Subtle Ways to Break the Touch Barrier


Do you know that the success of a man among women largely depends on whether he can correctly overcome the touch barrier? It is very important to be able to feel the moment when a girl is ready to reduce the distance and let a man embrace and kiss her. But keep in mind: in the matter of conquering women’s hearts, the desire to accelerate the development of relations can spoil everything. If a girl is not ready to have ties with you, you can get a strong rebuff and your relationship will end. Of course, no girl directly will tell you that she expects hugs and kisses from a man. Although carefully watching the behavior of a girl, you can easily feel when it’s time to act.

what is the touch barrier

What is the touch barrier?

Delightful moments associated with the beginning of dating or relationships are known to many. We want to experience them again and again. Perhaps, this is the most beautiful time, yet not overshadowed by quarrels, resentments, misunderstandings, and jealousy. However, a dark shadow can come to this bright time as well. And its name is the embarrassment. How annoying it is when stupid, inappropriate restraint makes it difficult to enjoy communication with a person we like. And most importantly, nothing can be done about it. Or is it still possible?

Any embarrassment comes from self-doubt. If a man shows embarrassment in front of a girl, then a girl, most likely, will not be entirely sure of his masculinity or that this masculinity will not suffer from some of her words and actions. Therefore, he tries not to say and do anything superfluous (in his opinion).

Of course, there are shy people by their nature. However, fear of touch is known to the absolute majority of men, but many have managed to overcome it. And when meeting a girl, they are able to be calm and confident. When a young man thinks about whether to touch a girl or not, a lot of likely pessimistic scenarios are scrolled in his head, which can become a real result of an unsuccessful attempt to touch and such thoughts drive up melancholy and despondency. Guys are afraid that girls will refuse them, laugh at them, and so on. They think it’s terrible to get into a ridiculous situation and look like jerks. But in fact, this is only a manifestation of the internal attitude to the event because, in reality, it doesn’t matter to a girl who likes a particular guy whether he is shy or not. But in order to attract a girl, you should be self-confident at least on the first date. So, we will write you some tips on how to break the touch barrier if you are insecure.

How to break the touch barrier with a shy girl

A relationship between a man and a woman is a difficult thing, especially in the early stages of the development. A girl by definition is more modest and shy. So, she can be shy about a guy. The reasons for this can be many, each case is individual. Every guy who has ever met a shy girl, always asked a logical question: what if a girl is embarrassed? However, girls are inherently sensitive. This means that the tactile channel of perception in them dominates over sight, hearing, and other feelings.

how to break the touch barrier with a shy girl Bodies of women are covered by a much larger number of receptors than bodies of men. In certain places, which are called erogenous zones, there are more of these receptors. Touching means the manifestation of feelings and care for women. The touch of a loved one allows a girl to feel welcome and increase her self-esteem, create a feeling of peace and well-being. It is impossible to communicate correctly with a woman without gentle touches. They not only support the emotional connection but also establish it and develop it. That’s why many experts recommend touching a woman as soon as possible.

In a pick-up practice, there is the notion of the so-called pyramid of touches. It means a gradual transition from socially acceptable and permissible touches to more intense and unambiguous, ending with petting and sex. All this, of course, doesn’t happen immediately. This approach allows you not to frighten off a girl while setting and increasing a good tactile contact with her. Here are the main subtle ways to break the touch barrier:

1. Friendly touch. You should touch a woman as if she is your friend. The main target of the touch is her shoulders.

2. Intentional touches. You can brush off a speck of dust from her clothes, remove a fallen eyelash from her face, touch her dress and say something good about its color and texture. An invitation to dance, hug or stroking on the back is also relevant at this point.

3. Supportive touch. Sit next to her, stroke her on the back, touch girl’s hair, neck, and embrace. She will be very pleased.

4. On the way to kiss. By this stage, she should accustom to your caress. And you have to feel self-confident to stroke and embrace her. For example, when a date is almost over, you can take her beautiful fingers in your hand and kiss her. It is done. You have discovered a path to something good with this girl. If you once stay alone with her, your hands will turn such touches into kisses and petting, which, according to your desire, can turn into sex. Remember that touches are important for establishing and maintaining a relationship with a woman. Women, as a rule, like it when they are touched even if they are shy. So, use it.

How to overcome the first date touch barrier

If your romantic relationship is at the initial stage and you have a problem with how to overcome the touch barrier, here are some useful tips:

1. Charm a girl. You can afford to touch a girl even at the initial stage of a romantic relationship, but your touch should look random and unintentional. And by the way a girl reacts to your touch, you can understand how close she is. For example, when you walk together, ask a lady to take you by the arm. This is a very good way to check how she treats you and whether she likes to touch you. If a girl gladly takes you by the arm, you will have the chance to go a little further in overcoming the touch barrier. If she makes an attempt to step back from you, then she is not yet ready for intimacy with you.

2. Find a reason to touch her. If a girl has something new on her hands (a new manicure, a ringlet, a bracelet), take her by the hand under the pretext that you want to look closer at it. Doing so, your touch has to be tender and gentle. Thus, your feelings through the skin will certainly be passed on to your lady!

3. Don’t let her feel cold. When you feel that a lady starts shivering from the cold and there are goosebumps on her skin, then don’t lose the chance to warm her by yourself! You can warm her up in many ways. The first way: take her frozen fingers in your hands and breathe on them with your hot breath. The second way: put on your outerwear on a girl and simultaneously, hug her.

4. Proceed to the next level. If a girl doesn’t break away while you are touching her and it is clear that your touch is pleasant to her, then go straight to the next stage of overcoming the touch barrier. Begin to act bolder, but at the same time, be sensitive not to frighten and anger a girl.

5. Massage different parts of her body. If you decide to continue a date at home, then everything will depend on you. Don’t be afraid. Give her massage, for example. Massage her shoulders, hands, and back. By the expression of the girl’s face, you can see what touches are especially pleasant to her. If a lady shows you that she is not against a contact, you can start touching her breasts or buttocks. However, don’t try to be an alpha male if you don’t know whether you can end it correctly.

first date touch barrier  6. Kiss. Kiss each finger, palm – by this, you will gradually overcome the touch barrier. Then start kissing her shoulders, neck, and face. If a girl doesn’t begin to resist, go to more intimate kisses, try kissing her on the lips and breast. But if you feel that a lady tries to end it, then don’t torture her!

7. Embrace. Hug your loved one and try to feel whether she comes closer to you. If she is not against it, then the touch barrier will never be your problem anymore!

How to break the touch barrier with a guy

If you are a young lady, then there is nothing strange if you are afraid to be first to show your liking and touch the guy you want to date. Guys also feel fear at the beginning of dating. This is normal. But you need to understand that if you don’t show initiative, then you may regret it. What are you afraid of? Probably, that a guy will consider you intrusive? Yes, the fear of rejection is difficult to overcome, but until you decide to touch a guy that you like, you never know if he has feelings for you. Is it right? So, we need to act! To ensure that your touch doesn’t look like a rude harassment of a young man, try to do it unobtrusively.

How to touch a guy if you are very shy

Try to just stay a little closer to him. Reduce the distance between you and sometimes penetrate into his personal space. There can be so many reasons for this! For example, if you are sitting side by side, then move closer.

Show him your affection. If you want to pass him something, hold your hand in his hand as you don’t want to let him go. Hug him more often. Although men seem strong, they still want female affection and warmth. That’s why you can’t go wrong if you hug him over and over.

Whisper something in his ear. In a noisy place, come closer to say something in his ear. We are sure that you yourself can find an excuse to touch him. All this is completely normal activities and it is unlikely that he may decide that you are sticking to him. But, if he likes you too, he will subconsciously linger in your personal space and touch you in return.

Watch his reaction. If you see that he himself is willingly moving towards you, taking your hand, hugging you for a long time at a meeting, then you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Take his hand while walking together. Don’t be shy that other people will see it. It’s perfectly normal if a couple is holding hands, it is absolutely decent and understandable to any person. If you want a slightly more intimate touch, then pass your fingers along his neck. Finally, if you don’t know what he likes, then just ask!

So, what did you learn from this article? Let’s sum up. Touching is absolutely normal and even strangers sometimes touch each other, without noticing it. Touching doesn’t have to be too erotic. Even an unobtrusive hand touch can be enough to show a person that you like him or her. There are a lot of reasons to touch a person you like but they are completely innocent. You will be able to understand if your loved one has feelings for you by the reaction. And if you’re already dating a guy or a girl, then don’t be shy to touch him/her without any reason. Don’t worry that he or she will think bad about you – any touch, most likely, will be nice to your partner. Don’t be afraid to take the first step and ask your soulmate about their desires and then everything will turn out well for you. Good luck in a relationship!

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