Online Dating Advice for Men


It's time for you to try online dating and discover the whole range of its advantages. It seems you have already gone to bars, chatted with women at work, in the gym and everywhere else where you could meet them. However, all your previous attempts were in vain, so you perceive online dating advice for guys as the last resort. You are ready to join the game of online dating and make every effort to succeed this time. You know strong readiness in combination with tips for online dating can do you a great favor.

online dating steps

So, below you will find online dating steps that you should take on track to achieve your main target. The mentioned tips will not only help you attract more attention but also make the best choice. If you are looking for the soulmate on the site, do not go on dates with women who don’t have serious intentions. Not everyone knows how to understand what your interlocutor is looking for, and in some cases, you can find out that only on a date in person. Nonetheless, you can avoid unpleasant dates if you do everything right. You shouldn’t choose a potential partner, basing only on the pics, but you should open their profile and carefully read all the information provided. Many guys don’t bother with studying profiles and communicating. If they like a girl, they hurry up to send a few compliments and ask her out on a date. However, if they visited the profiles, they would have studied the interests of a woman and found out that she is not interested in committed relationships. That is, the woman is not looking for her soulmate on the site, she is interested in one-night stands. The same goes for you, it’s extremely important to do your best to highlight your ideas and attract worthy women.

How to Start Online Dating for Men

Many people have created families precisely thanks to dating sites. And nobody knows whether they could have found their soulmates without the Internet or not. The older a person becomes, the more difficult it is for them to find a decent partner who will meet their expectations and with whom there will be that notorious chemistry. Anyway, before you despair and stop trying to meet girl online and find your happiness, you need to understand that you should do your utmost to not regret later that you didn’t even try. So, the very first thing you should do is to figure out your goals and choose a dating site that will help satisfy your needs.

Step 1: Creating a Dynamic Profile

If you don’t want to waste your time on looking through numerous profiles as well as searching for the person who will have alike interests, hobbies or religion, then you should pay attention to the sites that use special algorithms. You will be offered to fill in some questionnaires, so your answers will be used to find your perfect match who will already share your tastes and views. And if you want to increase your chances to meet your soulmate, you can use several dating sites with different approaches at the same time, but don’t register on too many sites since you’re a rookie in that process. Give yourself time to get used to dating platforms. How to write an online dating profile? If you want to get a required result, you should rather advertise your personality than to make demands on a potential partner. Be yourself but be interesting. Remember that when you create your profile, women do not care about photos of your ex-girlfriend, it is not a ladies gallery.

They don’t want to see a lot of information about how you like to play video games or watch sports. Show them something interesting, what you like to do: what you do in your free time, at work, when you go to classes, how you have fun with your friends, etc. About 75% of your profile should contain information that will allow a potential partner to get to know you a bit better while another 25% can be about things that you would like to see in your partner. By the way, you should choose only high-quality pics that give a chance to see your face and avoid group pics as well as ones in which your face is covered by an accessory.

online dating for menStep 2: Browsing Your Matches

Pay attention to the profiles whose owners have also devoted time to fulfilling them with information. It doesn’t matter whether you have run into such profiles yourself or you have been provided with them by the smart system, you should always give priority to the profiles that are written in detail. Profiles that don’t provide you with any personal information hint you that their owners are not that much interested in connection on a higher level. The more information you can find out from a profile, the higher the chances are that you will meet the right person. And if you have special criteria that can become decisive factors in choosing a life partner, for example, you cannot live with a person who is drinking alcohol or eating meat, then you should start with that factors, removing such people from the list of potential partners. Define the most crucial factors that can become a stumbling block in the future, and adhere to that list, it shouldn’t be too long or extremely specific, otherwise, you can miss a chance to get acquainted with someone special. The same goes for the age of your potential partner.

You should decide how old they should be within a certain age group. Try to do your best to not evaluate your date, adding them additional scores or giving that scores away. Yes, there is high temptation to do that and then choose the “winner” with the maximal number of scores, but things don’t work this way. When it is about personal relationships, you should better listen to your gut than to choose the partner by figures that mean nothing after all. And if you are not in a serious relationship, don’t focus only on one person, communicate with different people, thus you will be able to increase your chances of success.

Step 3: Messaging Your Match

Don’t forget to be on your guard all the time even if you are communicating with the most beautiful girl you have ever met. The Internet is full of different scammers and fraudsters who want to use you for their profit. Of course, it is rather an exception to the rule, and many people are looking for their partners, but sometimes even the smartest people get into the trap of the advanced liars. So, you should always listen to your gut and not ignore signs there is something wrong with online dating for men. For example, a person insists on offline meeting even though you are not ready for it, or they try to find out your personal information, crossing the line with non-permissible questions. If something seems wrong to you, you can always conduct your investigation, checking their photos on the Internet. It can turn out that they have numerous profiles on dating sites under different names.

Well, when you are ready to send your first message, you should make it short and welcoming, and you should ask some question. If you didn’t communicate with a person before, then make sure your message doesn’t exceed 45 words. To come up with a perfect icebreaker, you should study the girl’s profile and choose something to ask about. On the Internet, you can find many different “how to start a conversation online dating examples.” Double-check whether you have written the girl’s name correctly, otherwise, you will have no chances at all. If you get a message, don’t delay responding. The sooner you will send the catchy answer, the clearer it will be that you are interested in communication.

Online Dating Advice for Men

Most men who are looking for tips on how to succeed at online dating just want to get advice on how to break the ice online dating and finally start communicating with women. You should understand that even if you have a great profile and you come up with a great starter for a woman you have found on a dating site, she may not respond. There are many reasons why this is so but do not take it personally. You should understand that hundreds of guys, or even more, can send messages to her every day, so if she looks at your profile and does not answer, just go ahead.

But anyway, do not use the same phrases many times since on the one hand, if you found that message on the Internet, there are high chances the girl has already got it. On the other hand, it is still possible that some girls are friends, so you will not look from the best side. In addition to the below-mentioned tips, it is possible to say that the most important ones are as follows: be original, be yourself, and be patient.

1. Do not send her your naked photos if she hasn’t asked you

Please note that many women don’t appreciate the "nudity" of men who are trying hard to impress them with their bodies. It's great that you love your physical strengths, but your specific anatomy should never be a way to charm a woman who interests you on a dating site. Such veiled compliments to your irresistible beauty, are unlikely to amaze your chosen one. So, to send the pics in which you are naked or even half-naked without prior request is almost the worst thing you can do. By the way, it’s a great way to become blacklisted.

2. Don’t lie at all

Do you know what attracts women in men when they are looking for committed relationships? They are attracted by sincerity, openness, and genuineness, so an attempt to be different will not work out, and a woman is unlikely to take the bite. Researchers have studied online profiles on dating sites for a long time, and they have found out that the lower a man’s self-esteem and opinion of his attractiveness are, the more likely he will not upload his photos or he will lie about his physical data (height, weight, age). It’s unclear what is the point here since such deception cannot last long.

3. Do not turn off your emotions

Everybody is aware that a man is less emotional than a woman, but ironically, she wants to see, hear and feel exactly your emotions. Women establish a connection and begin to feel chemistry just through communication and expression of feelings. If you want to impress her, then you should at least sometimes talk about things that upset you, disturb you or, on the contrary, please and inspire, so that she knows that you can feel something and somehow react. You know girls cannot live without emotions, so a person who shows nothing can frighten them away.

4. Do not brag about your income

On the one hand, everyone knows and understands that stable income and financial independence are very sexy qualities, nevertheless, on the other hand, frank bragging about your financial status is inappropriate. If you are trying to impress some worthy woman, then she probably knows that a lot of money is neither the equivalent nor a guarantee of a happy and healthy relationship. Money is not the thing with which you can drive a woman crazy and make her sincerely fall in love with you. You will rather attract her attention with your confidence and ability to manage finances rationally. But don’t forget that everything should be in moderation since girls don’t like greedy men.

5. Do not demonstrate the lack of goals

Even if you got her attention, it isn’t the finish even if it had been your original goal. Every woman is also interested in whether you know how to plan and see your future. A woman can even think about what role she can play in your future. If you show her that you don’t have special goals, that you prefer to lazily go with the flow and don’t want anything because you feel great with what you have, then all your previous efforts will be in vain. Women cannot stand men who are not striving for anything. You should remember that making a positive impression is not always easy, so the first thing you should do is to remain yourself and try to show your best qualities, but do not overdo or put on a mask of a personality that you are not.

6. Pay attention to your conversations

Your feelings about a woman can be a powerful indicator of whether the time has come to move the relationship to the offline world and whether it is worth inviting her out on a date. Preliminary online conversations may give you some clues. If the girl’s answers, glances, and reactions make you feel somehow creepy, then leave everything as it is. If everything suits you and makes you feel curiosity, then choose the right moment and offer a meeting. On the other hand, if a girl is sincerely interested in learning more about you, or if she has mentioned that she is ready for a serious relationship, your chances of success are higher. The main thing is to neither rush nor push events. Girls try to avoid boys who seem unsafe or intrusive.

how to write an online dating profile7. Specify her preferences before offering any kind of joint activity in real life

Of course, you don’t want to be rejected just because you have suggested some activity that she doesn’t like. Imagine if you ask her to watch a movie that a girl simply does not want to see. She will come up with an excuse, for example, she may tell that she has a deadline at work, and you will not meet. First, you should find out whether she has free time. If she is interested in your communication, she will most likely tell you about her schedule, and you will be able to arrange a joint event. You should have a few options up your sleeve, so you have something to offer.

8. Discuss possible topics for a date

You may feel that you do not know what the girl would like to do on a date, and you are not sure whether you will be able to find something decent on the Internet. Discussing topics is a great way to improve your chances for success. For example, you can talk about movies and food, and doing that you can learn a little more about her preferences. When a girl is interested in a certain topic, you can use this as an “instruction” and talk about a meeting. Imagine that she has told you in detail about how much she loves pistachio ice cream and modern theater. It’s a great reason to invite her to an interesting performance and then enjoy ice cream. Does online dating work for men? Definitely yes if you don’t miss opportunities.

9. Get rid of fears

Very often, fears are the root cause of why we make poor decisions. Fear of being single and alone forever can easily convince you that the person you are dating online with is the best option for you. However, subconsciously you know that you do not fit each other in many moments. In other words, fear can make you turn a blind eye to some unpleasant things, and this can lead to serious problems in the future. Do not be involved in online dating with a person just because of fear of loneliness. It is much better to be alone than to be in an unhealthy relationship with someone you cannot call your ideal partner. There are so many other options on the dating sites, just don’t focus only on one person.

10. Take a break before entering into commitments

Commitment takes a relationship to a completely different level. Sometimes tenderness and “high” feelings at the beginning of a new relationship can convince you to make some serious decisions. However, do not rush, but carefully consider the consequences that alike decision will lead to. You should consider a lot of things. Think about your career, social and personal life. If a new relationship can adversely affect any of these areas, then you should be sure they are worth the sacrifice.

If You Want to Seem Sincere in Correspondence, Do Not Put a Dot at the End of the Sentence

Since talks on dating sites are devoid of many non-verbal signals, we cannot evaluate the tone of the interlocutor, their voice, facial expression. So, we have to compensate for this with emoticons, exclamation marks or Caps Lock. As a result of many psychological studies, it was confirmed that the dot at the end of the sentence is perceived by most people as something unpleasant. The interlocutor is immediately perceived as an angry or annoyed person, and this reduces the desire to communicate with them. Nonetheless, the answers without a dot were regarded as more sincere and truthful, and this is a nice bonus. So, is online dating worth it for men? Oh, yes.

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