What Sex Feels Like for Women Physically: an Honest Insight


“I'm not an expert here, so I won’t speak for all women and won’t generalize. Thus, here is my personal opinion based on my personal experience. The incredible pleasure obtained from an orgasm is a very unusual feeling, because it cannot be obtained in any other way. Perhaps, men are waiting for some kind of romantic definition and sweet comparison. But I'll say that it's more like euphoria – you feel dizzy; the mind is pure; you don’t think about anything (the pleasure absorbs you completely); you do not want to get up, move and even talk, anything but a whisper (a complete lack of power). After a minute your mood is lightened, it seems all the problems are gone, peace of mind and joy come over you. Therefore, I compare the female orgasm to a drug: not just because the sensations are very bright and rare to get in everyday life, but because once you feel it, you will want more of it. This is the most pleasant thing that I ever had to experience (note: with a beloved man, because the psycho-emotional state is of a high importance for a woman). It's better than the pleasure you get tasting delicious food, a dream job, or a long-awaited purchase, better than chocolate.”

- this is how my friend Ann describes her feelings during sex.

what does it feel like for a woman to have sex

The Insight to What it Feels Like for Women to Have Sex: Peculiarities and Common Misinterpretations

All women are different, but some things they describe in a similar way. So, what does sex feel like for a woman?

Sex can be compared to an intensive massage of a well-heated collar zone - the head turns off, you experience the delight and joy of the body. If you do it and the zone is not warmed up enough, the massage may be painful but still nice. In sex, being warmed-up is even more essential as there is no pleasure along with pain in sex. And how does sex feel for a woman in your opinion?

Orgasm is often similar to sneezing (only a thousand times stronger and more pleasant), but it also depends on the methods of obtaining it. Still, this is far from how should sex feel for a woman.

Post-orgasmic relaxation feels like a warm (not hot) bath after getting wet in the rain. There is a belief that a woman will never tell a man what she wants in bed because he should know it himself. It is hard to say whether the statement is true or not. No man can tell you that. However, a great number of girls are too shy to speak up their intimate desires. They feel embarrassed to explain to their partner what they actually need to come. Well, unfortunately, Adam’s sons often fail to understand what a woman wants or misinterpret her signs. So what does it feel like for a woman to have sex? How much of that knowledge is revealed to men? And the last but not the least - does sex feel better for a man or woman?

So, how do you understand a woman in bed? Obviously, a girl expects from a man something more than a gross intercourse. She is interested in romance, kissing, affection, tenderness, orgasm, etc.

In order to satisfy a woman, it is necessary to create a romantic atmosphere and to cover her with kisses. Make a small research. Keep an eye on her for a few days and identify what kind of affection she likes, what things turn her on; get to know what irritates her and what keeps her cool. If you are attentive to details and do not think about your own pleasure exclusively, you can quickly get the idea what her body tells you and where to caress it. The next thing is to follow the rhythm and change it when needed.

how to make sex feel better for a womanIt is important to realize that the sexual behavior of your partner is based not only on your caresses but also on the events, happened during the day. Quarrels and stresses affect her potency negatively. Therefore, do not be surprised if your female partner refuses to have sex and boycotts all your attempts and efforts after she had a harsh day at work, for example.

Try to move to the evening sex smoothly. Prepare everything in advance. Think about romantic acts and gifts. Give her flowers, dedicate a song to her … make your imagination work for you. It will 100% influence your sex and make it actually happen.

Women love when a man is persistent. Therefore, one should not give up immediately after the girl refuses to have sex. Do not be afraid to fail and give up the position, you should get it gently, but stubbornly. By the way, have you ever thought about: what does anal sex feel like for a woman or what does oral sex feel like for a woman? The answer is quite similar. Everything depends on you. If you make some efforts and compete for the right to master her, then she will do it and, probably, with great pleasure. If you ask me, “does anal sex feel good for a woman», I would honestly say that it does. Don’t give up on it.

Follow the recommendations below to avoid any further problems in sex with your woman.

Tips to Make Sex Feel Better for a Woman

Negative sexual experience can lead to a persistent decrease of sexual desire and even to the rejection of sex life. Therefore, let’s look through some tips in order to make sex feel for woman better.

Mind the foreplay

If you often practice having sex before the woman is erotically ready, and even before her sexual desire is awaken, your frictions may cause unpleasant feelings and do plenty of other harmful stuff. If this is the case, your female partner will keep all negative sensations in mind and may lose the interest in the intimate life with you forever. Negative sensations result in the desire of your female partner to finish the act as quickly as possible. It may force your lady to ignore your seducing and sexual luring. So, how to make sex feel better for a girl? A long foreplay is what can make sex feel better for both of you.

Choose the right moment

It is crucial for male partners to choose the right moment to enter and start their frictions. The thing is that many men fail to control the duration of their sexual intercourse and, thus, often fail to satisfy their women. The male orgasm depends completely on penis stimulation: hand stimulation, oral stimulation, and vaginal stimulation. The intense stimulation often results in a soon orgasm. Most women can hardly turn on by that time. If the partner pays enough attention to caresses and starts the very frictions only after the woman is melting and begs you to start the act, she will have all chances to come to the end soon after the beginning.

Help her focus on tingly sensations

Another interesting thing is the stage of excitement. So how to make sex feel better for a woman? And what to avoid for the sake of her satisfaction? If you distract a woman during the final stage or even in the middle of the process, you will make it difficult if not impossible for her to concentrate on what she feels. Any offsite impacts (street noises, creaky bed, voices, kids) my result in a failure to feel the warm wave of orgasm. The other equally important factor is onsite impacts. Therefore, try to avoid such distractions as thinking of other things, comparing your partner to other women, thinking about the consequences of your intercourse.

how to make sex feel better for her In some cases, when a lady is distracted easily, along with a low responsiveness of erogenous zones, etc., the “excitement” may be low and fail to reach the needed level. In this case a woman will not receive an orgasm, although it does not mean she will not get any pleasure out of the process. Don’t bother that your partner may be frustrated and disappointed. She is likely to consider the whole process really pleasant and enjoy exchanging intimate feelings with you.

Aim at the highest point of her sexual desire

Here is another recommendation on how to make sex feel better. Considering the fact that female partners enjoy the intimate contact even if they fail to reach an orgasm, you are supposed to worry neither on the matter of size nor on the matter of a curved penis. But would a curved penis feel better to a woman for sex? The thing is that you don’t need a curved penis to lead her to an orgasm. All you need, as you can presume from the above mentioned, is emotional background, caresses, and her favorite position. The same is about the size. A large penis is not a necessary condition to satisfy her. Besides, the physiological narrowing of the vagina allows your lady to react to the contact, even if the penis is small. The mechanism works best when the penetration comes at the right point (when the blood flow comes to genitals and the narrowing process begins).

Enrich your anatomy knowledge

Knowledge and understanding of the physiology of sex reactions along with the correct technique of sexual intercourse will help you avoid many sexual problems. During the post-final stage all the changes happened during the intercourse begin to disappear. The body goes back to its original state, and all the changes occurred are spinning back to the starting point, as when you rewind a movie back. That is why this stage is called the stage of reverse development.

Do not interrupt the final stage

One more tip on how to make sex feel better for her is to “move forward”. When your lady has reached the highest level of excitement and has experienced all the changes she is to experience at this stage, you should keep the intercourse or the stimulation going. The interruption of any kind of simulation or the very sex before the orgasm arises may result in a long-lasting overflow of blood. The long-standing blood in the genitals is accompanied by unpleasant feelings in the lower abdomen. Women can note the feeling of heaviness, pressure, itching, and sometimes even aching. Women often turn to gynecologists with such complaints. However, unless the true cause of the complaints is discovered and eliminated, they return again.

Thus, the common opinion on the harm of a sex life without an orgasm is justified. However, it would be wrong to say that any sexual act without orgasm is harmful to a woman. It's not like that at all. Even anal sex may be harmless if you know how to make anal sex feel better.

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