Most Common Relationship Deal Breakers According To Women


All people have their own virtues and shortcomings. But some character traits and behavior patterns can annoy and frighten women away. If it is still possible to come up with some features of a partner, then other qualities cannot be tolerated at all. Today, we are going to discuss the most common relationship deal breakers for a woman and consider some useful tips on how to get rid of them. So, let’s get started!

relationship deal breakers

What are deal breakers in a relationship?

A relationship deal breaker is a character trait or a particular habit of a loved one that is considered as a sign for breaking up a romantic relationship with this person. In fact, this is a partner’s trait that outweighs all the positive qualities that they possess. Of course, dating deal breakers differ from person to person and can change with the course of time on the basis of one’s own desires and needs in a particular period of life.

Do women pay attention to dating deal breakers?

What are some relationship deal breakers according to ladies? Dating deal breakers may not manifest themselves immediately; a woman can notice some unacceptable qualities in a man when their relationship has already gone far enough. In the first few months of a romantic relationship or the so-called rose and candy stage, a girl is in a state of strong enamourment and refuses to notice something bad in her partner. She can be fascinated by the man’s appearance, facial features, the voice of the partner, or some of the positive qualities of his character. But after a while, being faced with everyday life and problems, the lady starts noticing that her chosen one is far from ideal. In fact, women pay a lot of attention to relationship red flags and deal breakers, as all this puts romantic relationships at risk and can lead to unpleasant consequences in a young woman dating. But at the same time, each lady has her own relationship deal breakers list. So familiarize yourself with the most common relationship deal breakers according to women:

  • Aggressiveness, greed, apathy;
  • Lack of will, lack of spirituality, ruthlessness, insensibility, irresponsibility, shamelessness;
  • Volatility, vulgarity;
  • Leadership mania, arrogance;
  • Anger, pride, rudeness;
  • Two-facedness;
  • Insidiousness;
  • Cruelty;
  • Jealousness, vindictiveness, anger;
  • Pamperedness, inertness, childishness;
  • Moodiness, deceitfulness, proneness to conflict;
  • Falsehood, hypocrisy, flattery;
  • Cowardice, mercenariness, mistrustfulness, gloominess;
  • Cockiness, haughtiness, ignorance, nervousness, untidiness, wild mood swings.
  • Sensitivity, tunnel vision;
  • Tearfulness, shallowness, suspiciousness, illiberality;
  • Indifference, corruptness, irritability;
  • Narcissism, quarrelsomeness, ill humor;
  • Anxiety, self-exaltation;
  • Boastfulness;
  • Hardheartedness;
  • Selfishness;
  • Waspishness.

The biggest relationship deal breakerswhat are deal breakers in a relationship

Each woman has her own preferences and views on the ideal man. Therefore, it is difficult to say unequivocally what qualities a man should possess in order to build a happy relationship with a woman. However, representatives of the fair sex have some common criteria for unacceptable masculine qualities. So, let’s consider the biggest relationship deal breakers for women.

Lack of own opinion

At the beginning of a relationship, a guy’s full agreement with a female opinion can stir and touch a lady. For a woman, it is pleasant to realize that a beloved man listens to her and acts according to the prompts and advice of his girlfriend. However, over time, such an unconditional agreement begins to annoy and bore the lady for the simple reason that a man should have his own opinion and even a tough stance on some vital issues. Guys without their own opinions are not interesting for women because they are one of the categories of weak men.

Excessive suspicion and jealousy

Suspicion and jealousy are characterized by hyper-control and custody of a man towards his woman everywhere and everywhere, at home and at work. To realize the excessive suspicion, the man begins to read the personal messages of his girlfriend, looks at her phone, checks her pockets, and makes her constant calls to find out where she is and what she is doing. Such a guy is characterized by an increased sense of self-anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, pettiness, and vindictiveness. Even the most patient women looking for men online can endure such a state of affairs to a certain point of time, but then, they usually leave too suspicious and jealous men.


This is one of the most negative manifestations of a male nature that is disliked by a great number of women. This is not about situational uncertainty inherent in all people, but about persistent self-doubt, which has already become a personality feature. According to women, such a man is not able to carry his point and fight for his place in the sun. He quickly gives up, which means that in the future, he will not be able to protect the beloved people and provide for his family. Things are even worse if a self-doubt man compensates for such a personality feature by looking for negative traits in a beloved woman and constantly criticizing them. This only worsens relations with the girlfriend and dooms them to constant quarrels.

Ignoring personal boundaries

This is not only an unacceptable quality for women but also one of the most common deal breakers for guys. After all, each person needs to stay alone with oneself for a while. Some people require a lot of time for this, and for others just a half an hour a day is quite enough. If your chosen one wants to be alone, this in no way means that a loved one does not need you. If the partner keeps silent, this is not a sign that you are not interesting to your beloved. The same applies to you: no matter how enormous and sincere your love is, you should spend some time alone, sort yourself out, read books, and in no case give up hobbies that your partner does not share. Men often tend to dissolve in beloved women, but you should not act so. Of course, in one sense, you and your woman are a united body, but you are still two separate people, and each of you has the right to private life.

Low self-esteem

In the modern world, people constantly have to assert their own significance and prove something to someone. In such a tense atmosphere, the self-esteem of some men quickly depreciates, and a sense of self-worth disappears. But you should never underestimate yourself in relations with a woman: firstly, this leads to the fact that you begin to undervalue your relationships with a loved one and perceive them as a simple fortuity or the result of luckiness. Secondly, in case of facing a problem, low self-esteem deprives the man of the opportunity to find a way out of the situation.


Forgetfulness and inattentiveness are other traits that repel women. An inattentive man is constantly busy with his affairs and is not inclined to pay attention to the needs and desires of a beloved woman. Although apart from that, such a guy may be quite decent, his inattentiveness makes the woman think that she is somewhere on the periphery of his life and that in his heart, there is no worthy place for her. And more often than not, she is not mistaken. No wonder they say, "To lose a woman, the mere indifference is needed."


This is one of the top 20 relationship deal breakers for ladies. A woman instinctively feels danger in an aggressive man. Even if this aggressiveness is directed only at other people, and such a man treats a beloved woman quite well, she is never immune from aggression against her. An aggressive man is inclined to constant scandals and sorting things out; he is always dissatisfied with himself and other people. Moreover, the aggressive man does not know how to control himself or does it quite badly. In addition, a guy prone to aggression and violence is most often deprived of the ability to empathize. Women believe that casting a lot with such a person means being deeply unhappy for life.

Being emotionally distantrelationship red flags and deal breakers

An emotionally distant man cannot appreciate the feelings and emotions of a woman. He cannot laugh and rejoice, worry, or suffer together with his beloved girlfriend. And it indicates that the man is not able to share life with her and give her joy, love, and warmth. In general, this guy is extremely detached, and his communication and interpersonal skills are low. Often, this man also does not have a sense of humor. A rare lady is able to tolerate such a negative trait of a man’s character because this deprives her of happiness and all the bright colors of life.

Constant complaints about life and malicious criticism of successful people

Of course, each of us has faced with injustice at least once in a lifetime, but this is not a reason to be down in the dumps and constantly chew the rag at a girlfriend. Women do not like weak men who give up at the first failure. It is even worse if a man is inclined to sharply criticize successful people. It is better to stop complaining and start taking action to correct an unpleasant situation. Thus, you will look like a strong man who does not go with the stream of adversity and difficulties but solves problems.


A woman-hating man does not hide his real attitude towards women, making cynical and abusive comments in relation to the entire female sex in general, and towards a beloved lady in particular. This is a masculine quality that definitely causes a negative reaction in any woman. So, if you are a woman-hater, why do you even need to date girls? Just to make sure that you are right? Or do you still have the hope of finding your ideal? If you still want to find love, you should cast aside the illusions (ideal people do not exist), change yourself, and become more tolerant of the opposite sex.

How to work on deal breakers in relationships to get rid of them

Relationship deal breakers often present people with a challenge - what is more important: personal comfort or the relationship itself? The choice in favor of the second option rarely turns out to be sincere – people still secretly hope that they will be able to change a partner over time. But in reality, things are a lot more complicated. So, take a look at five helpful tips on how to work on deal breakers in relationships to get rid of them.

Identify the problem

This is the first thing you need to do to get rid of deal breakers in relationships once and for all. Think about what exactly can be considered the stumbling block in your relationship and why it appeared. Is there anything wrong with you or with your partner? Is it possible to fix the problem at all? These and other reflections will help you to elucidate the situation and sort your feelings out.

Start with yourself

One way or another, two parties are involved in a conflict. It cannot be that responsibility lies entirely with one partner, and the other is simply a victim of circumstances who cannot do anything to fix a problem at all.

For example, your partner puts a coffee cup on a white table, once again ignoring small dishes and saucers. You just imagine a round brown trace remaining in this place and begin to seethe with anger. You have several ways forward:

  • Give way to temper and tell your partner that you are sick of it all.
  • Silently offer a saucer to a loved one.
  • Just turn the blind eye to what is happening.
  • Calmly explain that you feel chagrined by those breakers in relationships

Yes, it is not you who put the ill-fated cup on the table. But it is you who choose to start a hassle or percolate in your own indignation. Of course, you are not responsible for another adult and the actions of this person but you can start changes with yourself. Try not to respond to the deal breakers aggressively, but take a few deep breaths and think about what options are open for you now. Think it over well, and only then, take an action.

Do not try to change a partner

Ideal people do not exist, and you will find both pleasant and annoying traits and habits in every person. If your beloved is a man of flesh and blood and not a phantom of the imagination, then it is completely normal that you do not like something in your partner. For better or worse, it is impossible to change another person. You should not even try to do this. You can only come to terms with this or break up a relationship with this person if you understand that it will not work out. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages and form a sober estimate of the situation and your own strengths. If you definitely do not want to end the relationship, discuss with your partner how you can change the situation for the better and try to concentrate on those positive things because of which you fell in love with this person.

Remember that showing temper, you get even angrier

It seems that if you make a remark to a person, it will put your mind at ease. But it is not always the case. Endless nagging, on the contrary, serves as a catalyst for irritation. The more you cast about the sins of your loved one in your mind, the more you seethe with anger. It happens because all this is completely unconstructive and does not lead to a solution to the problem. It will be much more effective to discuss what is happening with a partner:

  • talk about your feelings using the "I-messages:" "I get very angry when my requests are ignored," "I worry that we will not have enough money."
  • avoid accusations and criticism: "You always leave things lying around!", "You are irresponsible and think only of yourself."
  • propose a solution to the problem: “Let's make a cleaning schedule and try to follow it,” “I think it’s worth maintaining the family budget.”
  • listen carefully to the opinion of the partner and agree on a common stand.

Seek help from a specialist

It is difficult to get rid of some deal breakers in relationships without outside help. Sometimes, even a loved one is not able to help a partner in solving a problem. Therefore, do not be afraid to seek help from a specialist. Moreover, modern psychological methods and techniques help loving couples to get rid of many marriage deal breakers and strengthen romantic relationships.

Final Thoughts

Now, you are well aware of the most common relationship deal breakers for women. To say more, all the masculine qualities and habits that have been mentioned in this article can not only spoil romantic relationships but also lead to a break-up. Therefore, take into account the tips on how to work on deal breakers in relationships to get rid of them and try hard to change things for the better. We wish you to live in peace and harmony!

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