21 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Russian Girl


Choosing a spouse has never been an easy assignment. And now, in the world of globalization and increased mobility, it becomes even harder to find someone special just for you. There are so many opportunities to meet people! The Internet gives you a completely new universe for seeking life partners, and men from all over the world use this possibility. Even though the potentials are virtually endless, we are still assured that beautiful Russian brides are the best choice for a modern man. It’s no surprise that these attractive ladies have recently invaded the minds of guys from all over the world. Their immaculate beauty and cheerful mindsets create an image of perfection, which is integrant in the case of brides from Russia.

Nonetheless, you may not understand if you really want to marry a Russian girl until you get in touch with her. And while you are making up your mind, we present you 21 reasons why you would want to marry one of these attractive females. Some of them are rather obvious; others might seem a bit extraordinary. Hope it will help you come up with a proper decision!


The Reason to find a Russian bride

1. They are committed. The concepts of marriage and family in Russian are precise and require a high level of devotion and commitment. They look for partners for life – the men that would be their leaders and friends (and not providers). A partnership for a real Russian bride is something that cannot be betrayed or left behind, no matter what comes across.

2. They are healthy. Slavic people have genetically good health (even though they have been harshly affected by the Chernobyl accident). They are accustomed to cold weather conditions but really love warm summer seasons. Health is significant for giving birth. Therefore, if you want to have beautiful and healthy children, you ought to marry one of those cuties.

3. They are diverse. In general, the representatives of a certain nation look quite alike, but not in the case of Russians. Since various ethnics had repeatedly invaded the territories of this country, the genome has been affected and become much more diversified. It gives you a great variety of girls – tall and petite, blonde and brunet, plumpish and slim. Isn’t it nice?

4. They love to read. Russian literature is one of the most famous in the world. You have probably heard about such authors as Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, and Tolstoy. They greatly affected the development of art in the world. That’s why Russians highly appreciate reading – and we are not talking about their native authors only.

5. They make great mothers. Women in Russia are taught to be mothers from the very beginning of their childhood. Older siblings are often responsible for looking after younger children (the concept of nursing is not that popular in Russia). Therefore, Russian wives get their maternity skills as a present from parents – perhaps, the most important and underappreciated gift.

6. They care about their appearance. In contrary to Western women, Russian girls really take care of their looks. They may not even go shopping without applying a makeup and wearing high heels. Every man in the city will be jealous of your wife on an everyday basis. Sexy Russian brides always look amazing!

7. They are kind-hearted. Russian girls respect everything living – from neighbors and family members to animals and plants. They are not like environmental activists; however, they approach everything with kindness and care. Slavic people live in harmony with nature and surroundings. They love life in each and every of its representations.

8. They are sexually attractive. Russian brides for marriage pay a lot of attention to keeping their bodies fit and faces lovely. However, their sexual attractiveness stems from gracefulness they possess. Their moves, the way they walk and talk – everything about them is elegant. Have you ever seen a professional ballet dancer? That’s how a sexy Russian bride acts.

9. They are sociable. Have you ever communicated with Russian girls using dating services? They are always eager to have a good conversation. Deep and intimate topics do frighten them because these women have nothing to hide from people! Even though they are a bit shy and unassertive, they are always ready to keep an interesting conversation going (you just need to help them).

10. They are family-oriented. The main problem related to Western girls is that they don’t look for marriage and see family life as a threat to their freedom and autonomy (not all of them assume so but the majority does). Well, Russian girls do not think so – they see family as the greatest achievement in life and a great outcome.

11. They are tolerant. Russian people are known for being overly (or even excessively) religious sanctimonious. Fortunately, it’s just another stereotype cultivated by social media. Russian women respect every minority and religious denominations. Their closeness with nature and a high level of femininity determine their kindness and open-minded attitude.

12. They are not too fussy. Russian people believe that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They don’t just look for attractive and masculine men with great fortunes; these girls love to explore the deepest depths of your soul to find your inner beauty. Therefore, they are not fastidious and selective – they just need some time to figure you out.

13. They are feminine. Gender roles are strictly determined in Russia. Therefore, women in this country prefer to act femininely. Men from all over the world highly appreciate the fact that Russian girls praise their own feminine features (while Western girls do their best to vanquish all the differences between men and women).

14. They are educated. To get a good job and become a respected person in Russia, you need to be highly educated. Well, it works in the same way in other countries, but Russians have this thing about a university degree. That is, most girls attend colleges to become certified professionals and earn money.

15. They are great cooks. Have you ever tasted Russian cuisine? Oh Lord, it’s delicious! They use only organic ingredients to cook traditional dishes like borsch and different variations of potato dishes, like vareniki with potatoes. It’s both flavorful and nutritious. Moreover, Russian girls love to cook Italian and French dishes – it’s just about their love to tasty foods!

16. They are just beautiful. However obvious it might sound, but girls from Russia look amazing. Their sparkling eyes, their graceful bodies, their plumpish lips and peachy chicks – it all makes them look terrific. Just look through the profiles of Russian brides on our online dating service. Don’t they look amazing?

17. They are reliable. Russian girls don’t see family as just a couple that shares households and finances. Family with a Russian girl is an oiled mechanism that works in several ways, generally related to creating the most appropriate atmosphere for bringing up children. You will not be afraid to share everything with this reliable and devoted girl.

18. They are skilled housekeepers. Household mastery is a special feature that passes from generation to generation. Just as any work, it’s a respectful activity with a wide range of peculiarities. Aside from plain cleaning, Russian women can create a cozy atmosphere in your house. You will always be happy to come back home!

19. They have developed careers. Even though Russian girls often look for husbands since their early 20s, they still don’t give up building a proper career. Young Russian brides are afraid of uselessness and laziness, consequently, they look for interesting activities and doings that would help them provide themselves.

20. They are faithful. That’s yet another feature that stems from the strict definition of gender roles in Russia and the cult of the family in Slavic societies. Women don’t ever betray their husbands, and we are not talking about sexual infidelity only. The most important fact is that these women avoid emotional cheating on every level.

21. They look for decent men. There’s a widespread myth that Russian women use dating sites to run away from their poor country by marrying a foreigner. Without doubts, such personals exist. But the majority of them use the Internet to seek eligible men with similar interests and ideas of happy life.

Have we convinced you?

So there they are – 21 perfectly understandable reasons why you should find a Russian wife. Don’t lose your chance to become the happiest man on Earth! One of them may become the light of your life and brighten your entire world with her cheerfulness, kindness, beauty, intelligence, and thoughtfulness!

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My wife is Russian, and to be honest, there is no better woman in the world. All of these reasons are true. If only all the girls were like that... all the men would be happy.
13.02.2020 07:33
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