Top 10 Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend


It is believed that girls are the initiators of romance in a relationship as they are most often arranging surprises for loved ones. As for men, sometimes such things cause bewilderment, skepticism, fear, and even irritation in them. But if a guy is sincerely in love, then sooner or later he will want to make a surprise for his soulmate. It remains only to choose the right idea for this. When you see your beloved girl is in a bad mood, you may want to know about romantic things you can do for your girlfriend when she is depressed.

Only a gale and hail can become a contraindication to a romantic date in the street. Even when there is pouring rain outside, you can arrange a walk, you will stroll under one umbrella, hold hands and discover new beautiful places. And then go to your favorite cafe, where the waiter, who you have spoken to in advance, will surprise your girl with a present from you. Of course, she will be taken aback at first, but this will be a day to remember. What else can you come up with? This is only one option, but there are so many ideas on how to do something romantic for your girlfriend.

what is a romantic gift for girlfriend

Best Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend

When you get fed up with the daily grind of doing groceries, cleaning a house or waking her up with a kiss in the morning, you want to do something more. At this moment when you ask yourself, "How to be more romantic for my girlfriend?" you start seeking ideas and strive to open new horizons of your inner cuteness. Loving someone means a desire to make them happy every day, and it is not only about fundamental things. Yes, affection, sympathy, respect, and financial support are all vital, but you have to come up with something extra to surprise your loved one. Then chances are they will want to give back twice many emotions and great memories to you. That is called a cycle of romance and positive emotions that helps couples stay happy for long because all girls looking for dates hope to meet a romantic guy one day. So, what are romantic things to do for your girlfriend?

Massage her feet. It can be best done after she comes back home after a hard-working day, and you can see how tired she is. Or another great occasion is when you had a romantic evening and were walking a lot while she was wearing hills. It is every girl’s dream to have her swollen feet massaged by a loved one. Because she wore those not so comfortable shoes to impress you too, not only to look bomb. And if you help her feel relief and understand her efforts, she will see how much you truly love and care for her. Do not perceive it as an act of bending over, you just help her feel less strained, and she would do the same for you.

Write a letter. What can be more romantic in the era of information technologies? Especially when you find a woman online. Nothing will ever substitute the letter correspondence because you put your energy into every word you write with your hand, every mistake or a crossed word mean you were worried and that you cared. Write about the day you first met or the last time you understood how much you love your girlfriend. Was it when she cooked your favorite dinner or wore a stunning red dress a couple of days ago? Describe your emotions, that is a girl’s language so she will appreciate.

Give her small gifts. If you were wondering, “What is a romantic gift for girlfriend?” then stop overthinking. Practically any trinket can serve as a gift. Be it a cute piece of paper with a compliment, a flower from a neighbor’s flowerbed that she will later dry and store for years, taking her favorite coffee in the morning or leaving the last slice of pizza. These do not require a lot of time or money, but girls remember such things for their whole life. There are so many romantic things to do for your girlfriend when you have no money that lacking finances shouldn't be an excuse anymore. Chances are she still keeps in mind the first time a guy she liked at school treated her to some sweets or saves the book her boyfriend presented to her without an occasion.

Create romantic memories. What romantic things to do for your girlfriend apart from a gift or anything tangible? Those are emotions, stories, and moments. Write her a song, or make any song "yours." Then any time you hear it at the mall or in a car, it will take you back to the day you were so happy and crazy in love. Tell her how beautiful she is and simply hug when you are standing at an observation deck with a night city view. Leave her memories that she can boast about when chatting with her girlfriends and that will live long after all flowers fade and all other gifts get lost.

what romantic things to do for your girlfriendCook her something. A guy who comes into the kitchen just to get a drink from the fridge will greatly surprise his beloved if he prepares her a dinner, breakfast or a delicious dessert. For advice on how to do this, you can contact your mother or sister, in extreme cases, strictly follow the recipe from the cookbook. To make the masterpiece not only unexpected but also edible, cook something that she likes and is not so hard to make. It is worth stopping at something like a light salad or a fruit smoothie.

Some Romantic Tips to Do for Your Girlfriend

Life consists of everyday details that create a bigger image. What are some romantic things to do for your girlfriend? Anyway, she falls in love with you after every cute deed. Some of these tips do not require even much time or money, they just mean being attentive and learn some useful habits like asking your beloved one what she likes and then keeping it in mind or being spontaneous and coming up with surprises.

In no case should you take this list as a call for action and implement all the things at once. One day you may wake up with a thought, "What can I do to be romantic for my girlfriend?" and it means you are ready. Only your sincere desire to make your soulmate happy will make these tips pleasant for you too. Then start with some of them and when every new tick becomes a habit, proceed to new surprises. This will keep your girlfriend in a pleasant shock at how romantic and caring you can be.

Dance with her (out or at home). After you have used our tip about establishing "that one your" song, you can dance to it and make any evening special. Is your girl in a bad mood or just sad? Hug her, stand up and start spinning to the rhythm of a melody. You can order any composition at a restaurant and invite your beloved to a spontaneous dance while everybody will be watching your couple. Or step up the game and join dancing courses, make your beloved a surprise by giving her a certificate for attending bachata dances. In case you don’t know, this is the sexiest Latina dance for couples.

Comment when you notice things she changes. Even if they are obvious for you. Did she have a new haircut or change the way she does her makeup? She did it not only for herself but for you in the first place. Let her know you notice every change in her mood, style, words, attitudes, preferences, way of cooking or appearance. That is extremely important and if you wonder how to do romantic things for your girlfriend, this option is the easiest way to do it.

Remember her favorite little things. It is not hard, just perceive them as something you prefer yourself. Since your partner is your soulmate, your couple is a kind of one whole where two people that love each other are united with similar interest, care and affection. If you care for your partner as you care for yourself, every time you are together and she mentions something, take it into account. Next time when you buy a coffee you can even revise, "Ok, I want a latte, but she would buy a Frappuccino," then every time such details come to your mind, you will get a ready idea about how to make a romantic gift for girlfriend.

Bring a picnic to the park. Pack food you have at home or buy something delicious. You can do it together or arrange a surprise without telling her where you go and what you plan to do. Such a picnic should be better arranged when the weather is great or you know the sunset will be especially beautiful tonight. If you know that she is an active Instagram user, search for the photo ideas on this social media or Pinterest. They will tell you which food (for example, strawberries, a baguette, croissants, fruits, wine) to buy to make a beautiful flat lay. There you can also find Instagram locations for a picnic where you will not only enjoy a company of each other but take dozens of beautiful photos you can even print later.

A scenario for a perfect romantic picnic can vary, it depends on how you feel she would like it and what your mood this day is. Start with a walk through a remote park or a forest outside the city, then drink wine and talk about your plans for the future at the lakeside. And the perfect ending of such date will be lying under a starry sky observing constellations in silence.

Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Not every city has such a service, but you probably travel to another land and can become passengers of a carriage drawn with horses in any old European city. This can be a spontaneous ride but at least once in your life, such an occasion will appear. Because all girls have been brought up the way they were dreaming about a prince on a white horse. Fairy tales about beautiful princesses in majestic dresses and films that take us back to medieval times. Even in the twenty-first century, many women still would like to put on a luxurious outfit, call for a coachman and take a ride a real carriage. And if it is in your power to arrange such a surprise, this is a truly romantic thing to do.

Offer to take a photo for her Instagram. What can be more romantic than giving up to some of your girlfriend's whimsies? If you want to know how to be romantic for your girlfriend, the first thing you need to learn is that women are esthetes and like everything connected with leading their social media. Instagram, Facebook or any other social network are a kind of self-expression for them. Arranging a beautiful blog, posting perfectly edited or, on the contrary, live and bright pictures and writing posts on how they spent their holidays are their retreat from reality. A kind of relaxation. Some post pictures to boast about the new gift you have bought them, others are just happy you have finally visited a picturesque place, and the third is pleased with the fact they at least have a boyfriend and want to put you on every photo. But next time your beloved asks you to take a picture of her, you should remember not only about a right angle, how not to cut the part of her body or choose the shot where the sun shines as needed, but also keep in mind that it is truly important for her. So, the best thing you can do is to suggest that you take a photo from time to time, do not wait for her to ask, be the first.

how to do something romantic for your girlfriendTake a pole dancing class together. Such courses are great to spice up your intimate life and add something interesting to your collection of moves and sexual games. You invest not only in your memories that you will remember long after you finish a course of classes but also in your development. It will be you who can later watch your beloved performing a sexy dance for you and never regret the time and money spent on this idea. So, get contacts of the nearest pole dance studio and join individual classes as soon as possible. Such a romantic surprise she will surely appreciate.

Give her flowers. It is all times classic that many guys still forget about. We do not talk about flowers as a part of a gift (or in no case a full gift itself) for a special occasion. Some girls think it is banal and would ask you not to buy them flowers for a birthday etc. It can be also inconvenient to buy her a huge bouquet when you plan to walk a lot and present it at the beginning of a date. Because then you have to think about how you should both carry it and keep track of where you leave it and not forget flowers in a restaurant. But if it is a spontaneous sign of attention, especially flowers from your flower bed, any girl will be happy to receive such a small gift. What is also important here, ask her in advance which flowers she likes in a way she doesn't suspect anything. You can do it a few weeks before you plan to make such a surprise. As a result of such an unobtrusive "unintended" conversation, it can even turn out that she is allergic to flowers. So, be attentive, forewarned means forearmed.

Paint a room. Not all romantic deeds are abstract or sophisticated. Some of them are about simple routine things that make us happy. If your girlfriend is not pleased with the way your room is arranged, move furniture when she is out of town, and she will be surprised after arrival. Change the curtains she didn't like or buy a door rag she has been asking you for. But the best thing you can do is to arrange a small house repair and change the interior. Paint a room in her favorite color (provided you love it too, do not sacrifice for her sake in such huge things), and this will show her how much you care. No words are needed here, she will understand everything as she enters the renewed home.

Take a bubble bath. You can do that with a tasty bubble gel, scented candles, wine, and a romantic film. Start pouring the water before your beloved comes back home after a hard day and invite her to take a bath together to relax and forget about the daily grind. We all have seen such lovely scenes in movies or read about them in books, but how many of you have at least once tried to do this with your partner? Trust us, nothing can be more intimate than laying in a bath, talking about some philosophic topics and understanding that this is something deeper than just sex. But who knows what you will do after the water at the bath cools down, and you want to get out.

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to earn money, be there for your beloved one or even deny the importance of small cute details for relationships. After you make your partner happy every day, one morning you can wake up to a thought, "How to be more romantic for my girlfriend?" And it means you are ready to do something bigger and invest all your heart into your union. Chances are she is trying for you too, she is cooking your favorite cake when she notices you feel upset, brings you a beer when you are too engaged in watching football and remembers about all your important dates because she wants to celebrate every occasion with you. Girls have their ways of expressing love and men have theirs. But everyone can be more romantic for their special people. Because when you are inspired for new actions and words, your partner feels it and tries to pay you back with doubled attention.

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