Here's Why Penis Size Does Not Really Matter


Without touching the female opinion, one can certainly say - penis size plays an important role for men. Even with a standard size in the range of 12-18 cm, a man still wants to find ways that will help to lengthen the genitals. As a rule, the desire to increase several centimeters isn't only the desire of a man, but, most likely, the desire of his partner.

It is safe to say that 99% of men are of the opinion that the larger his penis is, the better the sex life will be. A stereotype that a large dick is an indicator of masculinity and significance has been reliably settled in the subconscious of many people. It's also important that this opinion is affected not only by men, but also by a sufficient number of representatives of the weaker sex. Where did this opinion come from? Does penis size really matter?

does size really matter

Quite possibly, this opinion was born thousands years ago, when penis was an important argument in various men’s competitions for the supremacy. For example, in primitive communal system, a man with a large dick took a more deserving place in his tribe, unlike his brethren, whose proportions were more modest.

There is an interesting fact that even at that time men began to make various attempts to lengthen the penis - they attached stones to their organ hoping to increase the length of the phallus. Of course, in our time it’s much easier to cope with penis size. There are a lot of devices that work on the principle of stretching cavernous body, so that penis becomes longer.

The modern world also doesn't lag behind, and supports the stereotype of great male dignity - pornographic pictures where men have big dicks. Also it’s important to note that the topic of penis size is quite urgent, it is discussed in books, medical articles and on the Internet. Its invariable discussion attracts a lot of attention, and even men with normal penis size start to think about the lengthening of the organ, feeling inferiority in comparison with other people.

Why it matters and why not

Asking whether the size matters to women, you can face two fundamentally different opinions. Some women claim that the size is the last criterion when choosing their beloved. But others, just the opposite, state that a full intimate life is a pledge of strong and lasting relationships, and the size of the organ is not the least important. And yet, it is worthwhile to study out whether the size is as important as men think. And is the phrase true that the main thing isn't the size, but the ability to afford pleasure to women?

Men, worried about having a small penis size, don't know anything about female physiology. According to physicians, the most sensitive are the female's external genitalia, as well as the vagina, at a distance of 8 cm from the entrance. From this we can conclude that a man with 18 cm, and a man with 10 cm of penis, will be able to afford the same pleasure to his partner. In addition, it has long been proven that the walls of the vagina can adapt to the size of the organ, especially for permanent partners.

It is advisable to focus on one women feature, which misinforms many men: at the initial stage of stimulation vagina is moistened and expands. Thus, the sexual organs are prepared for painless penetration of the penis. As a result of further sexual excitement of a woman, the vagina will shrink and tightly embrace the dick. It is important to note that an excessively large male organ can cause pain. Mostly in those situations when a woman isn't sexually aroused enough.

It isn't ruled out that too sharp frictions of the large organ may cause damage to the vagina, even lead to bleeding. Exactly in this version, you can safely use the expression that dick size matters.

Asking whether the size is important, few people think that the dimensions have two parameters:

  • thickness;size does matter
  • length.

As a rule, the overwhelming majority of the strong sex thinks about centimeters in length. Basing on the opinion polls of the weaker sex, most girls claiming that size matters, didn't mean its length, but its thickness.

This is interrelated with the fact that a thicker male organ can irritate the vaginal walls more strongly and stimulate erogenous zones. Thickness also affects the power of sensation during sex, causing a pleasurable feeling of fullness, which in turn increases sexual arousal.

Overestimating the importance of size, for some reason, many men completely forget that many women can't have orgasm only by the frictions of the penis in the vagina. That's why according to women, in bed crucial are sexual skills, not the penis size. Of course, the size isn’t discounted, it should be standard. So, try to figure out how women really think.

As already mentioned, women are divided into two categories, some believe that the dimensions matter, others don't think so. From such statements, we can make a quite logical conclusion that each woman is arranged in different ways:

  • Some women can't get sexual satisfaction if a partner has the standard penis size. For example, they just don't have very sensitive nerve endings in the vagina. And they prefer to choose partners with large dicks.
  • Others, on the contrary, can't have sex if a partner has large penis, because the vagina is too susceptible. Or, this large organ dulls all sensations, without paying attention to particularly sensitive areas.

It is worth noting that the large penis has an aesthetic mission. It's nice to look at, it turns on and arouses many women. Definitely, it doesn't depreciate phallus of the medium size.

Statistics about penis size

Statistics shows that the average penis size is 12-18 cm. Men who have such an organ almost always satisfy women. And the greatest number of orgasms is observed in sexual contact with the owners of large penises.

According to the interdependence of penis size and the quality of sex, the list of the worst lovers includes:

  • Germans;
  • Scots;
  • English;
  • Russian.

And Brazilians, Italians and Spaniards are recognized as the best lovers around the world, according to the result of an online survey.

The largest penis length, according to the statistics, is observed in the representatives of African nationalities:

  • residents of the Republic of the Congo - 18.03 cm;
  • inhabitants of Ecuador - 17.8 cm;
  • inhabitants of Ghana - 17.3 cm.

According to one of the firms producing condoms, the average length of the penis is 16.8 cm and the diameter is 3 cm. In representatives of European races, this indicator rarely reaches 20 cm, but in the Arab countries and Africa, the length of the penis is more than 20 cm - rather a frequent phenomenon.

Tips to have sex with a small penis

Not every man in this world is endowed with a really big dick. Some were less fortunate, so they have to live with small sex organ, but it's by no means a verdict. Moreover, small penis has even certain virtues that can be skillfully used in the intimate field. Here are some sex tips for men with small penis.

does size matter survey1) Become a sex expert

Pleasing with tongue and lips is essential. If you can't rely on the tool that nature has given you, you simply have to be resourceful. Become a master in the world of sex. You have to comprehend the art of sexual pleasure and be a subtle researcher of female anatomy. Discover her erogenous zones, know everything about the female body, learn oriental techniques. The owner of a tiny dick should learn everything.

2) Learn fingering technique

Become a virtuoso in manual stimulation of the vagina, anus and clitoris. The kind of sex with the use of fingers is called fingering, but the entering of a few fingers or a fist into the vagina is usually called fisting. It’s one of the best tips for sex with small dick. All these "manipulations" completely replace women with traditional sex and even diversify the intimate life.

3) Be self-confident

Some men think that the club between the legs solves all problems. When you can't hide behind the size of your dick, you have to gain self-confidence based on something else. Although you aren't gifted with the size, it won’t prevent you from gaining self-confidence. The ability to cheer a woman is a great help. As well as knowing when to talk and when to keep silent and listen. Your ego must hold onto something else, except the size of your penis.

4) Understand that pleasure depends more on psychology, but not physiology

If a man isn’t particularly cute, annoying or even unpleasant, then yes, in that case his physiological parameters may be the cause, but not the consequence of female dissatisfaction. A woman who has sex with a beloved and desired man is more likely to be satisfied, and it doesn’t matter what penis size he has.

5) Buy sex toys

How else can a man compensate for the shortage of coveted centimeters? You can purchase a nozzle in a sex shop that will lengthen your dick and give additional stimulation. Both lovers usually remain very satisfied. Also buy a lubricant that allows the vagina to become narrow - due to friction your girl will have orgasm within the shortest possible time.

6) Choose the right position

Having sex with small penis, you should choose such positions in which the depth of touch and penetration will be the maximum. There are a lot of sex positions for small dick. For example, sex positions when a man is behind a woman are perfect. The habitual missionary position is also appropriate, especially if your girlfriend tightly wraps her hips around your waist. By the way, sexologists note that in oral sex, men with small penises have no peers.

A variety of practiced positions can improve any situation. So experiment, try new ones. After all, as you know, where there is a will there is a way.

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Dear men, I must say that the size is not so important when there is a person who loves you. So that a woman can love you, try to be kinder and more caring.
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