11 Traits that Russian Girls Hate in Men


Every woman has her own ideal of the man. But all women want real men. They have to be strong, reliable and at the same time gentle, kind, intelligent and attentive. But there are some traits that women just can’t stand. Look at them and if you have at least one from the list, you should try to change it.

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What girls from Russia hate about men

Now let's talk about the traits that Russian brides don’t like in men. Sometimes a very nice guy can cause dissatisfaction in a woman only because of his terrible untidiness or inability to behave in society. But if you can’t fight these "sins", then there is a high probability that a woman will not look at you as at a possible life partner. Here some other bad traits:

1. A man always doubts

That's what makes Russian ladies look at men like at losers. Women expect from their partners great achievements, feats, support, and protection. And what to expect from a man who doesn’t believe in his own strength so much that he is not capable of providing a decent life for his woman, he depends on the opinions of others around him and is unable to solve even the most trivial problem by himself. Women don’t like such men, and that's it!

2. He doesn’t take the initiative

If you want to find a Russian woman, then remember that they can’t stand men who are unable to bear responsibility for their words and deeds, unable to defend their opinion. These qualities characterize a man as a weak and insecure person, and who needs such a companion for life? Women are looking for support and protection in a man and such men can’t give it. Russian ladies are fascinated by man's confidence. It acts as a guarantee that a woman will be like behind a stone wall next to such man.

Also, women are annoyed by slow men who are not able to respond quickly to events and always wait for help or advice. It is unlikely that something will be achieved with such a husband.

3. A man doesn’t have his own opinion

Partner's full agreement with his woman's opinion may even touch the soul of a lady at the beginning of a relationship. It seems that it is nice that a man listens to and acts as a woman advises. However, over time, this constant agreement begins to irritate because a man should have his own opinion on some issues and even a clear position. Men without their own opinion are uninteresting to women because they are in the category of weak men.

boring-man4. He has a friendship with an ex-girlfriend

Let’s imagine that your girl broke up with her first love a few years ago but continues to be friends with him. And not just to be friends, but she wants to participate in his life: she listens to his complaints, helps him in difficult life situations. “After all, we are not strangers! “ – she declares. “And who am I for you” – you may say in response. It is unpleasant, right? Women are also annoyed when men think that their ex-women are family friends. Maybe it's better to leave the past in the past and live only in real relationships?

5. He doesn’t have interests

It will be boring to be with a man who is only interested in sports and computer games because there is nothing to talk about with him, he is not interested in anything new, doesn’t want to learn new things and is not able to share them. Smart men are interesting to women because they can surprise them, and as you know, women like surprises.

6. A man doesn’t give his woman attention

This is one of the numerous things girls hate. If a man is not interested in her life, doesn’t help, doesn’t call her, doesn’t send messages, doesn’t give flowers without an occasion, doesn’t say compliments, doesn’t tell a woman that he loves her and that she is the most beautiful and the best, doesn’t hug and kiss. He is not jealous and this means he doesn’t care about his woman. He never remembers his woman's birthday date, doesn’t remember the anniversaries and other memorable dates (wedding day, etc.).

7. A man can’t relax and enjoy life

If you believe that life is a serious thing and there is no place for rest and entertainment - you can go crazy. A man who doesn’t know how to see simple joys in life and appreciate them is initially a bad relationship partner because he can’t make a woman happy but causes anguish and depression in her. That is why women avoid gloomy and sullen men. Don’t be this kind of man dating Russian women.

8. He is a crazy romantic

A lot of romance is not always very good. An overly romantic boyfriend will gradually start annoying a woman with his tearfulness and sentimentality. A man should be kind but he has to be strong as well, a woman should see a defender in him, a support not only for herself but also for their future children. So if a woman has a choice between a romantic and a self-confident man, she will choose the second variant without thinking twice.

9. A man is very jealous

This terribly annoys women but is quite conceivable. Here the main thing is to find the very golden mean that will divide care and control. Two partners have to find out and agree on everything. Otherwise, such relations are doomed to failure.

10. He always forgets important things

There are situations in life when men forget about different dates that are so important to women. If this happened 1-2 times - it's okay, but if it's a habit, it can lead to constant conflicts.

11. He brags a lot

Women are madly annoyed by boastful men who always open their purse in front of their eyes showing the amount of money, talk about their business and the like. Believe me, girls are so clever and penetrating that can learn about the financial situation of their partners without any clues.

Of course, this is not the whole list of disgusting male traits, according to the female half of humanity. This doesn’t mean that all men have the above characteristics. Of course, there are a lot of normal, intelligent, noble men in the world who also despise all the whims and whiners. We are sure you are one of them, so it will be easy for you to get a Russian girl.

How to Become the Best Man in 5 Steps

Dance-with-me Step1: Say unexpected compliments

Does she have beautiful eyes, beautiful legs, a sexy figure, sensual lips, adorable hair and a charming smile? Say it to her before other candidates do this. It is better to avoid obvious compliments. They will not impress her. Try to be more original dating Russian girls.

Step 2: Play and flirt

Be polite with a new girlfriend. She’s had and will have enough cads in life. A woman falls in love with a good man's attitude. Gallantry, tact, and courtesy are the friends of a gentleman. But this doesn’t mean that you have to indulge her. Just respect a girl as a person.

Step 3: Bring breakfast in bed

Her whole day depends on how it starts. A breakfast in bed has always been considered almost the highest point of courtship. Don’t forget that a beautiful flower will make your gesture much more effective.

Step 4: Trust her with the most precious thing you have

Let her drive your car, for example. Who doesn’t risk - doesn’t win. Let her see what sacrifices you are ready to make for her. Such a feat of self-denial will be appreciated even by the most cold-hearted person.

Step 5: Say the magic words

Say three magic words. Yes, they are spoken by everyone, they sound silly, they sound too obliging, they are too banal - but a woman will be tormented by doubts if you don’t say it. Try. Tell her. It's so simple: "I love you!"

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I never thought that Russian girls don't like excessive romance. I'll be more restrained now. Thanks.
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