Choosing a Gift for a Russian Girl: Tips and Rules


All of us, without exception, love gifts. And Russian girls are just crazy about them! But the choice of gifts for girls is not as simple as it seems. It is known that even the very idea of such a responsible and complex business as the process of choosing a gift plunges men into real horror. But do not panic. Firstly, there are several types of gifts that 99.9% of Russian girls like. Secondly, we have prepared for you several gift ideas for girls and recommendations which will definitely help you achieve your goal.

What Presents Would Work Great For a Russian Girl

Choosing a gift for her, your lovely Russian girl, is not so difficult. These girls are interested in many things, they are open to new impressions and they are very happy with the attention paid to them by men. We can say that the very gift itself is not so important for a Russian girl, but the way it is presented makes the biggest sense. However, this statement is only half true. If it’s your first experience of dealing with women from Russia, you need recommendations. There was a big reason for one of the classics of literature to say that it is impossible to measure the depth of the Russian soul. It is changeable and therefore unpredictable. However, some forecasts about gift ideas for her can still be made.

First, when choosing a gift, pay attention to its price tag. No, you do not need to buy all the most expensive things. Contrary to a popular belief (which was spread among us due to the mass-market movie industry), not all Russian girls think only of fabulously expensive gifts like a mink coat, diamonds, or a personal yacht. For many of them, it is only a part of the image that they want to match in their "pink dreams." Russian girls are mostly smart so they understand that such presents for girls are not the key to happiness. This is just a way to raise their status in the eyes of other women. That`s all. Russian girls know that a gift is first and foremost a symbol. The symbol of the warm and tender feelings that men feel for them. We will say even more: too expensive gift will cause in a girl a sense of bribery. She can be offended misunderstanding your intentions. And this is quite true. So, think about how to please her with romantic gifts, with originality and purity of intentions but not with a thick wallet.

We have prepared a small list of gifts to help you. It includes the most common things, but for some reason, men forget that true beauty lies in simplicity. Russian girls know about this. Therefore, we can safely say that your lady will fall in love with the following pleasant little things:cute-pink-Flower


1. A bouquet of flowers. A classic way to show the lady your sympathy. Flowers are often given in Russia. This is a good old tradition which dates back to ancient times. Flowers symbolize many things that can drive any Russian girl crazy, so you can breathe freely – a beautiful and neat bouquet of chamomiles, tulips, or roses will tell her everything instead of you. One of the best presents for her, really.

2. Jewelry. No, we do not contradict ourselves. When we said that it's better to get diamonds as an option for a wedding gift, that's exactly what we meant. But wait a minute, when was the last time you were in a modern jewelry store or visited sites with the relevant topic? There are so many craftsmen in the world who create real pieces of art from any materials. Glass, metal, wood, ceramics – the choice is yours. And even if you are so vain that you cannot refrain from a more or less expensive present, you have a way out. Russians like silver very much. This is a noble metal, and its value does not go beyond decency. The main thing is to find a truly original piece of jewelry. If you can manage with it, silver jewelry will be a great gift for your Russian girlfriend.

3. Poem. Here it is. Jackpot. Russian girls are very sentimental. In addition, their homeland gave the world a galaxy of great poets who mastered the art of expressing romantic feelings. They learn poetry in school and are very fond of it. Dating Russian girls means that you have to be a little more creative.  If you can write a few words that will at least clearly convey what you mean, you can be sure of your success. In extreme cases, present a book of poems of the poet that you like. And it does not matter in what language they will be written. Really. The meaning of this gift for your Russian woman will be clear.

Alternative (Modern) Presents That Russian Women Would Love to Get

This section is for those who cannot resist the temptation to look original. And it is right! Russian girls are very fond of men with taste and who are friends with the imagination. Of course, you are just one of them. We're just outsiders, so we'll only hint and you'll figure out the rest yourself. We will whisper so that no one can suddenly hear that you need help choosing an original and modern gift for a Russian girl. So, listen carefully:gift-givin

1. Certificate for visiting the spa. The field of beauty and health develops at a frantic pace. More and more people around the world strive to give up bad habits, watch their weight, and try to have an active lifestyle. Most likely, your lady is also in trend. And even if it is not so, is there any lady who can refuse to soak in the bubbling bath filled with the mysterious, pleasantly smelling elixir of eternal youth? Most spa salons offer certificates of different value, so you can not worry about your wallet.

2. Visit a culinary master class. Another good gift for a Russian woman. Surely you've heard how well Russian girls cook. Everything you heard is true. They can create a real masterpiece from a couple of simple products. In addition, they are always happy to improve their skills. Give her this opportunity and her heart will melt. A little tip: if you can take a master class in some exotic cuisine, go for it. Russian girls adore exotics.

3. Tickets to the theater or to a music concert. Russian women are very musical. Many of them can sing, and almost every girl has an ear for music. It's true. In addition, foreign performers are very popular in Russia, especially among young people. Many Russian girls dream about attending a concert of a Western star since childhood. Sometimes, they forget about these dreams, but they are still in their heart. And if you manage to get tickets for her idol's performance, this will be one of the most significant events in her life. So, this is a way to a woman's soul! Do not miss the opportunity to become the man who will give her so many strong positive emotions!

In Conclusion

So you carefully read the article. Try everything written yourself. Do not like our ideas? Excellent. Dating Russian women means originality. Your personal taste will be the best adviser. Listen to your own desires and be honest. Then, love will smile on you!

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You need to remember that the chosen gift should indicate that you know a woman well. After reading this article, you can choose the perfect gift.
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