10 Texting Mistakes Most Guys Make


Texting girls is sometimes a real puzzle for guys, especially if a man lacks confidence in himself, has a low self-esteem and a small vocabulary. Girls like energetic, interesting interlocutors, who can surprise with their charisma, and not necessarily look handsome or fit. Therefore, here is our texting girls guide.

texting girls

Texting etiquette in 2018

Texting a girl should feel easy and natural. If you are not sure about your communication skills and feel embarrassed, choose the right topic to talk over. It should distract the girl from you and focus attention on the talk. This subject can be a book, a smartphone, a dog, etc. If you cannot think about any items nearby, you can talk about eternal topics: music, literature, sports, work, study, philosophical questions. The main thing to remember is that the beginning of online texting with a girl should not develop into an interrogation.

The experience of guys communicating with girls in our texting girls guide shows that the conversation should be lively and easy. Therefore, we recommend telling something about yourself first, about your interests, preferences, and then wonder about the attitude of the young lady to the same things. If you plan to communicate with this girl in the future, try to teach her something new, something she does not know. In general, show imagination; think of what this girl can be curious about, what would she love to learn. You can ask both about her real life and about her fantasies, thoughts, dreams. You are likely to cause interest in the girl because people rarely are interested in her dreams.

If you experience a pause during the conversation, an awkward silence, then switch to another topic. Pauses are not so scaring when speaking about texting. Still, do not leave it without attention. Do not cut the texting process just because of the pause. Do not leave her for too long. It is better to end the conversation and say goodbye if you are heading somewhere and will be off for like half an hour.

How to continue communication with a girl observing texting etiquette? So, you made a good impression during your chat with this girl. Do not stop but try to continue the conversation. Make the conversation feel pleasant, easy, and friendly. The problem for many guys is that they often make dozens of mistakes like texting dirty or being arrogant, not to mention grammar, spelling and other texting mistakes guys make. The correct communication includes the ability to build sentences correctly, feel confident, positive, and show your sense of humor. If a guy is unable to say two words, then he, probably, should not count on the continuation of the relationship. Girls do not like boring, insecure guys with poor vocabulary. This does not mean that you have to act around in front of a girl like a clown, but you have to be truly interested in continuing your relationship.

Texting mistakes guys make with girls are essential in online dating because you will not save the day showing your stylish clothes or taking her to a fancy restaurant. Well, at least not in the very beginning. The ability to communicate is the main ingredient in the relationship between a man and a woman. Correct communication with the girl includes knowledge of do’s and don’ts in communication with the females.

Texting a girl: do's and don'ts

All men know that there are certain rules of decency in communication, which should not be violated, in order to appear before women in the best light ever.

Correct communication with the girl includes the following:

  • stay positive (if the girl is tired, then the negative from you will kill her, but the positive that you give her will serve as a trigger for your further chatting and meeting);
  • stay manly (do not complain about life, friends, boss, solve problems on your own and do not be afraid of responsibility);
  • behave proudly and confidently;texting etiquette
  • stay confident (practice texting to several women simultaneously - this will give you the required experience of communication, and will give your girlfriend a sense of competition, as well as the desire to get to know you better and meet for real);
  • compliment your lady (be attentive to appearance, hairstyle - every girl will appreciate it. Just keep in mind that a compliment should go from the heart);
  • learn to listen and hear (do wonder what to tell and ask - she will tell everything you want to know without asking if you give her that chance and listen carefully. It's their favorite business: talking about themselves - just listen, support the conversation with questions so that she sees interest in your texts);
  • actively communicate, so that you can see the joy and a dozen of emojis;
  • develop yourself, read a lot - a wide outlook will make you an erudite and interesting interlocutor;
  • take her phone number;
  • do NOT cut the conversation until the moment when both of you get bored; the same applies to meetings;
  • do NOT chase after the woman (women quickly lose interest in those men who chase after them);
  • do NOT cease to amaze (give unusual gifts, which the girl haven’t even seen, do not forget about simple flowers – just order the delivery to her office and make her day);
  • do NOT ask a lot of questions in a row;
  • do NOT discuss other women. This is one of the most popular of all texting mistakes guys make.

If you chat awkwardly, then you are the one to blame. Try to talk about the girl herself, take an interest in her life, plans for the future. Never lie, do not exaggerate, especially if you intend to continue the relationship in the future. Respond with emojis, they are a very important element in texting, as you cannot see or show facial expressions. It is also good to analyze your previous mistakes. Make a list of your 10 deadly texting mistakes and do your best to avoid them. Besides, you may pick up some funny texting mistakes and put them into comments below.

Texting pickup lines

So, you appointed your first date, which you fear severely. As a mandatory start before going further it is important to make a good impression, and in order for the triumph to take place, take note of the following examples of pickup lines for communication with the girl on the first date:

  • talk about yourself, because the girl does not know anything about you, note your achievements or what you do best in life, but so that it does not look like you are bragging about it. Never talk about troubles, as well as failures, you have to impress her as a successful person and not a loser;
  • talk about her, girls like it when guys are interested in their life; you can recall common acquaintances, talk about travel, animals, and plans;
  • learn about each other, giving the opportunity to speak out;
  • talk about childhood and all that is related to child's experience - girls love such memories.

Phrases should be simple and pronounced naturally. We have seen the worst texting mistakes ever made by cool guys. Do not be too confident and stay attentive.

Dirty texting examples

Technology progress made it possible for a person to easily get acquainted, communicate, and make virtual acquaintances real. Currently, women are spoiled by the current attention on the Internet: nice texts, trivial phrases, so you have to be an experienced guy to get her attention.

One of the 10 deadly texting mistakes I used to make was typing dirty messages too soon (I scared away about a dozen of potential girlfriends). Dirty texting ideas are good only if they are appropriate.

  • I’ll make you beg. I’ll fuck you until you can’t feel your legs. Whisper in your ear to cum for me, while you dig your nails into my back.
  • I wanna trace soft patterns over your skin, I want to memorize every single perfect inch of your body and fuck you until you forget your name.
  • I’ll whisper dirty into your ear when your hands are behind your back and my cock pushing up against you.

So, you have got engaged in texting, but there is a desire to meet for real. The main thing is not to delay, because according to statistics, if virtual communication lasts for two months, then it is unlikely that it will someday become real, which may be very frustrating for both sides.

Good virtual communication does not mean it will necessarily continue in real life. The first real meeting with a virtual date is a crucial moment that needs preparation. However, even being emotionally ready for a date, you should keep in mind that real-life communication is much more difficult, therefore it is necessary to adhere to certain rules. texting girls you likeThe main impression about a person is formed quickly enough, during 20 minutes of conversation, and this will show whether you two have any future or not. Therefore, try to show your emotions sincerely, look into the eyes of the interlocutor, and behave confidently. The beginning of the conversation can be prepared in advance, for example, what you learned from virtual communication can be developed in the conversation. The main thing is to be at ease, cheerful, and avoid dirty sex topics. Avoid talking about past love, illnesses, failures, problems at work. Call her by name - this will help establish a subconscious connection between you. Do not neglect it.

Be confident and honest during the first date - this will be the key to your success. Remember that every man is worthy of those women he desires, the main thing is to know how to do it right! Let these words give you the confidence to achieve your goal.

Texting mistakes

Dear friend, any examples of texting with a girl are always given in order to show that in general, it does not really matter what to type about. If you start the talk with the words “Rum-pum-pum”, the result will be no worse than if you say “Hello, Goddess.”

Simple phrases, which show no sign of searching and learning them by heart, will have a greater effect than beautiful quotations showing that you are interested in that girl.

  1. If you are convinced that there are some magic phrases, then:
  2. You are deeply mistaken, and your skills in the field of texting girls you like are yet to improve.
  3. You waste valuable time searching for an illusion.

You should get rid of the wrong settings. If you think that it is difficult to get acquainted with the girls, it will be difficult for you. But in reality, it's a very easy, fun and interesting process.

In addition, do not forget that the purpose of texting is to take the phone number, not to win her heart. Your purpose is to pick those girls you want to get to know more. It is believed that starting a chat with the trivial “Hey there! How are you?” is a failure scheme. However, from my experience, it works.

Besides, if you write her “Hello, how are you?”, and get a short “Good”, “Fine”, “Excellent”, “Super” in return, do not write anything else to her. An adequate answer, which includes smiles and similar questions, shows that she is interested in the development of communication. Value your time – do not chase after those who are not interested.

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I really like to text girls. I like to write a lot and use emoji. This is like a type of flirting via messages. So exciting...
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