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It rarely happens that in relations between two people everything is like bed of roses. More often it’s the opposite – you have to overcome difficulties, resolve conflict situations and find a way out. Then we seek support of friends and parents, resorting to the help of family psychologists and psychoanalysts, but there is one more faithful assistant - a book.

Psychology relationship books are popular and notable for its variety. Many authors aren't just writers, but also well-known psychotherapists and psychiatrists. In books, they give recommendations in accessible language, render assistance and answer the burning questions. We’ve made a selection of the best relationship books for couples.

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Relationship books for men

Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia

The book seamlessly combines the latest scientific achievements with the wisdom of ancient Taoist sexual traditions. It expounds a simple, accessible and surprisingly effective technique that allows a man of any age to satisfy woman's imagination and drastically improve the quality and quantity of love games. People who have mastered the Taoist technique of sexual kung fu increase their vitality and life expectancy. This is an understandable, competent and fascinating guide for men who want to truly master their own sexual potential. The book also addresses the problems of impotence, infertility and decreased sexual activity.

The Man's Guide to Women by John Gottman

This is the result of a 40-year study that first gave a scientific answer to the question about what women want. And it showed what men need to do to attract women and build strong relationships. The author of the book, Dr. John Gottman, is known for being able to predict the prospect of a divorce of married couples with an accuracy of 94 percent. And the main source of his knowledge is a scientific laboratory. The guidance presented on these pages is based on real research and life relationships - both bad and good, and even remarkable.

The Book of Women: Celebrating the Female Spirit by Osho

This book tells that a woman is a unique creature by nature. And she must be loved, because men and women should strive to develop their internal potential. This book will be useful for both women and men. Men will be able to draw valuable insights for a better understanding of the female nature, have no issue with its development, and most importantly - not to humiliate or steamroll over a woman.

Relationship books for women

Fascinating Womanhood by Helen B. Andelin If you search the internet for reviews about this book, you will see that so many women recommend it. A lot of real life stories, clear instructions and detailed recommendations make "Fascinating Womanhood" an indispensable book. It’s important to emphasize that it’s intended exclusively for women and reveals the secrets of the male soul. This is extremely important for the psychology of relationships, especially since the author Helen Andelin is the mother of eight children and an excellent teacher. She has something to tell the world!

Some might think that the author of this book is a supporter of excessive obedience to men. However, the attentive reader will undoubtedly understand that only a strong man can build family relationships. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all women read this wonderful bestseller.

best selling relationship booksAct Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey

It's no secret that many successful and intelligent women have problems in their families. Why does this happen? The answers to these questions are given by a remarkable and internationally recognized author - Steve Harvey. He tells women about men easily and accessibly. In some places this book about the psychology of relationships is funny, but unusual presentation of the material will make you think harder. Many readers believe that this is the best book about relationships.

The author has managed to reveal many aspects of male psychology. Some women say that they read this book in one or two evenings, which indicates a really interesting material. It’s one of the best relationship advice books. There is not just a lot of useful information, but also recommendations that will help you completely change your life and relationships with your loved one. "The book that saves a relationship" - this is how people call this bestseller around the web. It is ideal not only for couples, but also for teenagers.

You do not know anything about men by Steve Harvey

This is another good relationship book for women. Harvey in his work opens women's eyes to the rich inner world of men. What should you expect from a guy when he is twenty, and how to build a relationship when he is fifty? Why does he need a mistress? Why do bachelors not marry? What does it take to make sex great? These and many other dilemmas are honestly answered by the author in his book. Harvey recommends reading the book to both young unmarried girls and to ladies with experience of relationships.

Get the Guy: Use the Secrets of the Male Mind to Find, Attract and Keep Your Ideal Man by Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey is a mega-popular relationship specialist in the US. Hussey developed his own program, “Get the Guy”, which helped millions of women around the world to find their love. Almost every page offers a specific method that allows any woman to become more self-confident and - we quote - "a real dream for any representative of the stronger sex ".

A nice bonus in the book is links to the video lessons of the writer. After each chapter, the author tells about the subtleties of certain methods on specific examples and again explains in detail the essence of his theories. The book is recommended even to those who have long found a man of dreams and happily live in marriage.

Long distance relationship books

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray

John Gray, an outstanding American family psychologist and sex therapist, created a book that was translated into more than 15 languages and was sold in multimillion-dollar edition. “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” - is the number one best-selling relationship book of all time. This first book of the American writer was published in 1993. For more than twenty years, it has not lost its relevance and ranks among the most popular books about psychology of relationships.

Everyone knows how different men and women are by nature, and John Gray explains in what exactly we are different and how to overcome these dissimilarities. You are offered not just a theoretical analysis of the psychology of these differences, but also a teaching guide on creating and maintaining relationships that could be called love. So, it’s better to read this relationship book for couples together with your partner.

"Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" is written in a simple language and not lacking humor: the author illustrates theses by real life situations where the reader recognizes oneself, and this is the main advantage of the book. On the examples of life situations the author shows us the difference in the male and female understanding of the same things. And above all, John Gray forces us to act here and now. The book steers people to change their lives for the better, understand and love each other. Undoubtedly this is one of the best relationship books for couples.

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

"The 5 Love Languages" is a helpful relationship book for couples, which in the opinion of most readers has radically changed their outlook on life. In order to understand the psychology of relations between men and women, certainly read this masterpiece. Many women say that they began to read this book only when they were on the verge of divorce. However, after the reading their families not only forgot about the divorce but also radically changed the relationship between husband and wife. Written in the lucid and understandable language, this book about psychology of relations is universal. With its help, you will be able to understand what your loved ones want, and also how to satisfy these needs.

relationship advice booksGary Chapman is a doctor of philosophy and one of the most famous family counsellors in America. The bestseller "The 5 Love Languages" is written without the fluff and is a real page turner.

Its main principle lies in its name. Each of us has one of five kinds of love:

  • words of encouragement;
  • time;
  • gifts;
  • support;
  • touching.

The book is distinct in quite practical instructions for action, and it doesn’t give abstract and fantastic pieces of advice which are not feasible to perform in real life. To restore the psychology of relations in the family - certainly read this book.

The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm

Finally, we offer to your attention the work of the outstanding speculator of the twentieth century - Erich Fromm. He is a well-known German thinker in the field of sociology, psychology and philosophy, one of the founders of Neo-Freudianism and Freudo-Marxism.

By the way, it was he who introduced the notion of "consumerist society" in the 1920s. "The art of loving" is a known relationship book. Fromm was able to look at many things from a completely different perspective. Despite philosophical education, he managed to write an easy-to-read psychological work about love as an integral part of our soul. Although, unlike all previous books, "The Art of Loving" contains a lot of definitions and has a scientific approach. However, reading the book will be interesting not only for psychologists, but for any thinking individual.

In the opinion of many modern masterminds, this book is unlikely to lose its value in centuries, as it reviews underlying problems of mankind. It broadens the mind, affects the hidden realms of psychology and contains many wise thoughts that allow you to take a fresh look at love.

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