How to Meet a Russian Bride


You must have heard that Russian women make the best wives in the world. A lot of foreigners come to Russia in searches of a future spouse and for a reason. Russian women are beautiful, loving, and family oriented. Also, they are good mothers and housewives. They have traditional views on the family and the gender roles a man and a woman play in it. If you’re a mature man wanting to finish with your bachelor life and finally settle down, a Russian girl will be the right match for you. But what if you’re thousands of miles away from Russia? How can you meet a potential Russian wife? Well, some men try to do that via Facebook or other social media. But they can’t be sure that the woman they add to Friends is single and doesn’t mind meeting a foreign man. If you want to meet true Russian brides – single Russian women who look for a foreign husband, you can find them on online dating sites. There are some sites that are focused only on Russian dating – their ladies galleries consist exclusively of the Russian girls’ profiles. If you’ve never used any dating sites before, you must be interested in how one is supposed to meet girls remotely. Actually, there is nothing difficult about it. All you need to do is to act naturally as if you meet girls in person, not by the means of indirect communication.


Use search criteria. Of course, you have your preferences and most likely you’re looking for a particular type of women. In order to find the most compatible brides, select some search criteria according to which women’s profiles will be processed. As a result, you’ll get a list of women whose height, eye color, body type, etc match your preferences.

Be frank. If you seriously want to meet your future wife, you need to be honest while filling out your profile form. Write about your expectation from the heart and don’t yield to the temptation to color the truth. View your profile as a kind of CV and the women who will read – as employers. If they like it, they will be glad to meet you and get to know you better. Make sure your profile reflects your personality. It’s very disappointing for a woman to get interested in a man and later realize that he’s a different person.

Meet many women. The coolest part about meeting girls online is that you can correspond with several different women at a time. Many guys often write to one woman and focus exclusively on her. They can wait hours and even days for her response losing precious time during which they could meet another woman. Don’t repeat those mistakes. Be active once you register on a dating site. Write to different women and start chatting with them. Gradually, you’ll realize that there is only one woman among those you’re currently corresponding with that you’d like to know better.

Start off on the right foot. Before you send a chat invitation to a particular woman, study her profile carefully. Pay attention to what she is looking for in a partner and the information about herself. If it turns out that you measure up to her requirements, write to her. Also, make sure that you have common interests or values because common ground is necessary to keep the ball rolling. Moreover, if you have something you’re both interested in, you’ll be able to avoid general topics and pointless small talks.

Be polite. Russian women admire well-mannered men so demonstrate your courtesy from the start. According to online dating experts, Russian women consider it nice if a man in his first letter writes that he doesn’t want to bother the woman but would be very happy to meet her. Those men usually get more responses from Russian girls.

Compliment her. Compliments are a great tool for expressing your admiration and romantic intentions. However, you should keep in mind that Russian women value sincerity very much so your compliments should sound as sincere as possible. Since most compliments they receive concern their stunning looks, be the first who will compliment them on some personal traits. You may argue that it’s pretty difficult to come up with this kind of compliment without knowing a person. But you have her profile at hand and you can already notice her key traits. She will be pleased to realize that you’re interested in her as a personality and this will facilitate your conversation.

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For me, there are no better girls than Russians. They are really the most caring, gentle, and loving. But to interest them, you need to make a lot of effort.
13.02.2020 07:11
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