Best Opening Lines for Online Dating Sites and Apps


Most of the girls are annoyed when the guys in social networks just say hello. This is something like, "Hey, can I get to know you?" Such boring greetings help identify a certain type of guys (you definitely don't want to be among them). They are too lazy to study the information that the girls indicate about themselves, they do not want to think over an original and witty opening line. Even if there is no specific information about her Zodiac sign on her page or the profile pictures do not contain even a hint on her interests, you can still find something to stick to and use to write funny opening lines for dating apps.

best opening lines for dating apps

Usually, the girls on social networks and dating apps receive dozens of these "greetings" every day. Such a "hello" can mean anything. When you try to meet girl online, do not shift the heavy burden of starting a more exciting conversation on her. Think over something more interesting and invent some personal best Tinder opening lines to use them as a way of self-expression. In general, simple "hello" is the worst way to start a conversation.

The opening line must be catchy, break the ice and leave a hook for a girl to hang on and continue with the topic. Most girls prefer when the male interlocutor is the leader of the conversation who rules the direction of the communication, chooses the topic to discuss and leaves a girl space to answer to his hints. Today we will talk about ways to write opening lines and give you specific examples of ready first messages that will interest any girl.

How to Write a Good Opening Line

Talking with a girl on the Internet is easier than in life. In a couple of clicks, you can find out everything about her: where she works or studies, what she is fond of, what films she watches and what music she listens to. But what to write to her in the first message so that she pays attention to you and wants to continue the conversation? Below we will talk about what must be written in the first message, and what should you avoid in opening lines.

Focus on quality, not quantity. Brevity is the soul of wit, and the best opening lines are always the ones that are short but catchy. Try to include as many information and humor as you can in one or two sentences. Because writing a whole poem about why you consider yourself an interesting person and what you expect from relationships is easy. Then try to put maximum sense into just a few words, they can be ambiguous so that the person read between lines. It will serve as a riddle the girl wants to solve, and when she tackles your puzzled greeting, she will not only feel proud that she has got what you meant but laugh at how funny and inventive you are.

This can be a quote from your favorite song, film or an inside joke from a fandom. By inserting it into your first message, you will check whether you and the girl have similar interests (or it will work wonders if you have already noticed something you have in common on the girl’s profile). And also some phrases devoid of context sound very funny and only people who get the joke will understand how creative they are.

Keep it simple. Less pathos and more of your real personality (unless you are a pathetic individual). When approaching beauties from ladies gallery, it is important to save the balance between trying to be creative and looking extra. Do not google phrases or use templates invented by other guys, otherwise, you will turn out to be less funny in real life and the girl may feel deceived. Try to invent something from your heart, short, simple and honest.

To start communication with a joke, a funny photo or video is just perfect. The main thing is not to go too far. There should be a balance in everything. Do not turn into next George Carlin, just add a touch of humor, lightness, and liveliness to your communication.

Do not bombard her with questions if she does not answer for a long time. Ask, “Are you alive?” She will definitely want to answer in some original way, she will join in the conversation, begin to think about you.

Compliment common interests and personality – not looks. Best opening lines for dating apps are always individual and aimed at a specific girl. Sending the same joke or compliment to the dozens of girls will not do because only with some of them you will hit the target. You should speak to the soul of the lady and seek something that will find the reaction in her heart. If you simply send her a compliment about her legs or hair, this will not impress her as she may have heard praise many times. Try to look for something really personal, pay attention to the way she texts, her manner of communication, interests, jokes, what she tries to hint you on or which topics she likes in a conversation. Give her compliments and say something pleasant concerning her bio, every word she mentions in the description of the profile can serve as a base for a future opening line. Quality matters more, and if you really invest time in thinking over messages for a few girls, you will receive more feedback than if you write the same thing to a hundred girls.

best opening lines for online dating profilesKeep it short. Do not write various messages if the girl doesn’t answer. You might not succeed in trying to interest her, and you are generally different people. The best opening lines for online dating profiles are usually one or two simple messages that are intended to attract a girl, if she doesn’t respond to your hooks, you can try writing another simple message changing the strategy specifically for her. But do not be obtrusive, no one girl will answer to the long reads you send her when bored. Value your and her time, do not waste it on senseless messages and excessive information, the shorter your messages are (the first one specifically), the better.

Re-read what you wrote. This is vital for two reasons. First of all, in case you made any grammatical mistakes or a typo, google the words you are not sure how to spell, maybe your phone has corrected your phrase for something you do not intend to say. Always check before sending. Secondly, do it to make sure the message sounds ok, doesn’t offend a girl, you did not overact or behave extra, that your jokes are understandable, and the main idea is clear. If the girl did not get what you meant right, it is your problem because you did not try to step into her shoes and see your message from her perspective. Always think twice before sending something very quickly, it is better to think over a risky quote twice than to explain what you were trying to say afterward.

Examples of Strong Opening Lines

First messages are the hardest ones because you have to make a strong impression, and you have only one chance. If your story later develops into something bigger, the very moment of where and how you have got acquainted will be remembered by both. Think over how to write an opening line that will make a girl laugh but don't look completely silly or weird. You can add something romantic but still try to be confident and translate male vibes. Try to catch her interest and base your opening line on something specific, but may the phrase sound adequate not something like, "Oh, you have a photo with a dog, do you like dogs?"

These opening lines for online dating examples are not, of course, universal, but at least they give you a clue of what to focus your attention on and develop your ideas based on these.

A nice compliment is always a good idea. But let it sound natural and be genuine, do not invent something extra or give pompous praise on features that are not worth that much of attention, otherwise, the girl will immediately feel it. Your opening line should be connected with specific things and facts you could learn from the profile of a person, do not add anything from your head as if trying to show your wit or fill in the blanks with unreasonable details. The simpler and more genuine your words are, the more your interlocutor will be amazed by your sincerity. Examples:

  • "Your eyes are so beautiful, I just couldn’t stay silent about it"
  • "I like your style, I do not only mean outfits but the whole aesthetics of your photos"
  • "Girls who love sports are automatically twice as pretty, why don’t we join a work out together?"

Shared Passion. Here you should play using the information the girl gives on her profile. Chances are even on the most basic and boring page you will find a small detail that will tell you what to stick to. After all, you have chosen this girl not only because she is beautiful, right? There must be something about her that attracted your attention, her look, smile, figure or overall image (then tell her about it using a tip from the previous paragraph). Or in other cases there were the common interests that made you want to text this girl, then insert this information into your first message, let her know you are keen on the same things.

  • "Do you like traveling as much as I do? Not that I want to compare, but I too have some experience in this tough sport"
  • "What will be your next tattoo? We all know that it is impossible to stop having only one."

How to hit on a girl who likes music. You can understand this either from her pictures from concerts, with musical instruments or taken at festivals, or from the description where the girl provided. In case your musical preferences coincide, you can proceed to the conversation and include a quote from a song you must have both heard for sure. Or just insert a beginning of a phrase from the lyrics with three dots as if letting her finish it.

  • "Wow, so, how was Sziget this year? Unfortunately, I didn’t make it this time."
  • "I'm worse at what I do best, and for this gift, I feel blessed…"

Using a joke. Of course, this can be a general type or the one based on the girl's interests. How to write great opening lines with humor? Focus on what you find the most outstanding features of the lady (those are the ones she has shown on her page like photos from different places, with friends, from parties, of her involvement in some activity) and try to play on them. You can tease but do not offend, add humor. Sarcasm and self-irony will be present when you get close, but on the initial stage, girls are afraid to seem silly or look stupid. If you laugh at some of the things she may be insecure about, this will hurt her very much. Examples of good jokes:

  • how to write sharp opening lines"*blowing you a kiss* not that I am afraid of the real job, just cannot do this right now because of the technical reasons"
  • "Knock knock, here I am running out of original opening lines for such a beauty like you"

Ask her out straight away. Give her no chances to retreat, let your first message immediately provoke her for taking actions and responding to your suggestion. If the girl is adequate, kind and adventurous, she will consider your idea. You can invite her for a cup of coffee, tea, for an art-event or even a techno rave, anything you like and think the girl will enjoy too. The key here is to emphasize that you prefer offline communication more, and you will not lose anything if you both agree to meet in real life in the nearest time. The worst thing that could happen is that you get rejected because she doesn’t trust you yet but, in this case, just explain your position. Suggest her to continue your communication through texting and as soon as she feels safe and ready for an open meeting, you will be glad to spend some time with her in real life.

  • "I don't mean to rush you up, but what about meeting at the nearest coffee place to you within the next few hours?"
  • "How much time do you need to get ready? Because I have already left the house."
  • "You like music. I like the music. Here's an art musical festival tomorrow, why don't we have some magnificent time together there?"

A strange question. Not creepy one but the phrase that will catch the attention of the girl and then do 60% of the job for you. Any kind of creative questions will work here. The effect of unexpectedness will leave her to spellbound but tease to answer. This one is practically the best tip on how to write sharp opening lines because it includes practically anything you could think of and gives you a large space for creativity.

  • "When you put on your shoes, you do it like this: one sock – one leg – next sock – next leg or like this: two socks – two legs?"
  • "What is your spirit animal-like? Strong and heavy or quick and canning? Mine is a tiger because they can be powerful predators or cute kitties all in one"
  • "Quick! Your favorite pizza topping"
  • "If you were a shoe, would you be a right or a left one?"

A random fact or something philosophical. Similarly to the previous one, the opening line of this kind may include anything you want. Have you been in the situation where you heard a random fact that made you experience Mandela’s effect or question your whole knowledge of this world, but you had no one to share it with? Now you can sparkle with your brilliance on dating apps and sites. Or you can share some of the thoughts that randomly come to your mind when you cannot sleep at night.

The art of opening lines includes an individual approach and a lot of your thoughts. Never copy someone else's pickup lines or banal phrases you've found on the Internet, adequately asses how to catch the girl's attention and leave her no chance of staying indifferent. Some of the main tips, of course, include being original, adding humor, keeping it short and simple, leaving a hint for the girl to answer at the same time staying clear about your intentions. And do not be scared of taking the initiative, girls write first too, but it happens rarely and only with the most outstanding guys. If you are a regular man your strongest instrument is your sense of humor and wit, so use it to approach a girl like nobody did before and break that ice with the first message.

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