How to Make Your First Kiss with a Girl Unforgettable


A first date often becomes the most touching and memorable moment in a relationship between two people, and that’s why many guys want to kiss girls on this memorable evening. But if modern gentlemen have always considered it normal, many modern ladies could perceive such a step with condemnation.

Men often have a question whether they can kiss girls on their first date. Of course, you can do this, but only if you are ready for the possible refusal and know how to behave in this or that situation. It is excellent when a young lady hints at the kiss but how to recognize it? Where and how to kiss a girl? What can’t be done in any case? This article will help you understand this.

kissing on the first date

Kissing on a first date: is it a good idea?

The first kiss is perhaps the most exciting event that both guys and girls expect preparing for a date with the objects of their affection. At the same time, both of them ask one question: is it normal to kiss on the first date or is it worth to postpone the first kiss until the next meeting? It is natural to have the desire to kiss and touch a partner. This is a manifestation of sensual interest, the ability to hint to a girl that she is more than a friend. However, the first date kiss can become an excellent beginning of a relationship or just destroy it.

Kisses on a first date: a male perspective

For a guy, kissing an attractive girl on the first date means to admit your liking for her and it is quite normal for him to do it on the first date. However, the first kiss for a man is also exciting, long-awaited and brings a storm of emotions if it is a matter of serious intentions and feelings towards a lady. Moreover, if the goal is casual dating, a man will not miss the opportunity to quickly kiss a girl in order to move to more active actions. Whatever the case, the main burden of responsibility and initiative during the first meeting should come from a man. And he, in turn, is tormented by doubts:

  • “Should I kiss her on the first date? Maybe it’s too early. She may decide that I want to have only sex with her”.
  • “If I don’t kiss her, she will consider me indecisive or think that I don’t like her”.
  • “If I miss the right moment, I will say “Hello” to the “friend-zone””.

Of course, everything is individual, but most situations, relating to the first kiss, are still typical. Men also doubt, worry, whether it is worth taking this step, whether everything goes right and if a girl likes this date. Do you kiss on the first date?

Kisses on a first date: a female perspectivedo you kiss on the first date

It is very ambiguous. Everything depends on her thoughts, views, previous experience, etc. Some believe that only light-minded ladies can kiss on the first date. There is a certain amount of truth, but kissing on the first date is not something shameful in the 21st century.

Some girls, on the contrary, think that the kiss should necessarily take place on the first date. It serves as an indicator of the attractiveness of men. For many women (and for men too), the kiss on the first date is too harsh intrusion into the personal space. They need much more time to get used to a person.

There is a category of girls for whom kissing is an indispensable attribute of any romantic meeting, even the first one: these are new sensations, vivid emotions, and a kind of confirmation of one’s own attractiveness. They live by emotions, succumbing to fleeting impulses, getting carried away, falling in love, and “collecting” impressions. They don’t ask themselves “Is it good to kiss on the first date?” In any case, the beautiful half of humanity still secretly dreams of some kiss due to the romantic nature.

How to make your first kiss unforgettable

A kiss can tell a girl everything that you feel for her, without saying a word. It is a good way to evaluate someone’s trust and attitude because the falsity is felt right away. The importance of the first kiss can’t be overestimated. But how to know whether it is the right moment for doing it? Look at these tips:

She should be ready for this

The first kiss shouldn’t be a sudden surprise. Think of a place. It can be a park, an embankment or a porch of her house. The last option is perfect because it is considered the final stage of a date. A woman will be 100% ready for it at this moment. When you kiss a girl for the very first time, it is necessary to do it quickly, without excessive passion, and it is better to kiss her on the cheek. Let her get used to both new sensations and you. Having prepared her with an innocent kiss on the cheek, try to kiss her neck, ears and touch her hair (all these places are erogenous zones of women that can speed up your goal – to kiss her on the lips).

You must have fresh breath

Even the most interesting and attractive gentleman must take care of his smell. Therefore, you need to use a refreshing spray or chewing gum. And also don’t forget to use perfume because your body has to smell nice as well.

You have to tell her compliments

If you don’t know how to have a good first kiss, then try to tell compliments. They are the best lead-in to a kiss. There is no woman in the world who would not be pleased to hear them (and admiration not only for shapes but also for human qualities).

You can test her with touches

It is enough to touch a girl a little more intimately than the short acquaintance allows and check how she reacts to it. Touch her hair. Women allow touching hair only after they feel affection for a person. One of the tips on how to kiss a girl for the first time is to fix her hair. If a girl allows touching her hair, then she is ready for a kiss with a probability of 80%.

kiss a girl on first date Less often it happens that a girl is absolutely sincere in her embarrassment because of a strict upbringing. Such a girl may think that a guy has bad manners. Don’t try to excuse in this situation: you don’t commit a sin and excuses may sound simply pitiful. The best way out is to smile and say something like: “Yes, this is how bad I am”. It sounds relaxing, relieves a tense atmosphere, and is liked by many girls. Then you can continue your attempts – it is unlikely that a lady will be against it once again.

Try to “hypnotize” her lips

Long looks at the girl’s lips have an excellent effect. A guy has to just silently look at them and then meet with the eyes of his chosen one since this is the last stage before the kiss itself. If you try to kiss her on the lips and she stubbornly continues to fix her hair, for example, then this is absolutely normal. Most girls, especially young ones, play the role of impregnable princesses in such a manner: they can’t kiss without any sympathy! But if her “Get off!” doesn’t sound obvious and rude, you can assume that she agrees and continue attempts with a clear conscience.

You need to follow her gestures

Learn to read the body language of women. Body language is a great indicator that a woman is in the right mood (and even in anticipation) for a kiss. In this case, positive signs are that a girl periodically leans towards you, plays with her hair, touches her neck or face, or if her face constantly has a smile, or she looks into your eyes every time. These signs are good indicators that a girl gives you a “green light” to the first steps in the so-called “zone of contact”.

Negative signs of body language can be crossed arms and unwillingness to maintain eye contact with you when you look directly into her eyes. She can even intuitively lean back from you every time you lean towards her, even if it’s your innocent desire to fill her glass with water. All these signs show that all your attempts to impress her don’t work.

You should know the limits

Perseverance is good, but when it doesn’t border with impudence. It is unlikely that a girl will regard this as a sign of serious interest to herself if a man attacks her with passionate kisses from the first minutes of the meeting. The first kiss should be light, gentle, and short, so that she wants to repeat it again. Even if a girl likes it so much that it “blows her mind”, you don’t have to bother her with hugs and kisses with the tongue.

We can single out the following reasons why a girl can refuse to kiss with you (and not only on a first date):

  • She simply doesn’t know how to do it right. As a rule, this fear causes a girl to postpone the kiss for later, so you need to calm her down.
  • The presence of strangers. If you want to get a kiss on a date, it is better to go to secluded places from the very beginning.

The best time and places for a kiss on a first date

The perfect place for the first kiss for shy and romantic people who often fantasize is a beach at night, the Eiffel Tower, or under summer rain right in the middle of the street. For women for whom the question of “whether to kiss on the first date” always has a positive response, for whom meetings and kisses are the ways of obtaining pleasure from life – any place is perfect for a long kiss if both partners want to kiss a girl for the first time​ Much depends on a place where your first kiss occurs. But more depends on what you yourself put in it.

How to have a first kiss with a girl on a date? Make a date as romantic as possible! Flowers, romantic music, candlelight dinner, a good restaurant or a specially prepared gourmet dinner, a date on the roof – it all seems like a banal movie, truisms, but all these truths work flawlessly and are always relevant! After all, in fact, many girls don’t have this and they see all this romance only in the movies. So, do your best to create a cozy atmosphere.

The kiss on the first date is strictly individual. These feelings differ from any other feelings from kisses. The desire to kiss on the first date is often difficult to defeat, so you don’t need to fight this desire. Be honest with yourself. Let go of your feelings! And this passionate kiss will be your well-deserved victory.

Can I kiss a girl on the first date? The answer is positive. But if you have really romantic feelings, then it is better to wait for the kiss on the lips until a girl herself shows the desire. But in any situation, a guy can kiss a girl if she doesn’t avoid contact with her skin and hair. Then you need to apply the “hypnosis of the lips” and go directly to kisses: start with the cheeks, then kiss on the neck, then her ears, touch her hair and finally kiss her on the lips.

A kiss is not just a gesture of gratitude and sympathy. It's a sleeping volcano that can wake up at any moment and overwhelm you by the flood of passion and uncontrollable emotions. Of course, in our time it is unlikely that someone will condemn you for excessive “ease” of behavior. And only you have to decide whether to kiss a girl on the first date or not.

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My God, the first kiss is beautiful! But I think it's too early to kiss on a first date. I kiss a girl on the third date when we already know each other.
13.02.2020 14:45
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