Dating for Men Over 40: How to Get the Best of It


It is a fact that it is much easier to date for young people than it is for older people. Younger people are usually more socially active, have less responsibilities, and it is simpler for them to get together. Dating after 40 requires putting some effort and presenting yourself in the best way possible. Statistically, most people start families and even get to have children before 40. Nevertheless, dating for over 40 people is important because they still have a good chance at finding someone to love. There are dating rules after 40 men need to follow to succeed. Read the following guide to know the best dating over 40 rules.

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Dating Over 40: Rules and Tips


If you want to date successfully after 40, you need to have a proper lifestyle. What is it? Your lifestyle should be healthy and active. It means that you can’t expect success from dating if you’re lazy, apathetic, unmotivated, and not ambitious, have bad habits, and are boring. On the contrary, you should be active, motivated, ambitious, healthy, and interesting. If you don’t have family it means that you have a lot of free time. You don’t have children to care about or a wife to support. So, think about what you do with your free time. Use it to your advantage. Consider attending a gym, traveling, and picking up some hobbies. To attract women you need to be financially secure. Your diet should be healthy because when a woman chooses a date, she usually wants a strong and healthy man. This is important because women look for a potential husband to create family with. Therefore, be healthy and do everything you can to stay that way.


Dating women over 40 is impossible if you don’t have the right attitude. It often happens so that people at the age of 40 and older become dissatisfied with life and depressed. It is especially right in the case of lonely people who don’t have a family. Most of your friends or acquaintances probably already have families. Perhaps, you had a family before. The right attitude is the one filled with optimism, positive emotions, and enthusiasm. Even though you’re not young anymore, you should try feeling like a youngster again. Men who have crossed their middle age period usually become stressed and depressed because they are too harsh on themselves. Don’t be harsh on yourself. The best way to get somebody to love you is to start loving yourself first. Enthusiasm and optimism attract women like nothing else.

Use Your Advantages

Being 40 or older comes with benefits. You have more experience in life, you’ve already chosen your career path, and you probably know what you want from life. Younger women like older men because of their experience. Young people make mistakes all the time. You, on the other hand, are more cautious and more attentive. In other words, you are smarter and you have something to stand on – your life experience. Without any doubt, you should use this advantage. You have free time and don’t need to think about a family to support yet. Consider reading some literature or attend motivation courses. Ask at your local bookstore for books that can show you the way to self-growth. Think about what you had in your life and what you’ve always wanted to have but didn’t get a chance to have. You can go traveling and you can make wonderful presents for a woman. dating after 40You are also more experienced in bed which makes you a perfect candidate for successful dating. Don’t forget that and love yourself but also improve yourself every day using every possibility.

Dating Over 40 Advice for Men

Be Creative

Women love men who are creative and original. It is easier for younger people to be original. Nevertheless, prepare to make an effort and find a way to distinguish yourself from others. Think about why a certain woman should date you and not somebody else? You should be creative and original in everything you do. Consider changing your hairstyle and trying different clothes. Do something new. For example, start playing tennis or take yoga classes. Perhaps, you may learn how to play chess or become a cinema fan. The more hobbies you have, the more active you become, and the more active you are, the better your appearance will be for women.

Value Your Date

To be successful in dating after 40 you need to forget about egoism of any kind. Women get offended pretty easily. They are very vulnerable and they don’t like men with masculine issues. You need to value your date and be attentive to her. Talk less and listen more because all women like men who can listen to them. Ask questions. Be interested in what she has to say. Don’t think only about yourself and your needs. Be gentle, supportive, and caring. More than anything else you should be tolerant and understanding. Nobody likes egoists, not only women. All people like those who can give, not just take. If you can give, then there won’t be a need for you to take because everything will come to you on its own. Even if you don’t like your date much and think that it won’t work out, pretend and fake until the point where you can no longer take it. Most men who date after 40 give up a little too early. You’re not a coward and you’re not weak, right? So, give everything you have and show your best side. Become better in order for women to like you.

Make a Good Date

To have a successful date you need to make the best out of it. You should use your creativity and originality to impress a woman. Just being yourself is good if you’re good yourself. Of course, every man thinks of himself as good. But just being good is not enough. You need to be the best. Make sure that a date with you will stick in a woman’s memory. Come up with some ideas. For example, take a woman to a gallery or a museum. Perhaps, you may visit a carnival or a festival. Don’t just sit in front of each other and talk. You can eat and talk everywhere and anywhere. Visiting some interesting place and doing something together will surely make you two closer to each other. Take care of your date and always be supportive even if you think she doesn’t deserve it. Prove that you yourself are worthy of her attention. A perfect date is the one that is memorable. Make a woman think about you after your date ends by being interesting to talk to. Make sure that she is happy to know you. This way she will come again to have more of you.

Don’t Overdo It

Being kind, supportive, caring, and understanding is important. But you should be able to adjust your attitude to the situation. In other words, be flexible. Sometimes, not often, it is effective to play a little hard to get. Don’t appear to be desperate to please your date. Show that you too have a ground to stand on. The right attitude is to show that you can just as well do without her same as with her. But it only works with really complex women. Some of them are and they don’t like men who please them all the time. This is the foundation of the famous “3 days rule”. You don’t call for 3 days after your first date. You already made your move and it is now her turn. In case she doesn’t do it, you should call after 3 days have passed only if you did not prearrange something different beforehand. Speaking in broad terms, don’t be weak and don’t show that you’re in need. Many women don’t like it. Men-women relationships are often about competition. Each of you is going to prove who’s better. Therefore, you need to know when to retreat and when to attack. Give up to show that you are kind and giving. Attack to show that you are also strong and independent. The truth lies in the middle and you need to make an effort to reach the golden mean.

Sex and Dating After 40

Without any doubt, first thing that you want to get from women over 40 dating men is sex. Well, here’s the good news for you. You will get it. It is one thing that is simpler for older people than it is for younger people. Men and women over 40 can easily have sex just for fun. Just like it is harder for younger people to have just sex, it is harder for you to have more than sex. Nevertheless, sex comes first and relationships follow. Most people who date after 40 do it for sex. But where there is sex, there is also a possibility for something bigger like serious long-term relationships and family. Dating after 40 for men comes with this great advantage – sex without consequences. Just remember that statistically your chances are pretty good. But, of course, you shouldn’t show it not to become careless.

Dating Sites for Over 40

dating sites for over

This is surely one of the best dating sites for over 40 men. The interface is very accessible. It has a lot of profiles from all around the world. You can get a date instantly. One of the disadvantages of this site is its popularity. Sometimes is has some glitches interfering with site’s accessibility. Nevertheless, it is a good option for you to use because of the amount of profiles registered there.

This one is also popular. Without any doubt, it is among the best online dating sites for over 40. It has a very good navigation and doesn’t charge too much money. But its major disadvantage is time it takes to find you a suitable date. That is because not many people use it. Still, your perfect match might just as well be here waiting for you.

This one should be tried if you didn’t find anything using the previous two. There are many different dating sites for over 40 but this one is special. Many people say that it really makes good matches. In other words, it can provide you with a date that suits you the best and that you’re also suitable for. It uses many different characteristics from the information you provide in order to find someone special for you and not just any date.

Online dating over 40 is the perfect way to find yourself a date. Using this site you are able to find someone who really wants to create a family and doesn’t want to date just for fun. You probably already had your share of fun being young, so now is the best time to get serious about the whole relationship thing. You should definitely consider using this site in order to find somebody responsible and caring enough to create a family with.

All in all, now you know what dating over 40 is all about. It is not as easy as it is for younger people. Nevertheless, you have advantages that you definitely need to use. Such are your financial security and life experience. But don’t forget to be original, creative, and interesting. Keep in mind that your primary task is to do everything you can to show your good side. This way you’ll be able to impress a woman. Your date with a woman must be memorable. In order to do that, your whole lifestyle should be appropriately adjusted. Your task is to be interesting, caring and understanding, but also, depending on situation, you should be strong and independent. Use online dating to find yourself some good dates. Whatever you do, make it right. Good luck!

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I'm 44 years old, but I don't feel my age. I think I'm still 25. The main thing is to remain optimistic and positive, then there will be no problems with dating women.
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