First Date with a Russian Girl: Win her Heart from the Beginning


The westerners’ interest in Slavic ladies is growing. Russian girls are definitely on the top of this rating – men from around the world desire to find a compatible lifetime partner in this distant yet large country. Most commonly, those international acquaintances start through the Internet. Thanks to modern means of communication, you can easily find a perfect match without even leaving your home. However, you can’t date your potential Russian brides just online. Sooner or later, there will be a need to meet in person. So today, we would like to give you a couple of valuable tips about how to make your first date with a Russian girl unforgettable.

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1. Choose the proper venue and draw up a plan

The main purpose of having first dates is actually getting the very basic “live” impression of each other. So the atmosphere must be calm and casual; in this case, you both will be open to a meaningful dialogue. If this is you who should come to her country, plan everything ahead by studying her city via the Internet as your job is to pick the right setting. Of course, you should ask her opinion as well – taking her preferences into an account is critical. As a rule, the first dates run under the same scenario: like taking a relaxing walk in a park, visiting a coffee shop etc. Yes, it doesn’t sound overly entertaining, but it’s really ok for the first time together. In addition, we’d advise you to go sightseeing so you can see many remarkable spots and have the plenty of things to talk over.

2. Arrive first

That’s quite a simple dating rule – a man must arrive at the spot agreed before his female partner. In Russia, this rule is especially respected as local girls are deeply concerned about sophisticated wooing. Besides, Russian women always do their best to look stunningly and it takes some time to dress to kill. Accordingly to their etiquette, a guy should come 10-20 minutes in advance to do the last preparations if necessary. Try to not be late or your Russian match will be disappointed!

3. Present her a small gift

You might have probably heard about Russian hospitality. This is one of the key merits of this nation. Indeed, they are capable of giving everything best to their guest. So if your Russian date will treat you as if you were her best friend, don’t get overly surprised. Yet there’s another rule for visitors: they should bring something for their hosts. Well, nobody will accuse you if you bring nothing. However, the impression of you may worsen. This is just how the Russian native mindset works. In fact, Russian brides adore getting presents – and this is also kind of a custom. You don’t have to chase after a lavish and costly gift. Pick something meaningful and simple. If nothing else comes to your mind, a fine bouquet of flowers will suit perfectly (remember the number of flowers must be odd).

4. Prove yourself as a gentleman

Russian women simultaneously have a lot in common with ladies in the West and distinguish from them. In particular, they highly value courtesy. As Russians support the traditional view of gender roles, their women are usually more feminine and romance-oriented than their sisters from the USA of Western Europe. That’s why showing your good manners makes you super attractive from a Russian lady’s view. There’s nothing too complicated about it: greet her by kissing her hand, know how to promote a nice conversation, pull out a chair and hold the door for her.

5. Avoid getting drunk

Alcohol is rather a hard topic in Russia. There are the plenty of myths and stereotypes about Russians and vodka circulating throughout the world. In fact, many older men there suffer from certain abuse. However, young guys in Russia tend to choose the healthy lifestyle. This concerns their women as well – we hugely doubt there’s any Russian girl who’d like to date a drinker. We don’t mean you’re an alcoholic, yet from the beginning, you should demonstrate your prospective partner you don’t have any bad habits. Try to not drink more than one-two glasses of wine.

6. Pick up the bill

Should a man pay for the first date? In the Western world, more and more people discuss this question. There, women get independent and prefer to split the bill. In Russia, dating etiquette is somewhat obsolete as they are still convinced picking up the tab is the men’s job. Well, girls there also get self- sufficient with time, especially, in big cities. If you aren’t sure whether your Russian match will agree on it or not, ask her opinion in advance.

7. Accompany her home

Finally, we’ve come to the last dating rule every gentleman should follow. Dates typically happen in evenings and end up quite late. Night streets can be dangerous so your task is to ensure your mate’s safety. Besides, you will get extra time to walk and communicate.

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I remember my first date with a Russian girl. It was so awkward. If I knew these rules then, everything could have been better.
13.02.2020 07:36
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