How to Marry a Russian Girl


Successful online dating is a direct route to marriage. According to the latest researches, people are actively using online dating sites looking for a partner for a short romantic affair as well as a long-term relationship. And many men and women who meet online continue their relationship off-line. The period of corresponding with a Russian woman on a dating site can be called dating since you get to know each other better and start thinking whether it can grow into something more serious. If during this stage you realize that she is the one you’ve been looking for, you should let her know about it and offer to meet in person. If your aim is to win the heart of a beautiful Russian bride and propose to her in the long run, the following tips will help you reach your goals.


Conquer her. Whether you date Russian girls online or meet them in real life, they may seem reserved at first. This is a kind of protective response to new people and it quickly wears off if a girl realizes that she can trust a stranger. After several minutes of conversation, you’ll see how kind, open, and cheerful Russian ladies are. The hardest part is to convince a Russian girl that you’re a great guy. Employ a bit of humor to break the ice, be moderately assertive that is, don’t be too pushy or too sweet.

Be genuinely interested in her. If you want to show a woman that you like her, express your sincere interest in what she tells you, in her life, family, hobbies, etc. Trying to make an impression on a woman, men often focus on themselves and don’t give her an opportunity to speak. Any conversation is an exchange of information, a dialog in which both parties take part. Ask her questions, listen carefully, and comment what she says occasionally in order to prove that you were listening. However, avoid turning it into a job interview – once she tells you something about herself or her family, tell her about yourself or your kin in return.

Show your romantic intentions. If you fail to communicate your serious intentions to the woman, she may view you only as a friend. That’s why make sure your date knows that you’re in love with her. Before you openly declare your love to her, you need to drop hints at your romantic intentions. The easiest way to do it is to pay her a compliment. She needs to know that she is attractive, so tell her how beautiful she is. Also, compliments on her personal qualities are welcome and even more appreciated. Don’t forget to send her sweet messages in the morning and when she goes to bed; ask her how her day was to show that you care about her. Dating is inconceivable without small gifts, so use the dating site’s service of gift delivery or other international delivery services to send her a bunch of flowers or something that will remind her of you. It should not be an expensive present because brides from Russia will feel as if they owe you something. So prepare something small but meaningful.

Show that you’re a good match for her. Wondering what kind of man will win the heart of a Russian girl? Here is the answer. Russian girls dream about getting married to a loving and caring man who will respect them and provide for their future family. They also want a confident and decisive man who knows what he wants and can make wise decisions. Intelligence is another quality they find attractive in men. An intelligent man is interesting and dependable; he will find a solution to any problem. Also, girls in Russia value honesty and straightforwardness in men. Open up to your date so that she can see what kind of person you’re. However, if she is with you, she’s already figured you out.

Impress her on your first real-life date. If you both feel the connection, it’s time to fly to Russia to meet in person. First dates are always nerve-wracking. Even if you’ve been dating for quite a while online and you know each other very well, it’s a totally different experience. Finally, you will see each other in the flesh. It’s your opportunity to demonstrate your good manners that are very much admired by Russian women. Also, pay attention to how you’re dressed – stained and wrinkled clothes are unacceptable. Bring her a bunch of flowers to show your admiration. If she invited you to her place and you know she lives with her parents, don’t show up empty-handed: bring flowers for her mother and a bottle of wine and a cake as a treat. If you dine at a restaurant, pay for dinner.

If your feelings stood the test of a real-life meeting, you’re meant to be together.

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I think Russian women are quite closed. If they don't know you, they won't smile. But they have charisma. I love them. They're a little crazy.
13.02.2020 07:19
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