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In warm weather, it’s much easier to arrange a date. We leisurely walk in the parks, enjoy the sun on the beaches, and eat ice cream. In summer, it seems that people are happier and more open to communication than in winter. And how to date in winter? Now we have short daylight, frost, slush. We can neither ride a bicycle nor arrange a long walk. We want to wrap ourselves in a blanket, visit a site to meet single ladies, sit by the heater and drink tea from a liter mug.

But actually, all this doesn’t matter when we have a loved one nearby. If you have long wanted to arrange a small celebration of love but didn’t know where it is better to invite your loved one for a romantic date, then it’s time to seriously think about this issue because February 14 is approaching – Valentine’s Day. It’s time to make an unforgettable romantic date. In fact, this is a perfect period that gives us a unique opportunity to show our imagination. We will refute the myth of the unsuitability of winter for a romantic relationship. Our date ideas for couples in winter will certainly help you have a great time.

what to do on a date in winter

Winter Dates: How to Make the Best of Them?

Yes, winter is a cold season. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that there should be frost in your heart too. Look for a single woman online and go on your first date. And even if you and your soulmate have been together for two decades, this is an excellent opportunity to have a good time and remember this winter as one of the happiest moments of your life.

Many people think that the problem of where to date in winter is much more difficult to solve than in summer. If you think so too, then you should know that even in a small town, there are many great places for organizing a fun pastime with your loved one. Where to go on a date in winter? Places for dates in winter are divided into the following categories – outdoor and indoor activities. If your loved one agrees to spend the whole day with you, then you can make the upcoming event even more interesting by planning an entertainment program in several places at once.

Survival Rules for Winter Dating

A successful date doesn’t have to be too long. Winter days are short, so don’t spend the whole day on your date. What other rules for winter dating should be considered?

Tune in a romantic mood

things to do on first date in winterWhat to do on a date in winter? First of all, think positively. After all, you should have a good time. Don’t worry about all the possible disasters that can happen because you attract them in this way. If you feel like you’re getting nervous, call a good friend, watch your favorite comedy series or listen to some nice music. Relax. Focus on getting a pleasant experience, and so it will be.

Consider the preferences of your loved one

It is not hard to make your date interesting. You need to come up with good date ideas for the winter season, but you have to do it taking into account the preferences of your soulmate because you may have different ideas about romance and a perfect date. For example, a date on the roof can be hopelessly spoiled if your woman is afraid of heights. So, you have to know what she likes.

Take tea and sandwiches

Fresh air perfectly awakens your appetite! You can make sandwiches with sausage at home and take a thermos with tea. Having sat down on a bench in the park, you can have a wonderful lunch. While the girl is eating a sandwich and drinking sweet tea, read her a couple of verses. Believe me, the girl will forever remember this date.

Wear comfortable clothes

Whether you follow fashion or not, remember that your clothing is a form of nonverbal communication. And it is also part of forming the first impression of you. Therefore, prepare your clothes for the date in advance. And dress as you like. That is, be yourself. And just make sure that your clothing style will match the place you are planning to visit.

Put your phone on mute

It looks very bad when your phone is constantly buzzing with various messages or calls when you are on a date (or when you are constantly distracted by it). Such behavior is unacceptable and can destroy all hopes for a future relationship. So, put your phone on mute in advance or put it in your bag and enjoy your date. Your partner deserves your attention.

What Is the Cuffing Season, and How Does It Affect Winter Dates?

When date does winter start? It officially starts on 1 December. The winter season affects relations between men and women, thus, people who have a partner feel all the positive aspects of romantic relationships, and those who don’t have relationships are eager to indulge in the winter idyll and find someone to spend evenings and drink mulled wine. The absence of a couple is not a reason for sadness because you can always meet someone. In winter, it is customary to get acquainted with the opposite sex in bars, restaurants, libraries or fitness clubs.

And what is the cuffing season? Well, people call this period when they want to find a mate for winter. It’s just dark and cold on the streets, so they need to find a partner with whom they spend evenings and months of the cold season, listening to the wind howl and watching cracking woods in the chimney. Human DNA has been formed for hundreds of thousands of years, and ancient people transmitted to us the desire to survive in the cold season. Chances appeared for those who gathered in groups and couples. That is why the cuffing season begins with the dark and chilly evenings of late autumn.

Original and Unique Winter Dating Ideas

When autumn ends, it will not be superfluous to think about how to spend winter dates. If you have no date ideas for winter season, you can take advantage of the proposed options. You just have to take your loved one to some special place and enjoy your date.

date ideas for winter season1. Walk in the park

For a walk in winter, it is better to choose not the most frosty and windy days. This is one of the things to do on the first date in winter. It is important to warn the girl that a long walk is planned so that she dresses appropriately. You can just walk around the park, feed squirrels or birds, or ride a slide on the ice. Take hot fragrant tea in a thermos and ready sandwiches or chocolate bar. Also, it is a great idea to get hand warmers. And don’t forget the camera because girls usually like to be photographed!

2. Trip out of town

A trip out of town is a classic option to escape from city problems and be alone with your loved one. You can rent your favorite house or follow the example of the heroes of the movie The Holiday and exchange apartments or houses with friends or acquaintances on Facebook. This pastime has its advantages: a new environment, thrills, and invaluable communication experience. Isn’t it one of the unique date ideas for winter?

3. Playing snowballs and making snowmen

Are you looking for good cheap date ideas for winter? Well, making a snowman or playing snowballs is not a childish activity at all but an excellent pastime that will allow you to get close to someone you like for a long time. Just remember the film Just Friends and a dozen others where two young people indulge in this winter fun, and then they kiss.

4. Walking and photoshoot

Have you been dreaming about a thematic photoshoot for a long time? Sunny snow day will be the best decoration. It is not necessary to strive for perfect shots, applying for a professional portfolio. Breathe the air and get positive emotions. Imagine how interesting it will be to enjoy the ready-made photos that you've created together! This is one of those cute date ideas for the winter season that brings happiness.

5. Scandinavian baths

This is one of the best indoor date ideas for winter. This may be too eccentric for some, but it has been practiced in Finland for more than two centuries: firstly, you sit in a sauna or steam bath, which will cleanse toxins from your body, open pores, and relieve stress. Then you cool off under a refreshing waterfall. The last step is an easy way to relax in a quiet room. The process is repeated several times. This hydrotherapy provides healing and stimulating qualities, both for the body and mind. Finding “your” person is sometimes difficult. Someone is luckier in the matter of relationships, while someone is not. But a fateful meeting takes place sooner or later, and life becomes more colorful and happier. Now you know the best holiday date ideas and how to organize it in winter.

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