How to Seduce a Married Woman


Surely many men stare at pretty women from time to time and regret that the later are married. In fact, human society has long advised men not to pay much attention to their neighbor’s wife. Some believe that seducing a married woman is a piece of cake. The question is why this is needed. Well, after all, someone needs it. Otherwise, there would have been no cheating. What drives a man who seduces a married woman? Is it about passion, love, the opportunity to be with a woman and at the same time be free from certain obligations, the desire to have someone else's wife?

how to seduce a married woman tips

Before setting yourself the goal of seducing a married lady, consider whether it is worth doing it at all. After all, you can easily seduce someone single. Are you ready to maintain a secret love affair, or you just need to have some fun a couple of times? Well, if the excitement is strong, then try because, in the end, it isn’t such a difficult task. It all depends on the woman herself. You can seduce one woman quickly and easily, and the other one will stay your efforts for a longer time. Anyway, just as they say, "Constant dropping will wear away a stone."

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Why Married Women Don’t Mind Being Seduced

Any woman can be seduced, except for those happily married. But such women, unfortunately, aren’t in majority. Women love attention, they always want to be on the scene. They love to receive compliments about their beauty and can succumb to the spell of a strong man. They want to feel like prom queens, to know they are needed and appreciated. That’s why usually women respond to the call of adventure. Many men mistakenly think that being in love with a married woman is quite a trouble, in terms of things going harder than with single girls. The main advantage of dating a married woman is that such a woman, as a rule, doesn’t require any responsible steps. For them, such a relationship is needed only for entertainment, and if so, then no plans for the future should be made. Even after marriage, a woman instinctively searches for a strong and confident man. And if she turns out to be next to him, she can change her mind about the inviolability of marriage. Neither men nor women are perfect. But with age, a man loses his passion for hunting girls. But for a woman, on the contrary, this desire wakes up and becomes very strong. Why does a married woman want to date another man? Boredom is the number one reason among others! But the desire of being seduced may occur because of the next things as well.


When you are married for a long time, feelings subside, sex becomes on-duty and rare because the husband is busy with work. You get bored and tired of daily household chores, walking a dog, caring for a child and the husband. A woman begins to feel like a bird in a cage. It seems that every day is like the previous one, there is no variety, there is surely enough time for yourself, you forget about friends, you forget the address of your favorite beauty salon, a cafe where you met with your work colleagues or girlfriends. And if a woman works, then the situation with free time is even worse. She gets tired at work, and at home still needs to do cleaning up and cook food. In general, routine kills. And then in the social networks, she gets a message from a man who is10 years older, former military, interesting, honey-tongued, sexual. How to stand the temptation?

A favorable occasion?

Sometimes cheating happens simply because it is a convenient moment. Suppose a woman quits her job as she has to go to another city because of her husband’s career. Leaving work, she sends a letter to her colleagues that she will be glad to keep in touch with them and drink coffee in an informal setting. And suddenly one of them, who was married and as formal as possible with the woman while communicating at work, replies that he would like to drink coffee as well. And he sets the time of the meeting. Imagine he is interesting to a woman as a talented, creative person, and she knows what to talk about with him. At first, she simply has a “cognitive” interest, she is interested in how he lives, what he thinks about, how the inspiration comes to him as his work results are always fascinating. And then it turns out that he got divorced his beloved wife because she had cheated on him. And then it starts. They meet in the morning while the children are in the kindergarten, in hotels, outdoors, in the car, everywhere.

signs a married woman is attracted to youParent’s example

Children always repeat after their parents. They project an adult behavior model on themselves. If there are problems in the family, most likely, the same problems will arise in the kid’s family when they grow up. Of course, there is a moment of rejection when a kid begins to hate violence since dad beats the mother and the like, but if certain things are considered as such in the family, the child will never understand that something is wrong with this. He will grow up thinking that it should be so because they had it in the family and anyone was bothered. If a kid sees that mom or dad has strange friends who behave the way ordinary friends would never do, they will be convinced that the same thing happens in every family. Accordingly, the child will inherit the same model of behavior, which explains the falsified relationship in their own family.

The woman initiates intimacy in a marriage

Sometimes in a couple, a woman is more active in an intimate context than a man. Temperaments don’t coincide, and a woman seeks to get more on the side. For some women, a permanent relationship seems boring due to the lack of a “twinkle.” They chase after new, thrilling feelings. If a woman in the family plays the role of not only mother and wife, but also a nanny, maid, laundress, breadwinner - anyone but the beloved, then she goes for cheating to fill the emotional void. If the husband is constantly at work, comes tired in the evening, and wants nothing more than to fall asleep, if a woman has to ask her husband for sex, she will feel unwanted and unnecessary. However, even if a woman receives a sufficient amount of intimacy at home but doesn’t feel unity with her partner on an emotional level, she can set off in search of a new man.

Her friend’s example

Even exemplary wives living in a marriage, which a woman, like everyone else, considers a role model, were convicted of infidelity. It would seem that the only thing they do is sitting at home with the children. What kind of acquaintances may they have then? But sometimes one conversation with a son’s classmate’s father is enough, and she’s already drinking coffee at the Chocolate House near the school. Therefore, sometimes it happens that a woman decides to cheat because of a friend who tells her that this is okay that she cheats on her spouse. "There are 6 girls in our Viber group. We all are friends. Five of them are cheating or have cheated on their husbands. Only one of us is happily married to her first man. They are together since school times. We jokingly tell her - you still have everything ahead. 7 years of marriage are not a term yet."- Eveline shares with us.

There Are a Few Things That You Need to Understand Before Even Trying to Approach a Married Woman

Get ready to be a lover. Trying to figure out how to seduce a married woman, be ready for the fact that you will be assigned the role of a simple lover. As we have already found out, not always a woman comes into sexual contact with another man when she is in despair or wants to get a divorce. Most likely, in a woman’s family life, everything is relatively good, she has a job, children, a husband, and she is hardly going to change anything. Therefore, it is worth understanding that you will be a lover for some time. Signs a married woman is attracted to you are not enough for her to turn over the lifestyle for you. You are unlikely to get married or live together, she most likely will not abandon her comfortable husband and will not go to the ends of the world with you. You will have an amazing relationship, but for her, you will be just a passion.

Accept that she may never be yours. And so, after you come to terms with the role of a lover, think about the fact that a married woman is unlikely to be yours. That is, truly yours. Understand that you will always share her with her husband and her children whom she will likely give preference to in any situation that requires it. If this fact doesn’t affect your self-esteem, you can continue to look for tips on how to seduce a happily married woman, but under no circumstances begin to live in illusions thinking that the woman will change everything for you, even if your relationship lasts for quite some time. Don’t give ultimatums to a woman in a marriage, don’t require her to abandon her husband or choose one of you. She will not be yours.

Get ready to fail. Firstly, it has been proven hundreds of millions of times that married women are also women and don’t mind having an affair without any special obligations which means that the probability that she will shut you down, tell her husband and give him your phone is about the same as meet a dinosaur - that is, 50 to 50 (either shuts you down or not); secondly, whatever one may say, for many married women, especially the ones married recently, sex with another man is by no means an easy step from a moral point of view. Of course, there are exceptions, but be prepared for difficulties, cockroaches in her head, checks and the fact that you will have to play more carefully than you used to.

Tips for Seduce a Married Woman

To begin with, over time, the feelings of people who are married and have been with each other for quite some time begin to gradually fade away, and the routine comes in their place. This is neither good nor bad - it is a given. Therefore, if her husband throws socks around the house and walks through pubs with friends, she may lack romance and attention. And if he is all that kind, sweet and caring, she will probably want adventures with a bad boy, thrills and other things. If you like her, first of all, you need to understand who she is, what kind of husband she is married to, what emotions she has and what she needs. The best tool in this matter is your observation, attentiveness, eyes, and ears, as well as good connections. Even from scraps of chatter of colleagues and telephone conversations, a more or less approximate picture can be drawn up, and if you have such a friend who is always up to date with all things or communicates with her and her friends, then you can learn a lot of interesting things. So here are some how to seduce a married woman tips that may help you achieve what you want.

how to seduce a married woman tipsFirst meetings

Whatever you do, it’s important to understand that she doesn’t need a serious relationship but rather an easy, non-binding romance, where there will be a maximum of emotions, a minimum of responsibility, so you can quickly split up without stories and scandals. Besides, no one promises that you will succeed the first time because she can respect her husband very much. First meetings should be held as naturally as possible - maybe you “accidentally” met her in a cafe at work, maybe a joint working project is coming for you. During meetings, you must give her emotions that she lacks from her husband. Be positive and laid-back, joke, but don't be a jester. Treat her like a smart girl, ask interesting questions that involve many points of view. In this case, be sure to express your, also very strong, position, and then admit that you are very pleased to communicate with her. Continue to actively participate in the life of the work team and communicate with other girls.

The next few dates

At some point, the motives will no longer be needed, and you can begin to behave as usual, that is, more relaxed and more active. Invite her to an institution that meets your mutual interests, or ask her to recommend a place, and let her show you it herself. At the current stage, you should already indicate the intention and connect touches, otherwise, you will be thrown into the friend zone. However, you should do everything not insistently so as not to cause her discomfort. In any case, watch her reaction, and if you see that something is unpleasant for her, you should not rush things.

Moment X

How to tell if a married woman is interested in you? Well, if you feel that she is ready for more. At that moment, when you are already close and almost celebrate the victory, she may suddenly refuse you both in sex and meetings. In most cases, this is just a way of checking because, as we've said above, she doesn’t need a serious relationship. The best thing you can do in such a situation is to remain as positive and continue to give her the same emotions that she lacks, that is, in no case be offended, don’t show how upset you are and don’t stop talking to her. She will not resist your charm!

It’s not necessary to have a lot of money

Only 26% of women believe that a tight wallet gives a man charm. Therefore, do not worry if you have less money than the one who is officially the man of her life: bohemian charm won’t be the problem. Your small apartment will be saturated with the aroma of forbidden pleasures, an inexpensive car will become a means of escape from reality. Therefore, count not on your salary but on your ability to become an exciting alternative to her everyday life. Attentive, sensual, interesting, this is what kind of man she is waiting for. To seduce a married woman, it is necessary that she noticed you, noticed that you don’t look like a husband. And the fortress will fall.

Be witty

How to seduce a married woman with words? Obtain one of the signs of a married man in love with another woman: make a sense of humor your secret weapon. 72% of women considered excellent humor to be the most attractive quality. What does it mean? You must be able to make her laugh. But don’t scoff at her husband (only if she asks), it can end badly. Entertain her, remember that your goal is to pull her out of the daily routine. Tell her funny stories from life, such that would show you in a favorable light. And don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself, it shows that you are completely confident in yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Impress her with your level of culture

Don’t try to beat Epstein or the experts in Million Dollar Mind Game. Don’t indulge in philosophizing and avoid historical stories, you will pass for a bore. Rather try to find common interests, show that you think alike about cinema, music, sports. What is the main thing? Let her know that she will not get bored with you, that your dinners in the restaurant will not turn into gloomy silent gatherings, which she is used to with her husband. And learn to listen, that is, not just nodding your head when she says something just the same way as her husband does! Give her understanding, and you can become her closest friend.

Take note of these tips or make your plan for winning a married woman. However, if you continue to feel obvious resistance, your relationship has cooled down a lot or she has arranged a serious discussion for you on the topic “I appreciate you, but I'm married,” do not push. In other words, act only if you see that she also really likes you, and she is ready to cheat on her husband. After all, does this mean that she has no particularly sincere feelings for him?

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