-season holiday option, so you can meet single women over 50 on almost any cruise.

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Why You Need to Try a Cruise After 50

Tourists who have been on single senior cruises are usually divided into loyal fans of this type of vacation and those who, after the first trip, decide that they will never go on it again. Indeed, sea cruises have both their advantages and disadvantages. Among their indisputable advantages is the ability to visit several countries at once during the trip. The versatility of the vacation and the variety of impressions that single cruises 2019 promise become very attractive factors. Of course, staying in the cities during the cruise is not long (usually the liner is in the port during daylight hours), but even during this time, you can see the main attractions. Finally, some tourists like the frequent change of experiences.

The second advantage of single cruises under 50 or any other age is respectability and exceptional relaxation comfort. Cruise service is very different from the hotel service. Ideal cleanliness and “marine” order reign on the liners: cabins are cleaned twice a day, and bedding is changed every day. Hence an important feature is that the class of cruise liners is always higher than hotels with the same number of stars. That is, four stars in the sea correspond to five stars on the land.

Before You Cruise in Your 50s: Main Things to Consider

Until recently, it was believed that single cruises over 50 are a boring measured rest for very wealthy elderly people. Recently, significant changes have taken place in the cruise industry: cruisers are in trend, and the trips have become more interesting and varied in price.

Cruise Product Evolution

The cruise market is the most developed in North America, and it is unlikely that anyone will be able to break this record (Americans are considered the founders of cruises for single seniors culture). However, the demand for sea and ocean travel is growing dynamically. This was largely facilitated by the development of the travel industry: the emergence of the so-called cruise departments in the structure of travel companies. They will not only give you the details of the trip but even suggest some dating advice for the onboard adventures.

single cruises over 50The increase in sales of cruises was also facilitated by the fact that tour operators relied on a product that meets the needs of tourists, cruises appeared in European countries. It is already obvious that the demand for cruises is growing. Tourists are interested in the opportunity to go on cruises for single seniors over 50.

What distinguishes LUXURY cruises from PREMIUM and STANDARD cruises?

  • The level of service staff. There are 2 persons from the staff per passenger.
  • Ability to choose the composition of bedding (blanket, pillows, mattress, shower accessories).
  • Included alcoholic beverages onboard.
  • Gifts from the cruise company at the end of the cruise.

What are the best single cruises and ships? Definitely those from the luxury segment.

What are the disadvantages of singles cruises?

The tourist sees the sea or the ocean every day, but cannot swim in it The problem is partially solved by the presence of pools with seawater on the liner. To fully enjoy your vacation, travel agencies recommend combining a trip on a liner with a beach holiday in the country from which the cruise starts or where it ends (usually Spain, Italy, Malta). If you buy a long cruise for 2-3 weeks, then it is better to ask in advance where there are city beaches and how to get to them during stops.

Difficulties during the cruise may arise due to tourists not knowing a foreign language

This is the second disadvantage of sea travel. But if a few years ago the language barrier was a serious obstacle, today this problem is gradually being leveled. The higher the class of the ship is, the fewer discrepancies in terms of communication are, because the staff literally guesses the desires of tourists. Again, the signs of recent years are encouraging: the staff is actively learning different languages. But knowing at least a few words in English will always come in handy.

The third disadvantage of cruises is that not everyone will be interested in this type of vacation

Living on a cruise can get quite boring if you are a young single because traveling on a liner is clearly positioned as a romantic trip for two or as a family vacation (usually the liners have a very well-developed infrastructure for children of all ages) or as a place for the senior dating. What cruises for single people you can try if you are under 40?

You should take into account the time of the trip. If you plan to go on a cruise in the fall or spring, then keep in mind that at this time there will be many pensioners on the liner: discounts are available during the off-season, which attracts older people. Youth companies on a cruise will be more interesting in July-August. This is a period of high season when a respectable middle-aged audience travels on ships.

Price of pleasure

It is believed that a cruise is an expensive trip that only wealthy people can afford. In fact, the prices for cruise tours are very different: from quite economical (from $ 650-680 for a weekly tour of the Mediterranean on a 3 or 4 star liner) to expensive ($ 4-6 thousand) and fabulously expensive (round-the-world cruises belong to this category lasting from 70 to 110 days and the cost is $ 50-60 thousand).

Many factors affect the price of a cruise. First of all, it is the duration of the trip and its seasonality. So, prices in the high season in July-August will be much higher than the cost of spring and autumn tours. The following factors are exotic and saturated route. The cheapest are cruises in the Mediterranean, and cruises in the Atlantic and Indian oceans are traditionally considered to be expensive.

Best Single Cruises for Seniors

The geography of cruises is unusually wide. Traditionally, cruise companies offer dozens of options for sea voyages: along the Mediterranean or Red Seas, around Western and Northern Europe, along the Caribbean, along the coast of South America or South Africa, around Canada or Alaska, Australia and New Zealand, across Oceania, in the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic. Today, cruise companies have covered almost all possible sea and ocean routes, so fundamentally new cruise destinations on the tourism market no longer appear. Routes are only being transformed, being finalized.

cruises for single seniors over 50European cruises for singles

The Mediterranean Sea is still the most popular route for cruisers. And there are reasons for that. Firstly, Mediterranean cruises are “not connected” with weather conditions (unlike, for example, transatlantic ones). Secondly, the cost of a cruise and flight to Europe is relatively low. Cruises in Europe are incredibly interesting and relevant at any time of the year. Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece, Sweden. A cruise on a liner across Europe will give you an unforgettable experience and leave wonderful memories. So, the first option is considered one of the best singles cruises for seniors.

Asian single cruises over 50

Feel the heartbeat of Hong Kong and immerse yourself in self-contemplation in the calm atmosphere of the Japanese port of Fukuoka. Admire the beauty of Thailand and Vietnam and discover the true diversity of East Asia, starting with noisy and vibrant metropolises to remote, inaccessible villages. Cruises in Asia will help you fully experience and enjoy the delights of the East. Shanghai, China is a fast-growing city with a 700-year history. It is called "East Paris." Why not visit the Bund along the Huangpu River and take a look at the matchless combination of modern skyscrapers and classic Chinese architecture?

Carribean cruises for singles over 50

Snow-white sandy beaches, azure-colored sea are about the Caribbean, a region where amazing adventures await you during a cruise. The Western Caribbean is time travel in the ancient cities of Maya. Caribbean cruises from the east side are mesmerized by the crystal-clear waters of St. Martin and the pristine beauty of the islands. The golden beaches of Barbados that are covered with the greenery of Mount Roseau on the island of Dominica and the rich historical heritage of Saint Croix will give you a real taste of the Caribbean islands.

Australia and Oceania: cruises for singles over 50

Take a look at surfers conquering the waves in Bondi Beach, watch life on the island of Willis Island, whose population is 3 people. You will admire the lush tropical forests and unique landscapes in New Zealand. Sydney, Australia is considered to be the most beautiful city in Australia and one of the most majestic in the world. Slowly explore the sandy capes, world-famous bays, and surf beaches. Take a yacht under the Harbor Bridge or view the city from the height of the AMP Tower, wander around the business center among the skyscrapers and feel the atmosphere of the business capital of Australia.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand is located along the North Island, and it is famous not only for sea fishing but also for its beauty and picturesque landscapes. In a sixteen-kilometer bay with 144 islands live penguins, whales, and dolphins.

Middle East cruises

Dubai sea cruises are incredible journeys into the world of adventure, high technology, and incredibly vivid impressions! The uniqueness, beauty, and culture of this region leave people spell bound. Such a cruise will give you unforgettable impressions and emotions for a long time. Here, almost all year round, the sun shines brightly, business grows and develops at an incredibly fast speed, and tourists from all over the planet come here to have a taste of a luxurious life. Tourists who chose the Persian Gulf cruise from Dubai leave extremely positive reviews. The cultural capital of the region is Dubai. Both cultural and active types of recreation are concentrated here, the largest shopping malls, luxury hotels and hotels, the highest skyscrapers and unique artificial islands.

Tips to Meet a Woman on a Cruise

Cruises are a great way to make new friends and get new communication experiences. During the cruise, you can meet your fellow travelers while relaxing on the liner, or during excursions on the shore. The greatest opportunity for new acquaintances is given by participating in the so-called thematic cruises that are dedicated to particular occupations: wine cruises (for connoisseurs of wine), dance cruises (during the cruise, everything is devoted to teaching dances and dancing competitions), cruises for players in cards, etc.

best single cruises for seniorsGet out of your hotel suite!

Cruise is a constant movement since you see new cities every day, but at the same time, after excursions, you can comfortably relax in your cabin or sunbathe on the deck. On some liners, the excursion program is not included in the price of the tour, which is very convenient: if you have already been to a certain city, then it makes no sense to visit it for the tenth time. But excursions are great for meeting people in general.

The audience is different

But, as a rule, the bulk is people "over 50," many couples traveling with children. But on a weekend cruise (on Friday evening you board the boat, on Sunday evening you will be back) there will certainly be many young people. In general, boat adaptation passes very quickly. And for some reason, it’s easy for you to wake up early in the morning while at sea, even though you admire the sunsets turning into dawn until late at night. So, meet new people and stay energized, after all, you did not pay for your trip to sleep and sit alone.

Head for the places with a high concentration of people

As the liner departs from the pier, beautiful beaches slowly swim past you, and you enjoy clean, fresh air, birdsong, the sound of a river wave, magical sunsets and sunrises. In the restaurant, you will taste delicious food. In the evening, visitors can enjoy entertainment programs, which often end with a disco. In the bars, you can order cocktails, ice cream, coffee, tea. Well and most importantly, every day you get new impressions of the cities you visit. In other words, a cruise is a complete rest: calm, measured, peaceful, with constantly changing landscapes. So, it is a combination of perfect conditions for meeting your soul mate in a relaxed atmosphere and continue communication on the land.

Travel companies specializing in the sale of cruise tours, predict increased interest in this kind of holiday. The few days or weeks you spend on a liner are like a retreat from reality, a paradise in the middle of the sea. So, do not lose your possibility to have a taste of luxurious life not worrying about anything but where to eat and with whom to dance in the evening. If you were not sure which destination or price range to choose, hopefully, now you can put all your doubts aside. Your love is waiting for you on a cruise for singles!

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