How to Kiss a Russian Girl


How do you imagine the first kiss with a Russian girl? A kiss is a real breakthrough in a relationship. If you managed to kiss a girl, then you were lucky enough to win her attention, sympathy, and confidence in a certain degree. And kisses help avoid friendship that may put an end to the future of relations. Kisses symbolize a deep feeling, romance, but often a man spoils all the pleasure of kissing since he doesn’t know how to kiss a girl right for the first time.

In the article, you will learn how to kiss a Russian woman so that she will remember this kiss for a long time.


How to Prepare a Girl for a Kiss

With experience comes the understanding of whether a woman wants to get a kiss or not. It is difficult to explain, but it becomes understandable on an intuitive level. You need to understand the signals that a girl shows and just act.

  • If you have a date with a Russian girl and want to kiss her for the first time, you have to seduce her. For this, you should take a moment away from a kiss. Seduce her with words, with touches, and with a look. She will reach out to you for kissing.
  • It is important to start a date with a touch. Take her hand at the meeting, sit opposite and embrace her waist, pull her to your body.
  • Start to look at her intently a few minutes before a kiss. Keep your eyes on her. You can only sometimes insert some words into the dialogue or just nod. Your silence and gaze will create a slight sexual tension.
  • Touch her neck, ears, and hair. Touch her earrings as if you like it very much, and touch her neck as if you do it accidentally. Play with her hair, gradually moving your hands closer and closer to the roots.

How to Understand That She Is Ready

There are a number of signs that can be sent by girls:

  • If she leans toward you as if she wants to hug you or gets close showing the desire to connect with you.
  • If she hugs you. A girl’s touch shows her desire. And this is a serious sign. The rest should go from you.
  • Her eyes look at your lips. This is the most reliable and obvious sign. So, don’t hesitate and kiss one of the girls from Russia.

kissAny of these signs may push you to try your chances and kiss a girl. Also, a good choice is a spontaneous kiss on a date with a Russian woman. Don’t be afraid to say something when a girl lets hug her. It will discharge the moment between you.

Why a Girl Doesn’t Want to Kiss

There are three reasons for this:

  1. She doesn’t like you. When a Russian woman doesn’t like you, then there is no question about intimacy. If you are not sure whether she likes you, then invite her to a second date. If a girl doesn’t agree, then it is the problem. If her answer is positive, then there is another reason.
  2. She doesn’t want to seem easy. In this case, a woman is waiting for the second or third date to kiss. If she doesn’t kiss you during the second meeting, you can ask her what is wrong. For example, kissing a Russian woman, ask her gently: “I understand that you don’t want to rush things. Am I right?” This question is very delicate, but it helps to sort things out. It is better to find out everything at once than to think about how to get a girl to kiss you.
  3. She is embarrassed. It can be due to anything and often depends on some circumstances: a woman is not sure of fresh breath, she is embarrassed by her braces, or there are too many people around.

Common mistakes

  1. In any case, don’t ask a girl whether you may kiss her. This question will ruin the romance, and the image of a self-confident man will be lost.
  2. If you feel mutual attraction, but a girl doesn’t want to kiss, never leave your companion and don’t show your dissatisfaction.
  3. Don’t molest a girl with a French kiss. And also don’t touch the whole body of a woman. Most likely, she will simply run away or will not agree to have a next date.

Most of the girls after the first date subconsciously decide whether they want to be with you or not. This decision will be difficult to change. So if a girl is interested in you, then don’t worry: sooner or later you will kiss a Russian girl. Therefore, try to make a positive first impression.

And finally, there is very important advice. If a girl feels uncomfortable, she will not kiss you. A good kiss can be disrupted by small things: it is cold outside, or she wants to visit a ladies’ room, or she just doesn’t need romance with you. So, make sure before kissing that everything is okay. Good luck!

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For the first time, it is enough to gently touch the girl's lips with your lips. Do not immediately start with French kisses, this may scare the girl away.
13.02.2020 08:02
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