Busting Myths about Russian Women


We like to invent all kinds of fables about those who are not like us. This is sad but true. And no matter what it is: sex, color, or cultural differences. The last point comes to the fore when speaking of relationships. How many Russian women stereotypes can you hear! How many terrible stories about the habits of foreign women can be heard in a bar where men share bad experiences ... but we are not one of them. We hope you are not either. Therefore, our article is for a noble cause: to dispel doubts and refute the Russian girls stereotypes. We hope that the obtained information will allow you to overcome all the ridiculous, invented-by-men obstacles that you can face on the way to your personal happiness.


False Stereotypes about Russian Girls

A lot of untruthful information about Russian girls has spread abroad. Firstly, because many Western men are looking for brides among Russians. Secondly, because ladies from distant Russia also dream of marrying a wealthy American or European man. There is also a third reason: there are many fraudsters who hunt for money among Russian women. They are guilty of creating a negative image of foreign women and false myths about Russia. But it's all clear with this sort of people.


We just want to ruin false stereotypes. Here they are:

1. Russian girls are rude. A very common misconception in the West. In fact, everything is different. Russian girls are friendly, polite, and easy to contact. You will have to do your best to cause a negative reaction to your person. This myth about Russian women emerged due to the fact that in public places Russians prefer to wear a mask of seriousness, alienation, and sometimes even rudeness.

2. All Russian girls dream of marrying a foreigner and leaving their country. One of the most popular myths about Russian girls. In fact, this is not true. Russian girls prefer marrying their compatriots rather than foreigners. And not everyone dreams of leaving Russia forever. If Russian women manage to find a decent job and create a family in their homeland, they will do so in most cases.brunet

3. All beautiful Russian girls are blondes. Another common Russian stereotype. And many men from all over the world think so. However, there are a lot of brunettes and a brown-haired woman among Russian beauties. It will be wrong to call the blonde color a national Russian feature nowadays.

4. Russian girls are only interested in home and family. Yes, they have a very developed and strong sense of family. And it's just wonderful, isn't it? But their interests in life do not end at that point. Russian girls like to read classic literature; they are well versed in cinema and never mind having fun. They are able to party not worse than to cook and clean the house. Stereotypes about Russian women are really funny!

5. Russian women cannot live without makeup. Indeed, these ladies could not go to the store to buy some milk without wearing a full makeup until recently. However, now, the trends have changed and this attitude towards cosmetics is a sign of a bad taste even in Russia. Totally false stereotype about Russian girls.

6. Russian women are excessively strict with children. This is also a relic of the past. Today, Russian mothers are more modern and enjoy using the latest achievements in the field of psychology and behavioral therapy in the upbringing of children.

Stereotypes about Russian Women that Make Sense

Of course, some stereotypes about dating Russian women are true. But we know them in an exaggeratedly sense. And this is again the fault of the most unlucky peasants from the bar we mentioned in the introduction. Here's what you can really say about Russian women:

1. Appearance does not always suit the situation. Nobody knows why Russian girls prefer to dress like supermodels even when they go to walk a dog. But they really do so.

2. Russian girls prefer to be weak. To be honest, they just pretend to be weak. It`s because the attitude towards the role of men and women in the family in Russia is absolutely unambiguous. You will always be the boss, and she is your subordinate in a good sense of such a relationship. Dating Russian girls is pretty simple from that point.

3. Russian girls do not go for independence. Feminist propaganda is not so strong in Russia and Eastern Europe as it is in the West. This is evident from the behavior of girls. Judge for yourself whether it's good or bad.

We all need to understand that stereotypes rarely have anything in common with real life. Your thoughts about Russian women for dating should be based on your own experience. You have to decide for yourself whether you like that girl and whether you want to have a relationship with her but not the myths that people like to tell each other so much.


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I know many students from Russia. They are all very similar both in appearance, and in the way they talk about the future, and in what kind of men they choose for themselves.
13.02.2020 08:15
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