5 Ways to Have an Incredible First Date


No matter how many first dates you’ve had, you never know how your next first date will end. It can be an ordinary date but it can also become a starting point for something bigger and more serious.

Incredible First Date

Why First Dates Are So Important for Further Development of Your Relationship

Although you already know the person you’re going out with (at least a bit), your first date is your opportunity to get to know her better and make a good long-lasting impression. You might not think about it but every couple had their first date that marked the beginning of their relationship.

If you really like a particular girl and want to win her heart, you should do it on your first day. According to some experts, one date is not enough to understand whether this person could be your potential partner. First dates are nerve-racking and very often our nervousness prevents us from making the right impression on our dates. But you should remember that you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression, so gather yourself together and win her heart.

There are three main goals you should set going on a date: to impress your date, to get to know her better, and secure a second date if you feel the mutual attraction. You should also try to understand whether your date has the qualities you’re looking for in women and whether she’s the right woman for building a relationship with. All this you can find out during the first-date conversation with her.

If both of you feel chemistry, your first date will end up successfully. You should be very attentive on your first date because your woman will reveal many facts about her life that you should memorize in order to use that information later on when choosing locations for your next dates or looking for a perfect present for her.

5 Ways to Have an Incredible Date

There are many factors that contribute to the general outcome of your first date. Good first dates are not only those that end up kissing and arranging a second date but those that go smoothly and naturally and leave you with a warm feeling afterward. Although we mentioned the importance of first dates and defined the things you should do during your initial rendezvous, there is one more important rule – you should have fun. Your main goal should be to meet with a beautiful girl, spend the evening in her company, and be grateful for this experience.

If you wonder how to have a successful first date, here are five first date tips for you.

  • Go to an interesting place

The location where your first date takes place can either ruin or facilitate it. As a man, you should choose where to ask a girl out. Everything depends on the type of a girl you’re going out with. Still, a general recommendation is to choose those venues where nothing will prevent you from having a good conversation. Since the intensity of attraction the woman will feel to you directly depends on the amount of emotions she gets on your date, take her to several places. Good first date ideas are a planetarium/zoo/park and then a cozy café/restaurant.

  • Look sharp

Be ready that she’ll scrutinize you, so make sure you look flawless. Women pay attention to men’s clothes, so dress up a bit. It’s not necessary to buy expensive attire, just wear something casual but stylish. Don’t forget that cologne is a part of your image. Women like fresh scents, so complete your image with nice perfume.

  • Show manners

If you don’t know how to act on a first date, act like a gentleman and you’ll win her heart. Be courteous, bring flowers, and compliment her, pay for dinner.

  • Keep the ball rolling

You should start a conversation and keep it going introducing new subjects and telling different stories. However, don’t talk non-stop – when she says something to you, listen carefully without interrupting her. You should create a positive friendly ambience by being open, playful, funny, and attentive.

  • End it properly

People remember the first and the last things best of all. So, end your date on a positive note. If you see that you’re run out of topics and your date seems a bit tired, end your date before she gets bored. To kiss or not to kiss – that is the question for many guys. She’ll give you a sign, just be attentive.

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First date is so exciting. Of course, it should be memorable. Otherwise, you can forget about the Russian girl. They rarely give a second chance.
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