Dating a Leo Woman: a Comprehensive Guide


Dating a Leo woman is an exciting opportunity for you to really become connected with somebody. A Leo woman in love is very caring, compassionate, and understanding. In general, Leo woman traits include intelligence, creativity, enthusiasm, and a good sense of humor. A Leo woman personality depends on such qualities as loyalty, responsibility, confidence, and passion. Moreover, Leo women are among the most suitable partners for men because this sign is an Earth sign. As such, it suits women perfectly seeing as how Leo women make good girlfriends, fiancés, wives, sisters, and mothers. In other words, dating a Leo woman is easier for men than dating other women. Read the following guide to know all about Leo woman.

Leo woman traits

What Are Leo Women Like

Care, Compassion, and Understanding

Leo women are naturally very empathetic. They are, so to speak, incredibly good at feeling what others feel and sensing how other people want to be approached. Logically, Leo women make good friends, partners, and relatives. It is easy for them to connect with a person which makes them very social. They have good social skills and you can always confide in them. It is a deeply rooted empathy that allows Leo women to be so attractive to other people. They are always ready for a talk because connecting with other people brings them joy.


Leo women are very intelligent. But that is not because they go to university or read a lot of books. No, they are naturally intelligent. They are smart in their views on life and have very cunning abilities to overcome complex life situations. In other words, they are very wise. They can find solutions to complex problems and be reliable in tough situations. Trusting a Leo woman to make a decision won’t ever be a mistake. They know precisely how to operate in situations that may seem hopeless or desperate. Unlike many other women, they think logically and rationally instead of depending on emotions.


Leo women are also creative. They like new opportunities and challenges. Leo women have artistic souls. Even if they’re not artists, they live their life creatively always trying something new. It is in their blood to produce something, no matter whether it is a good relationship, a poem, a career or a sandcastle. They just like being creative meaning that they feel good producing something. That is much better than what other people do only consuming stuff 24/7 without contributing anything. Leo women are not like that.


Leo women are definitely very enthusiastic. And their enthusiasm is contagious because of how much they like to socialize. Leo women are very energetic, active, and restless. They would do anything for the only purpose not to sit still. Being inactive, apathetic, and calm is not in their nature. Their enthusiasm will make you enthusiastic as well. Leo women always choose where to go, what to do, how to act, etc. They have answers to all questions because they are smart as they are always ready for anything.

Leo woman in loveConfidence

Being smart and enthusiastic it doesn’t come as surprising that Leo women also have confidence. They are very confident because they know their own worth. Leo women make good leaders and can easily change your mind on any subject being confident that they have a point while you don’t. Their confidence makes them attractive seeing as how they gather a lot of people around them. A Leo woman is most likely to be the heart of a company of friends. Their intelligence and enthusiasm drive their confidence. They truly have a lot to offer and rarely appear as helpless. Thus, the level of confidence Leo women have makes them very independent.

Sense of Humor

Leo women have a good sense of humor. They are hilarious because they like to laugh. And they also make others laugh. That is so good because each time you laugh you add 5 minutes to your life. Thus, Leo women make the world a great favor by making people laugh. They are natural jokers and can’t live 5 minutes without trying to make somebody laugh. Leo women are joyful in their approach to life because they are in love with life. Life makes them happy and they joke to make other people happy as well. So, prepare to laugh hard and for long.


Passion is one of the most important traits of a Leo woman. Though many women are passionate because it is in women’s nature, Leo women are more than just passionate. They carry passion to all spheres of life. They are passionate in their approach to others, in their creative explorations, and in their life in general. Leo women are so full of life that at times it seems like they’re going to explode. They are full of energy and drive. Whatever they do, they just can’t stop until there will be nothing else to do. Their thirst for life is truly astonishing.


Being responsible, Leo women are very loyal. And not only in close personal relationships but in general. They are loyal to their duties, family members, and friends. Knowing how socializing works, they care a lot about trust. Therefore, they rarely cheat or lie. Nevertheless, it still is possible but you can read more about that further.

How to Attract a Leo Woman

So, how to seduce a Leo woman? First of all, you need to be confident because being confident, Leo women like confident men. Then, you should be able to appreciate their qualities like sense of humor and loyalty. Though, you probably won’t have a chance to ignore their jokes. Their loyalty is definitely to be appreciated. Loyal people value loyalty in others. Therefore, be honest and trustworthy. Socializing also helps. Leo women like to spend time together, talk, have fun, and get around. Finally, you should value their compassion and sympathy. Consider a Leo woman to be better than you because they are often much more kind, gentle, and caring than others. Look good and take care of yourself in order to attract a Leo woman.

Being enthusiastic is also a good way to attract a Leo woman. But how to tell if a Leo woman likes you? Well, if you’re enthusiastic enough, she will approach you because you will stick out of the crowd. Being energetic, active, and original will definitely improve your chances. You can score even more points being creative meaning that you should have a creative worldview. In other words, be open to new ideas and try thinking out of the box. Do something exciting and a Leo woman will approach you herself. Enthusiasm drives life. And Leo women are very lively. They want to live their lives to the fullest and get the most out of it. They have thirst for what life has to offer. And they enjoy the company of people who are also in love with life. Therefore, don’t be lazy, apathetic, melancholic, and prejudiced.

What Leo Woman Wants in a Man

Leo women want a man they can trust. It is not hot news that men often cannot be trusted. According to statistics men cheat much more often than women. Cheating on a Leo woman won’t ever go unnoticed. Then, you should be supportive. Dating a Leo woman requires you to quit your egoism completely and express compassion. So, when a Leo woman ignores you try finding what you did wrong. Be kind and those around you will become kinder as well. When you hurt a Leo woman it first and foremost will cause you to feel bad as long as you have some kind of conscience in yourself. Keep in mind that relationships with women are not only about looks, money, and masculine attitude. Be attentive to your behavior and act like a kind human being because that is what Leo women look for in men.

Do Leo Women Cheat

Leo women usually don’t cheat. However, it is difficult to say for sure that every Leo woman disregards cheating as a possibility. No, it is highly unlikely but still possible. Remember that Leo women are loyal. Their loyalty is natural because they value trust. And there’s nothing worse than cheating because it ruins relationships, offends partners, and produces a lot of emotional suffering. Though it happens a lot, it is a single most hurtful thing for romantic relationships. A Leo woman will less likely excuse cheating because she’d consider it a gesture of distrust. In case you can’t be trusted there is nothing you can offer a Leo woman because trust is the foundation of everything. Because Leo women don’t cheat themselves, they disallow others to do it as well. Perhaps, due to that they might appear a bit jealous.

how to tell if a Leo woman likes youBest Love Match for Leo Women

Leo woman compatibility is pretty diverse. Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Cancer make the best matches with Leo women. These signs correspond with the many inherent qualities of Leo women. For example, some of the signs include such features as loyalty, creativity, passion, enthusiasm, and confidence. This makes it easier for Leo women to get along with men who were born under these signs. Most importantly, these signs are fixed signs. That means that they are initially grouped into one category with Leo. Signs that feature such qualities as good sense of humor, passion, and intelligence are the best to match with Leo. However, because Leo women like to socialize they can pretty possible match with anybody. That is because their passion for socializing makes disregard your sign. Leo women just like to get in touch people, so any sign has a chance of getting along pretty well with a Leo woman.

A Leo Woman in Bed

The most important feature of Leo women that makes them good lovers is their passion. They are naturally passionate. And they are not afraid to experiment as well. That is because they are creative in bed just as well as they are creative in everything else. Sex with Leo women is awesome, spectacular, and simply amazing. However, it takes some time to get the best result because Leo women like to build strong ties and have solid relationships. Therefore, you better don’t take a chance of getting a Leo woman to participate in a one night stand. On the contrary, aim for serious long-term relationship because that is where the truth lies. Though Leo women like to socialize and get out a lot, it doesn’t mean they fall in love easily or like to have sex just for the sake of having sex.

Famous Leo Women

Famous Leo women include the actresses Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Charlize Teron, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Kate Beckinsale, Elizabeth Moss. The author of Harry Potter books J. K. Rowling also has a Leo sign. The singer Whitney Houston is a Leo woman just as well as Madonna.

It is now clear how Leo women behave and what their primary characteristics are. They are loyal, caring, active, very social, enthusiastic, funny, and passionate. You should be more like them in order to attract Leo women. Be as confident and creative as you can. Try thinking out of the box and approach them with joy. Be open-minded and trustworthy. Finally, don’t forget about empathy and always stay kind.

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These are the smartest women, chaste and noble; they able to love and be faithful wives and beautiful mothers.Life with such a woman can be a fairy tale.
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