How to Talk to a Russian Girl Online


So, you made the first step towards finding a Russian girlfriend or even wife – you registered on the online dating site. Online dating is all about corresponding, chatting, and getting to know different women. In other words, this is all about communication. You must know that the cultural environment influences the way people interact and when it comes to intercultural communication, there can be certain barriers between two people. If you have doubts about how you should approach Russian girls online, you’re not alone. Many foreigners hesitate before sending the first letter to the women they like, and those who do not, usually choose the wrong strategy and make one and the same mistakes. In order to succeed at meeting and dating Russian brides online, you need to be aware of certain cultural differences and know what those women like and dislike. The following tips will help you devise an effective strategy and communicate with women successfully.


Improve your profile. Look through the information about yourself that you included in your profile. Does it give other people a general idea of what kind of personality you are and what you’re looking for? Make sure that you can answer this question positively. Very often Russian ladies ignore the messages from the men whose profiles contain scarce information about them or don’t have profile photos. Their reaction is understandable because every woman would like to know who wrote to her. If it’s a decent man with clearly stated intentions, she’ll reply to him. But if it’s a guy who didn’t write a word about himself in his profile, what is he doing here? So perfect your profile before you start sending letters to women.

Start casually. While in real life you make a first impression on a girl once you chat her up, in terms of online dating it’s your first message that acts as a hook. It should neither be very long nor contain only one word (“hi”). The best options are compliments and questions – just like in real life. By the time you decide to write to the woman, you’ve studied her profile and found something about her that caught your eye. It could be her interests which are consonant with yours or a certain feature of her appearance that you liked very much. Express your interest in her and show your admiration but do it in a light-hearted manner. Don’t be too pushy or wordy. If she’s not interested in you, give up.

Address her by the name. The sweetest sound in the world for every person is the sound of their name. It’s also the sweetest word when it comes to a written communication. So instead of writing “hello beauty” or complimenting her using generic words such as ‘woman’ or ‘girl’ (“you’re such a gorgeous woman”), use her name. If you want to maintain the connection between you, address her by her name through your conversation. Later, you can use the diminutive forms of her name – she’ll be pleased to see or hear that.

Be honest and straightforward. It goes without saying that you should be frank while talking to your Russian date. It doesn’t mean that you should tell her all your secrets, no. Just be clear about your intentions and don’t mislead her. If you want to ask her something, don’t beat about the bush but go for it. However, make sure that your question will not embarrass or offend her. Girls in Russia are pretty straightforward and they appreciate this trait in other people.

Adjust to her character. If you want to communicate effectively with women you need to learn to adjust to their temperament and their current mood. For example, if your interlocutor turns out to be a funny person with a good sense of humor, be funny yourself and keep your conversation in the same vein. If she is a romantic or a literature type, be romantic too, make your conversation meaningful, and occasionally demonstrate that you’re well-read too.

Avoid certain subjects. Apart from knowing which style of communication you should choose talking to brides from Russia, you should also be aware of the topics that are not normally discussed in Russian cultural environment. Sex-related topics are generally tabooed since they are too personal to be discussed with strangers. That’s why avoid the jokes that contain any hints at obscenity.

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Wow! I really like this tips. I did everything wrong. I will try to do so. I hope I can get a Russian girl interested.
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