10 Tips to Impress a Russian Girl


You don’t need to look like Brad Pitt or ride a Maserati to impress a Russian girl. Such things will almost never work. First of all, you need to know how to make her feel special. However, it may be not so easy.


Is It Really That Necessary to Impress a Girl?

Do you really have to impress a Russian girl? Yes! Gifts, surprises, and signs of attention are very important for women and they are necessary for a number of reasons:

  1. To feel loved and desired, to know that they are not indifferent to you. After all, the signs of attention are made only by those who love. Thus, you show your love. 
  2. Different signs of attention raise self-esteem of women. Such moments make girls proud of themselves.
  3. Gifts and attention signs make their life brighter, more diverse, and more pleasant. Not only women enjoy gifts: their joy passes to men and they also rejoice with their better halves. Do you agree that life is much more boring without surprises?
  4. They want to share this with friends and brag about it. Perhaps not all men know it, but women tell each other about the gifts they received from their husbands. And they not only talk but also actively share this information in social networks.

So, we think that it is obvious why men have to impress women.

Things That Might Impress a Russian Girl

How to impress a woman? Millions of men are tormented by this issue and literally rack their brains. It would seem that all methods have already been invented, and another romantic impulse might not cause delight of a Russian girl. But don’t give up! There are 10 clever ways to impress a lady.

1. Tell her a unique compliment

If you want a girl to feel special and lose her head, then you must let her feel that she is not just “the next goal.” Dating a Russian girl, let her know that you think she's unusual, tell her about her unique features. Tell her that she has amazing freckles, a good sense of humor, a fantastic laugh, or the most incredible sense of style that you have ever seen.

2. Do morning surprises

What could be more pleasant for a woman than waking up not because of an alarm clock, but from a gentle kiss, breakfast in bed, and so on and so forth! Also, if she comes to work and finds in her purse a note with pleasant words— it will be very surprising.

3. Show a little insanity

You can have a romantic dinner but in an unexpected place: on the roof of the house, by the lake, or where the panorama of the city can be viewed. Let the evening be filled with romance, tenderness, and attention to your woman.

4. Surprise your girl with a variety of activities

A girl will be pleasantly surprised and even bewildered if a guy, walking with her somewhere in the park, asks her to dance. If there are also friends nearby, then you can surprise a Russian woman even more. Walking with a girl, you can stop and give her a kiss while a friend should put a beautiful rose in your hand. And you will give her that rose after the kiss. Believe me that it will be absolutely unexpected. Any girl just melts from such a romantic act.

5. Give an unusual gift

If you can’t give expensive gift, then surprise a girl with a pleasant one, give her something unusual:

  • Make a collage of your joint photos, decorating it with the help of everything you have;
  • Make a beautiful picture in any photo editor and write a romantic verse, even if it is not your own;
  • Bring a lot of balloons and put inside sweet notes with compliments for a girl.

6. Do something unusual

As a means of impressing a Russian girl, you can write a poem or music, learn to dance or learn something unusual and useful.


7. Buy a trip for two

What can be more surprising and more pleasant for a woman! A romantic trip, new impressions and a loved one nearby… Perhaps a man will fulfill his lady's cherished dream.

8. Help her in an awkward situation

We mean strange behavior towards her from another guy in an awkward situation. You should understand when it is necessary to rush to rescue her, and when this quarrel should remain on the conscience of those two. Remember that any girl will appreciate if you help in time.

9. Learn how to keep a conversation

It is bad when a man can’t say even two words. After all, you know that the most sensitive erogenous zone of a girl is ears. Do you suffer from constant failures in love? Perhaps, this is due to the fact that you don’t know how to speak beautifully. Learn, learn, and learn because it can affect the first impression.

10. Show your awareness

Learn more about the interests of a girl, learn what she likes. Doing so, you will have common topics for conversation. This will help make a good impression on her.

What May Not Impress a Russian Lady

It can be that a man is really handsome but girls don’t even look in his direction. Why does this happen? There are some things that women don’t like. It's difficult to please everyone, but if you can’t win the heart of some lady, then try to work on yourself. Sometimes you need to reconsider your habits and character traits.

1. Dirty words

It is impossible to communicate with a young man who can’t speak without using swear words. This is very unpleasant when 9 out 10 words are rude and it really repels normal girls from men. You can communicate with friends as you want, but you need to express your thoughts correctly when you are with a girl. Your speech should be “a pleasant song” for your lady and make her smile.

2. Very high self-esteem

Arrogance may put off a girl.  After all, it is unpleasant to be near a person who feels like a center of the universe. A girl begins to feel unnecessary with such man. So, try to give all your attention to her.

Boring_Date3. Neglect of hygiene

You shouldn’t be handsome, but nobody prevents you from taking care of yourself. Girls can’t stand men who don’t attend a barbershop on time, don’t use deodorant, and don’t wash clothes. Dating Russian women, you should smell good, be shaven, and dressed only in clean clothes. Remember that socks with holes or a bad smell from your mouth can cross out all your efforts.

4. Irresponsibility

 This feature of your character simply destroys all the girl's hopes for a future family life with you. After all, you, as a man, simply have to take responsibility for your actions. Girls like strong and confident guys.

5. Bad manners

Women soberly assess potential life partners. And if a person doesn’t respond to the idea of a real man, then woman’s interest decreases. For example, many women hate when representatives of the stronger sex are not able to control their physiological impulses. They burp, scratch different parts of their bodies, pick their noses, yawn with open mouths, and do many other things — all this can put an end to your relationship. Even if it seems to you that they don’t see it, don’t be mistaken: women see much more than you think.

6. Attention to other girls

This makes them very angry. They become jealous and can’t understand you. After all, why do you need someone else when you are with a girl? So, try not to look at other girls or learn how to hide it.

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