Dating a Taurus Woman: A Complete Guide


Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac circle. The sun enters the Taurus sector on April 21 and leaves it on May 20. People who were born during this period are under the auspices of the elements of the Earth, thanks to which they always feel the ground under their feet and possess such qualities of character as thoroughness, stability, practicality, reliability, conservatism. The main planetary influence on Taurus is rendered by Venus. In combination with the earth element, this planet gives women magical energy, sensitivity and practical attitude to the material world. The second planet-patron of Taurus is the Moon. Its influence makes women of this sign romantic, elegant as well as able to receive and deliver aesthetic pleasure.

Taurus woman characteristics

Taurus Woman Traits

Usually, Taurus women have amazing and seductive feminine bodies, they have a tiny waist, soft curves of the hips, and great bosom. Even if they are curvy (and this is not a rare case), it doesn’t spoil their images. These girls are always wonderful, their movements are fluid and graceful. A Taurus woman has a heightened sense of smell, they don’t have bad habits like smoking, and they perfectly know how to select the catchiest perfumes and required beauty products.

Characteristics of behavior

It is very interesting to communicate with the female representatives of this zodiac sign, they are intelligent and great listeners, who do not allow themselves to speak out about someone in a rude and categorical manner, they conduct calmly, without showing inappropriate emotions. However, if a person starts objecting to them, such women can quickly lose all peace of mind. They respond appropriately to comments but bear in mind that a Taurus lady can turn into a real viper if someone allows themselves cheap jibes.

A home comfort, kids and the favorite job takes an honorable place in the life of every Taurus woman. Mentioning the facts about Taurus woman, it’s possible to say that they adore nature with all their heart and try to spend time outdoors as often as possible.

Taurus woman in love

A huge part of Taurus women is polygamous by their nature, so they can have two partners at the same time. However, it’ necessary to notice that each of them can be equally dear to them, and they don’t want to lose each of the partners. Nonetheless, if a woman of this sign is madly in love with a man, her soulmate will be never able to doubt her matrimonial fidelity since she is an extremely reliable and loyal partner.

Taurus woman in marriage

A big number of men dreams of such permanent partners as the Taurus girls since the latter believe that their main life goal is to arrange a sweet family nest. The strong personality of a Taurus woman does not allow her to marry the first person that comes by, and she will make high demands on her future spouse, but she will also become a loyal partner, a perfect mummy of his kids and an advanced mistress. Such a wife will never encroach on her spouse’s self-esteem, but she will willingly concede a right to be the head of the household. Meanwhile, she will behave with great dignity and will not allow anyone to demean her personality. In general, Taurus woman personality is endowed with great and unique traits which make these women special.

facts about Taurus womanMistress of the house

For the most part, Taurus women are perfect mistresses. Their houses are always clean, and having a delicate taste, Taurus girls can masterly create a wonderful and exclusive interior, even having very modest financial means. Their apartments always have a great smell, most likely you will find many bunches of flowers there, so if you are going to be involved in dating a Taurus woman, don’t forget about presenting flowers. These girls do not like to waste money and can easily turn the house into a small paradise. They are always happy to have guests, and they will do their best to treat them deliciously.


Talking about Taurus woman characteristics, it is hard to overstate the importance of maternity for these women. Such a mummy is ready to devote all her spare time to kids, and they can always ask her for help, advice, and any kind of support. The warmness and special connection between moms and kids remain the same even when they become much older. Nonetheless, a Taurus woman can be very exacting and even turn into a little tyrant. However, she will show kids by her own example what love and selfless dedication to the family are.

How to Attract a Taurus Woman?

Taurus women are not inclined to wait for someone to pay attention to them, so they prefer to choose a life partner themselves. It’s not easy to please this demanding lady, but you can do that if you know how to attract a Taurus woman and what kind of man she is looking for.

These ladies pay attention to the social origin and family traditions, in which the future partner has grown up. They are interested only in wealthy families that have nothing to do with the lower social class. The appearance of a partner also plays a big role in a Taurus woman: she likes physically attractive and somehow handsome men. In addition, their clothes should fit into the fashion trends of the time. There is no doubt that good taste will be highly appreciated by her.

Taurus girls like courageous and resolute men, but their perseverance should not grow into obsession and intrusiveness. These women are very interested in the material well-being of their men. They like gifts very much, but they will not be impressed by a modest bouquet or cheap perfume. They like everything beautiful, elegant, luxurious, so anyone who is looking for the answer to the question of how to seduce a Taurus woman should be ready for some expenses.

The Taurus woman is very impressed by the beautiful courtship. She likes good restaurants with delicious food and high-quality alcoholic beverages. She will appreciate if a man offers her rest in prestigious places and presents gifts. To win a Taurus woman, you must immediately let her know that you stand on your own two feet, have serious life goals and can boast of certain achievements.

A Taurus lady will not tolerate a rude and immoral person. A Taurus woman will combat indecent offers and attempts to impose. To conquer such a girl, a man must think through a certain strategy of actions and consistently put it into practice. When trying to conquer a Taurus woman, you must be patient: she can make the choice for a long time, studying her future partner from all possible sides. She will show her feelings only when she is completely sure that she has made the right decision. She is looking for a reliable companion if not forever, then at least for a long time, and in most cases, she does not need a one-night relationship.

Signs That a Taurus Woman Likes You

Taurus women love flirting and romantic gestures. Representatives of this sign are hopeless romantics, and this is all about Taurus women you need to know. At the very beginning of your relationship, when you are just starting to get to know each other, a Taurus girl will not make much effort. However, as soon as you hook her, she completely immerses into the relationship. Taurus ladies firmly cling to the relationship and are not going to let them go. If a representative of this sign is in love with you, she will make every effort to maintain your relationship.

1. She will always find time for you

Even if she is extremely busy, she will do her best to devote time to you, especially if you need her attention. Not everyone is ready to forget about everyday routine to devote this precious time to someone else, but Taurus lady will willingly make an exception for a man she likes.

2. She will accept your offer to go on a date

If a Taurus woman doesn’t like you or feel any sympathy, then she will never agree to go on a date with you. However, if you have asked her out and got a positive response, then you are a lucky one.

how to attract a Taurus woman3. She can invite you to her home

Don’t perceive such an invitation as an attempt to move your relationship to the next level. It can be just a dinner since most Taurus women are good at cooking and like this process very much.

4. She makes you a part of her life

If a woman feels comfortable with a man, and she likes him, then she may try to make him a part of her everyday life. You might have your own schedule of meetings. A Taurus woman likes and dislikes a lot of things, so she will want to find out your opinion on different matters.

5. She will tell everything about her dreams and start asking questions

When she feels that you are a special person and not an ordinary passer-by, she will start sharing her dreams and wishes with you. Besides, she may ask you to share your own dreams with her as well.

Taurus Woman In Bed

Taurus women are well-known for their femininity. Sensual feelings and physical contact are crucial for them. They are not thrilled about primitive sex. A Taurus woman in bed is very demanding and really hot, but the partner will experience maximum pleasure and will not regret having such a tireless girlfriend. Pay attention to the Taurus woman compatibility.

These creatures are amazing, very sensual and a bit capricious. Despite not the easiest and sometimes even rude character, they seem very attractive to the opposite sex due to sex appeal and incredible charm. As we have already mentioned, Taurus women are very demanding in bed, and a love meeting with such a woman is a bit like a bullfight. After it, the partner feels exhausted, having experienced the most thrill sensations and received complete satisfaction.

Regular high-quality sex makes a Taurus woman happy and cheerful, and her partner shares these feelings. For the woman of this zodiac sign, it is important that the date is held in a beautiful setting. Taurus women in bed can experience the subtle nuances of sexual sensations, remaining quite conservative. A man needs to fully gain her trust before offering her a non-standard approach to sex.

If a Taurus woman does not look for a permanent companion in a partner, then she can very easily break up with him so that there are no problems with ex-lovers. In a relationship with each new man, she tries to find something that she hasn’t yet experienced with the previous partner.

Her erogenous zones are concentrated on the neck. The neck often remains open, so access to the "pleasure center" is very convenient, and not only during love games. Most Taurus women like massage very much, it gives them a special feeling. It’s necessary to notice that active physical contacts play an extremely important role in the life of Taurus girls. They need not only spiritual but also close physical connection with a person they like, this is how they feel safe because touch is the main language of love for representatives of this sign. Therefore, pay special attention not only to erogenous zones but also to other areas. A Cancer man is the best match for a Taurus woman.

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