How to Treat a Russian Girl


Ask any woman about how she wants to be treated by a man and you’ll get a long wish list in response. But there are some requirements that top the lists of the majority of women. According to them, men should respect women and behave like true gentlemen. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the way to a woman’s heart is through the way a man treats her. If you want to know how you should behave towards Russian girls while dating them, read these useful guidelines. They will help you make a good impression on Russian brides and secure your success with ladies.


Show respect.

Many smart and diligent girls in Russia are often underestimated by their men. Since Russian women are generally more goal-oriented and have more ambitions than some Russian men the latter can’t be happy for women’s achievements and even envy them. This is one of the reasons why many single Russian girls start looking for a husband abroad. They need a compatible partner who will support them and praise for small and big accomplishments. That’s why when your Russian date tells you about her passions or progress in her studies or career, don’t miss a chance to say that you’re proud of her.

Be romantic.

Russian women love romance. Even if you’re a down-to-earth person, you should get romantic from time to time in order to please your Russian date or wife. Actually, it doesn’t take much effort to do romantic things. Ask her out on a romantic date – it can be a restaurant with a romantic interior and ambiance (live jazz music, for instance) or a place she’s never been before (planetarium, the highest point in your city with a stunning view, etc). You can also write a mash note and attach it to the fridge. She’ll be excited to find it when she wakes up.

Give her presents.

Remember once and for all: Russian girls like flowers. Flowers are a must on a date and are a universal gift for any occasion. However, the greatest effect they have when given suddenly, like in the middle of the week. Also, flowers are an excellent option when you need to make up for something you’ve done recently that made your girlfriend sad. For this occasion, you’ll need a large bouquet. Since most girls have a sweet tooth, treat your Russian date to chocolates. Of course, all women love jewelry but it is a rather expensive gift and it should be given when your relationship becomes serious. Giving such a present, you can embarrass a Russian girl making her think that you’re trying to bribe her or so (unless she is a gold-digger being after expensive presents).

Boost her self-esteem.

You may think that gorgeous Russian ladies don’t need any words of admiration because they know their own worth. Every woman wants to receive compliments and feel that she is desired. Especially if those compliments are paid by the right man. Very often, men amply compliment women at the initial stages of their relationships and forget to say some nice words to their significant others as the time passes. Compliments are great confidence intensifiers so never miss a chance to please your woman by telling her how beautiful she is or how her new dress matches her eyes. You should know that Russian women accept a compliment if it goes from your heart and is not a generalized remark but an emphasis on some specific feature or trait.

Be a true gentleman.

It costs you nothing to be courteous and polite but it pays back tons. Every Russian woman wants to be treated like a true lady. She wants to feel fragile but protected near her man. Chivalry is not dead in Russia and local guys know a thing or two about courting women so you should be up to standard. Since you can’t demonstrate all of your manners while chatting online and even via video calls, you should act as gentlemanly as possible when on real dates. First of all, greet her properly. Russian women like when a man kisses a woman on her hand as a sign of greeting. This a great option for the first date. Be considerate to your Russian girlfriend: open the door for her, offer your arm to help her get out of a car or just support her, pull out a chair and help her sit down when in a restaurant, and, naturally, pay for dinner and other entertainment. This is what gentlemen do.

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I believe that any girl should be treated like this. But Russian girls are sweet and feminine, so they need to be treated with all respect.
13.02.2020 07:30
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