How to not screw a date with a Russian girl?


Russian girls are continue to be the main obsession of western men. This phenomena can be easily explained. Western women became too emancipated, and while the majority of men embrace this fact either positively or reluctant, there some who dream of an ideal family-oriented girl. It happened so, that such girls live in Russia.
So, if you belong to the category of men that dream of dating Russian girls, you must know how to approach them. Without further ado, we offer you to steady some mistakes that you should avoid on the first date with a Russian girl, as well as useful first date tips.

How to not screw a date with a Russian girl?

Mistakes men often make on the first date and how to avoid them
First dates are often screwed, because western men don't do their homework, before dating Russian women. One of the common mistakes is that western men consider themselves superior to Russian girls. First of all, Russian girls are not stupid. Most of them have either college or university degree. So, get yourself prepared for an intellectual conversation on your first date with a Russian girl.

Another mistake is complaining about western women. Yeah, Russian and western women can be different, but they are still women. No girl wouldn't want to have anything with you if you say something bad about other women. Also, Russian girls consider your complaining as one of the signs that you lack self-confidence, and there is nothing what Russian girls hate more than unsure and pessimistic men.

And the third mistake. While kiss on first date can be acceptable in certain conditions, don't make any sexual hint. Sex on first date is unacceptable for Russian girls. It can be easily perceived as your main goal, thus turning the very first date into the very last. Besides, you wanted a family-oriented girl, right? You need a careful approach, for her to see how good you can be as a husband and as a father of your future children.

Good ideas for the first date with a Russian girl
A lot of western men have no clear idea of what to do on the first date with a Russian girl. So, we provide you with the list of first date ideas:
1. As Russian girls don't eat at restaurant frequently, a dinner at the cafe with romantic atmosphere would be absolutely great for your first date. We can give you certain tips for such a first date. The must be no load music that can distract your conversation. Try to choose the cuisine that she likes, otherwise your perfect dinner can be ruined. Last, but not the least, you're paying for the dinner.
2. A walk in the park, where you can enjoy the fresh air can also be a perfect choice for your first date. Nothing will distract your conversation. Mind that the walk mustn't take too long. Russian girls like wearing high heels, so they can easily get tired.
3. If you want to go full romantic – a ride in a hot-air balloon is what you need. This is the most extreme and the best among the first date ideas. Such date is unforgettable, but follow our advice, you must be ready to live up to her further expectations, if you start so high.

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I'll try an extreme date. I hope she likes it.
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