How to Get Ready For a First Date with a Russian Girl


So, today’s a big day – you finally asked that Russian girl you chatted with for a couple of months out on a date. Of course, you should approach this event with all responsibility you have. It’s like making the first impression – there’s no second chance. That’s why, if you screw everything up, you’re unlikely to make that magic between you work again. And even if you manage to do it somehow, she’ll remember your failure for the rest of her life. In other words, it’s best not to take any chances and thoroughly prepare for the first date with your Slavic beauty. So, let's check through all the steps.

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Introduction: how to deal with first date problems

In theory, the first date can always turn out to be the last one, because you never know what troubles you may face. But still, there are three universal rules by following which you can avoid some of the first date problems. Of course, a date is quite an exciting event for the two of you, so the girl might also do something wrong. So here’s the list of what not to do on a first date and how to act if your companion makes the same mistakes.

Don’t be late

It’s the worst mistake one could possibly make on the first date. Only your girlfriend can afford to do it because Russian women usually spend hours on preparations for any event. If you’re late for the first date, she may perceive it as a sign of disrespect. This basically means that you’re not interested in her and have some more important things to do. So if you don’t want to turn your non-punctuality into a first date problem, come 10-15 minutes earlier. If you didn’t have any other choice but to come late, try to explain the reason why you did this clearly, but don’t mumble or make excuses. Apologize and do everything to make it clear that you had to do it, and this date is actually important for you.

Don’t talk only about yourself

If you begin telling your entire biography, starting with the early childhood, your speech will be terribly boring. Besides, you risk coming across first date troubles, like making your Russian companion think that you don’t really care about her life story, and she’s just a pair of ears to listen to all the useless stuff you say. Learn something about her, ask some questions, and show that she’s interesting to you, both as a woman and a person. But don’t keep everything to yourself either. If you don’t share a few interesting facts about yourself with her, you’ll seem suspicious, and the girl might think that you have something to hide. And this is how mutual trust is lost.

plan a dateBe versatile – answer her questions about your life truthfully and honestly, but stay interested in her bio at the same time. If the girl talks about herself non-stop, and you are already got a little tired, try to interrupt her with a light joke or phrase such as “It seems like I have enough material to write a whole book about you,” or tell that her story reminded you of something that happened in your past, and drag the conversation to your side.

Don’t talk about your ex

It’s a typical first date mistake. You just met someone for the first time, so there should be no one between both of you. Concentrate on each other and try to delicately avoid any questions about your past relationships or answer them with common phrases, like “Yeah, she was great, but at some point, we realized that we should break up and move on.” Don’t say anything indecent about your ex; otherwise, your new girlfriend may think that you may start talking the same things about her if you break up. Anyway, why do you need to recall these memories now? You’re trying to build a new relationship here. And don’t ask her about her ex-boyfriends if you don’t want to put the girl in an awkward position.

Step 1: work on your look

For most guys, choosing what to wear on a first date doesn’t seem like a problem, in contrast to girls, especially Russian ones. But despite this, you should make preparations carefully and painstakingly. That’s why it’s better to start preparing one or two hours before leaving home. Dress nicely, but casually. Don’t try to appear someone you’re not. Your clothes should be neat and ironed, and they have to match the atmosphere of the place you asked your Russian lady out to. Let’s see how to dress for a first date.

If you’re going to a park, just put on jeans and a T-shirt, but if you choose a museum or theater, wear trousers and shirt. Imagine how awkwardly your companion will feel in a chic dress if you come to a restaurant in sneakers and jeans. Do you think she’ll agree to meet with you again? That’s right. Well, at least you won’t have to bother with what to wear on a first date.

Here are three basic Russian girls dating rules: shave your face, don’t use too much perfume, and leave old-fashioned ties in your wardrobe. Stick to this checklist:

  • Pure body. When dating a Russian girl, you should smell great; otherwise, no rules will help you. Take a shower, use your favorite perfume. Let her see that you prepared for this evening.
  • Clean underwear. Who knows how this evening will end? She may suddenly invite you to her place, and a leaky sock may ruin everything. This will spoil the whole impression you have already made, and you can forget about the next date.
  • Nails. Here’s one more thing you should know if you date a Russian girl: Russian chicks always pay attention men’s hands. So make your nails look neat and tidy.
  • T-shirt/shirt. How to dress for a date? Just don’t wear a T-shirt with some silly inscriptions; it has to be neutral, but look quite stylishly. Your shirt or T-shirt must be clean and ironed.
  • Clean shoes. We don’t know why, but all women judge men by shoes they wear. Even if you don’t have a new pair of shoes at hand, make sure that the ones you have are clean and don’t look like you’ve been wearing them for the most part of your life.

So, get your clothes ironed, take a shower, make sure that everything is OK with our fingernails, clean your shoes, and comb your hair. Make the girl want to look at you. Avoid sports suits, T-shirts with prints of cars, comic book heroes, or other stuff. You’re going on a date, and not to a middle school. If you don’t know how to dress for a first date, just remember what people usually wear when they go to a restaurant, pub, café, or other places you’re going to take your lady to. Speaking of places…

first date advice Step 2: have a plan

It’s time to talk about how to plan a date. Actually, it's better to make your date spontaneous. Spontaneity is your friend, not your enemy. For instance, you’re chatting online, and you write that you enjoy talking with her and would like to meet in person. Ask her out for a walk right now if it's not too late. If the girl likes you too, she won’t refuse unless she has some serious reasons for this. If you don’t want to rush things and think everything through, here's a simple way to plan a date.

Decide where to go

Instead of wondering what to do with your cute Slavic companion on the first date, choose a place to go and think of what to do once you get there. There are a lot of great date ideas, but keep in mind that in a cafe, restaurant, or cinema, the choice of activities is not that great, while there are plenty of opportunities to have a good time in an amusement park or entertainment complex. Before making any romantic date plans, remember that the place you invite your girlfriend to should leave only positive emotions and become a surprise for her. So it’s better to do a little research on what she likes first. This way you’ll stand out from other guys. The best first date ideas are your own ideas.

Share your plan with your girlfriend

She needs to dress properly and have a general idea of how your date will look like. Briefly explain the first part of your plan, making it as interesting as possible, so she couldn’t say “no” to you. And find out what she’s interested in. For example, it would be foolish to invite her to a restaurant for vegetarians if she loves a good steak.

Talk about your plans for the date as if everything has already been decided. Choose the place closer to her house. Russian girls like exploring big supermarkets with boutiques and toy shops. Places like beaches or nightclubs are not the best choice if you date a Russian girl. It would be nice to avoid cafes. Russian women are romantic, and cafes are trivial.

If she says that she can’t meet with you, referring to some urgent business, don’t get upset and nervous. Perhaps she really has important things to do. Try asking her out two or three days later and don’t forget to ask her when she is free.

Step 3: general advice for a first date

There are several important rules you should follow when dating a Russian girl.

1) A first date advice number one: don’t act like someone you’re not. Be sure to behave naturally, as if you never read these tips and came up with all the above-mentioned ideas and rules on your own. Otherwise, the girl will notice that you’re playing with her.

2) Call her by name as often as possible. After a few dates, you can start calling her by one of those cute Russian names (if you can pronounce it).

3) When going on a date, you should leave your bad mood and all your problems at home. You can’t bring them with you or discuss them with a girl. Treat your new companion as a person you’re always interested in. You shouldn’t think too much about how not to spoil everything with some dumb phrase; otherwise, you will do it unintentionally. Just concentrate on the evening you spend with a beautiful and interesting woman.

best first date advice4) Don’t think about kissing a Russian girl on the first date. If you begin concentrating on this thought, it will cause a certain tension between you and your companion and won’t let you enjoy each other’s company. As a result, you’ll never get to kiss her at all.

5) Always show that you’re interested in her job and hobbies. If she doesn’t see the admiration with what she says in your eyes, your relationship is likely to reach a dead end pretty quickly.

6) This first date advice for men is pretty important. Always be polite, and never be rude to your Russian companion. And try not to curse. Even if your new girlfriend has nothing against dropping the F-bomb from time to time, she will never do it on the first date, trust us. A self-respecting girl will never go out with you again if you don’t watch your tongue.

7) Rule number seven: no hugs during the first date. Russians respect their personal space and don’t like people they barely know hugging them. Limit yourself to a couple of soft touches and give her a friendly hug when the date is over.

8) Since all people, without exception, like to talk about themselves, let your lady talk. Ask about her favorite films, actors, music, places, and hobbies. To make this first date advice work, try to ask questions she can’t answer “yes” or “no.” Your answers should sound interesting, too. Build communication so that the conversation doesn’t go to a standstill.

9) Treat everything she says with understanding. If she says that she wants to learn a second foreign language or start visiting the gym, say that you’re glad for her. The most important thing is to make your words sound sincere, even if you don’t care.

10) If the girl did something that offended you, don’t get aggressive. Think about what happened: if she didn’t think that she could make you upset, try to explain that the thing she did or said was wrong. Make her realize that she made a mistake. She will remember this and won’t make it again. If you start yelling at her instead, you’ll just ruin the evening.

11) Here’s one more important first date advice for guys. Remember that Russian girls don’t always perceive men’s sense of humor correctly and may not understand something and take offense. That’s why, when joking, watch her reaction and see whether she understood your joke or took it seriously. Such misunderstandings often destroy relationships before they even begin.

And here’s the best first date advice: you should meet again as soon as possible. Your second date should take place in three days or, which is even better, the next day after the first one. Don’t let your girlfriend forget about how great you are. And be sure to write or call back before the next date. If you want your relationship to develop faster, you need to stay in her sight.

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I realized what my mistake was. I always took girls to the movies on our first date. It turns out that this is wrong. Well, next time I'll choose a different place, more comfortable and conducive to conversation.
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