How to Know If a Girl Is Interested in You: 10 Sure Signs


Is She Interested or Just Being Polite?

There are quite a few ways to know that a woman is not interested in you. If she doesn’t seem to want to be physically close to you, she immediately reacts to any sort of physical contact, even by accident, then she is probably not interested in you. If you are at a party or at any other social event, her eyes can tell you a lot about her interest in you. It may be one of the signs she is interested but shy, but there is a difference. If it seems to you that she is constantly looking for something, looking left and right – then maybe she is trying to find a way to escape a conversation with you.

how to tell if a girl is interested

Here is a very important sign that will help you understand is she interested or not. Compare the ways in which you interact when you are alone and in the company of friends. If she doesn’t seem to want your attention and doesn’t speak to you that much – she is probably not interested in dating.

How to know a girl is interested in you? Women love to laugh, and the way in which they react to your jokes may be quite telling of their opinion of you. If she doesn’t seem to enjoy your jokes all that much, if she gets constantly distracted and pays no attention to what you have to say – then she isn’t all that interested in you. Here’s a very important sign if she doesn't text back, she is not interested, it’s that simple.

10 Signs She's Interested

How to tell if a woman is interested in you? There are several proven signs by which you can determine that a woman wants you. They can be hidden and inconspicuous to others, however, a man that is aware of these signs will not miss them.

1. Long lasting eye-to-eye contact

A woman's eyes can tell a lot about her and her interest in you. It’s quite straightforward and reliable. Such eye contact is a sign of attention, and you will certainly catch it even in a crowd of people. In the case of some ladies, it can be steadfast and playful, in others it is languid. Whatever is the case, the eyes of a woman will always tell you a lot about her intentions. In this non-verbal way, there are no words needed. That is why to get acquainted on the street or in various public places is not an outdated way of dating, it is as relevant as ever.

2. Genuine laughter and smile

As a rule, there should be a smile or a laugh along with eye-contact. Also, a modest giggle during which a woman covers her mouth with a palm is also a sign of attraction. According to women, long eye-to-eye contacts often become noticeable to others. Not to feel awkward, the look should give way to a smile and a laugh.

3. Praises and compliments

Ladies also tend to deliver compliments to men they like. It can be quite spontaneous, in fact, it will mostly be unexpected, however, such compliments are filled with sincerity. Compliments about your looks, achievements, approval of your interests – these are all sure signs that she will not mind a private date in a more intimate setting.

4. She seems relaxed and calm

This is a very important point which allows you to find out whether or not a woman is interested in you. She should feel comfortable and relaxed with you. She won’t be afraid of laughing at your jokes, and she won’t be embarrassed to tell a joke and say nonsense herself. signs she is interested but shyIn that case, you are a couple of steps from getting laid. But if a dialogue turned out to be dry and awkward, and for all your efforts to support it and move things forwards you only hear things like, “I dunno” or “Meh?” then nothing will come out of it. You probably didn’t get her interested.

5. She wants to close the distance between you two

She starts getting closer and closer to you. She may sit down near you, trying to be as close as possible to you, she may even try to touch you. Do not think that this lack of modesty is just her being rude. This is a clear beacon of things to come.

6. During a conversation, both of you often talk about yourself, while she wonders if you have a girlfriend (wife)

Such information plays an important role for women. One woman will ask you about it directly, the other will try to avoid direct questions, and the third will start an entire independent investigation. She will definitely pay attention to whether you have a ring on your ring finger and whether there are various signs that you have a girlfriend. If you are not single now, it is better to say this to her in advance, so as not to deceive her.

7. She tries to touch you

If touching your body has become commonplace, then you’ve got her hooked. Of course, she will never act like a man, and will not be that blunt about her desire to touch you. Yet there are some female methods to do it. She may accidentally touch your knee and hold her hand on it or just gently hold your hand on a table. This is a proven signal of her sexual desire because women generally don’t like being touched by men.

8. Asking you for help

She may ask you to help her get rid of a computer virus, install a few apps on her tablet, etc. Do not hesitate, this is just a way to invite you to her place.

9. Presents and pleasant surprises

You can unexpectedly receive small gifts from her in the form of souvenirs or trinkets. Under the guise of such actions, as a rule, there is an interest in you.

10. Brings up intimate topics for conversation

If she is talking about sex, it can mean that she is either fascinated with it in general or that she thinks of you as of a potential partner. In any case, such talk is already a sure sign of her sexual desire.

The thesis of all the signals listed above is this: if a woman is very active in communicating with you, do not hesitate because she wants you. And most importantly, it is much easier to identify such women among others than to take up the conquest of another woman. Of course, if you are accustomed to conquering women and this is something that you like, go for it, do what you want. However, sooner or later a race for a woman who plays hard to get can get quite boring, and then you will certainly come back to this article. Let’s now discuss the issue of how to keep her interested.

How to Keep a Girl Interested?

It is believed that men leave their families and cheat more often than women. But due to the fact that today, independent, working, and self-fulfilling women are quite common, infidelity of a woman is not a rare phenomenon.

While being in a society, developing, and feeling some independence, she no longer feels hostage to the framework, restrictions, and beliefs that existed in society 20 years ago. If a man is interested in a relationship, he needs to make an effort to maintain the interest of such a woman to himself. It can be quite challenging, but it is worth it.

Internal qualities of a man

For a woman, it is important to feel independence and strength of character in a man. In order for her to truly admire you, look for inspiration in your goal/mission, succeed and realize yourself fully as an earner, leader, protector of your family. It is important for a woman that a man is able to provide the family with all the benefits and finances that it needs. Any person, regardless of gender, wants to live a decent, comfortable life.

Life is not a continuous series of sufferings, trials, and sacrifices, as many people believe. Life is freedom of choice and endless possibilities.

The purpose of a man is to be a leader, which means that he has to lead and help people develop, achieve success, be useful to society.

how to keep a woman interestedIn a relationship with a woman, this means to be sensitive and be able to respond to her feelings and emotions. Help her in the realization of her own goals, ambitions, dreams, and desires.

Indeed, the task facing the man is not simple: you need to have a solid core inside you in the form of will and independence. At the same time, a man must be able to “switch” to the needs of a woman in time. Such manifestations are the very actions that reflect love, respect, and admiration for a woman that you love.

External manifestations

When answering the question of how to tell if a girl is interested, it is worth noting the importance that a woman sees in the attention that she gets from a man:

  • flowers and gifts;
  • dating invitations;
  • romantic surprises, etc.

Some call as “resource investment” into a relationship. This is a very important part of working on relationships because people appreciate things in which they invest a lot of time and effort, this is the first point. Secondly, when you invest in something, this “something” develops and improves, become stronger.

If you are wondering how to keep a girl interested through texting, then it’s quite simple. Be interested in her life, ask her about her day, ask her about her job, and invite her on a date. However, as with anything, especially when it comes to relationships, don’t overdo it. Don’t be too clingy, too annoying, don’t spam her with messages on all sorts of pointless topics. Relationships need to be dynamic. Women need attention so that their love does not get stuck at the same level and does not fade away with time so that it becomes stronger and gets brighter, both in terms of aspects of physical intimacy and emotional connection with a man.

So, in conclusion, how to tell if someone is interested in you or she is just being polite? There are numerous differences that one should know, however, there may be lots of other manifestations that we haven’t mentioned. In general, the main rule that you should follow is this: if she is interested – she will show her interest, she won’t feel awkward in your presence and will seek communication with you.

How to Keep a Woman Interested?

She should feel independent, strong, yet there should always be a man by her side that will keep her safe and protected from the outside world. You should also provide her various gifts, like flowers. However, don’t overdo it because she may think that you are trying too hard to get her to love you, and it can possibly devalue the act of presenting her with gifts.

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