How to Be Romantic in a Long-Lasting Relationship


After a long period, the passion may fully disappear from your relationships. This may lead to terrible consequences for your romantic relationship. You see, it is a given fact that we all need romance in our lives. We all like it when our romantic partners give us cute surprises or arrange romantic dates. In turn, we also love to pamper them with our deeds and gifts. This desire to have romantic stuff in life is a part of us. Even those who say that they don't like or don't want to have romantic stuff in life, most often lie about it.

This is because romance directly affects our happiness and emotions. You see, when we encounter romantic things in life, our bodies begin to produce more oxytocin. In simple terms, this hormone affects our mood and happiness. This is why, even when you browse some single ladies' site, you are subconsciously searching for the most romantic person. Also, now you can understand why your partner may want you to know how to be more romantic. Both men and women need romantic things in their lives. And not only at the beginning of their romantic relationships.

how to be romantic to your wife

Does Romance Play a Huge Role in Maintaining a Relationship?

If romance plays such a huge role in our lives, is it possible to maintain a long-lasting relationship without it? Surely, you can have a long-lasting relationship with someone even if you have no idea how to be romantic with your girlfriend. But the most important question is not about having a relationship. It is about being happy in your romantic relationship. You see, people may be together for many reasons. Sometimes they live together because they already have a habit of being together. Most frequently, this happens when both partners used to be romantic and passionate at the early stages of their relationships.

But those who want to build happy relationships, without a single doubt, know that they need romance in their lives. Thus, if you are one of those people, you definitely need to know how to be more romantic with your girlfriend. After all, this knowledge will never hurt. The most important thing when it comes to ways of how to be romantic to your wife is your desire to please and pamper her. If for whatever reason, you don't want to do this, then even the best ideas on how to be more romantic with your wife won't help you.

When people forget about romance in their relationships, their love dies with time. This process begins very slowly, and sometimes it is very hard to notice small changes between you until it is too late. Frequently, couples begin to quarrel more often, and generally feel unhappy together. Both partners will begin to lose their energy. Even your friends may notice this. Sooner or later, you will feel very uncomfortable with your partner. And, finally, your relationship will end with a breakup. This may happen to everyone. Even happy couples sometimes lack romance. Of course, in this case, their happiness never lasts for too long.

How to Be a Romantic Person: Tips for Guys

We hope that we haven't scared you too much with the previous part of this article. We had to show you what happens to couples that lack or have no romance at all. Even if you see that you have this problem in your relationships, there is always a way to fix it. If you noticed this problem and asked yourself, "How to be a romantic person?" It means that you understand and admit this problem. Thus, you are halfway across fixing it. Here, we are going to share with you the main tips on how to be more romantic with your girlfriend.

1. Be attentive

Attention is the key to happiness in relationships. Not only because you will be able to support your partner when needed. But also because it will help you better plan romantic things and events. After all, you will know all his or her wishes and desires. You should never underestimate this.

2. Don’t be shy

Sometimes people have a desire and all the resources to make romantic things for their partners. But they never do this because they are too shy. Remember, shyness has no place in romantic relationships, especially when it comes to romantic stuff. Your partner will appreciate all your efforts.

3. Don’t expect anything in return

The worst mistake that you can make when planning something romantic for our partner is to expect something in return. Romance is not about the intentional exchange of pleasant things. But about two people having a desire to pamper each other with pleasant things. By expecting something in return, you force your partner to do something for you. This is not how romance works.

how to be romantic person4. Be sudden

There is no point in creating a strict plan of romantic stuff in your life. At least, never show this plan to your partner. It is always better to praise your partner with your romantic gifts, dates, and other things without warnings. So, make sure that your partner doesn't know about your witty plans.

5. Be creative

Unfortunately, sooner or later, the same romantic gestures become boring. For example, flowers will feel like something ordinary for the fifth time. For this very reason, you should change to have a whole arsenal of romantic ideas for her. Don't fear to be creative. Even if you make some mistakes, it still will pay off eventually.

6. Don’t wait for perfect moments

When planning some romantic things to do for your wife, you should never wait for perfect moments to implement your plans. They say that perfect moments never come. Thus, use every opportunity to make your girlfriend or wife happy. By doing this, you will be sure that you do everything on time, and your girlfriend doesn't feel the lack of romance.

7. Watch more melodramas

This may sound very odd, but women watch melodramas because they lack romance in their lives. Nope, your task is not to compensate for your lack of romance by watching them. But to have a constant flow of new ideas and romantic gestures for her. Of course, you will have to learn to filter information and how to pick only the best ideas.

8. Date her

Even if you have been in a romantic relationship for many years. Or even though you are married, you still need to arrange dates for her. This is not a very nice thing to call nostalgia. But also it will help you reawaken your feelings. Especially if your love seems to become a little bit rusty.

9. Memorize all special for her dates

Men most frequently underestimate how important it is to remember all dates important for their partners. This shows your interest in your partner's life. Plus, for a woman, it is very cute and romantic when her partner remembers everything.

10. Keep all small but important things

Here we are talking about your first tickets to the cinema or other small, but valuable things. This is a very nice way to show your girlfriend that you value and enjoy your time together with her. Note, girls are very attentive to small details.

Tips on How to Be Romantic Over Text

Nowadays, people more and more often use various messengers. Even those who live together tend to have text conversations there during the working day. Without a single doubt, this is a good thing, especially if you know how to be romantic with your girlfriend over text. This will help you create a positive mood long before you meet her. Also, this skill can help you at the beginning of a romantic relationship when you spend most of your time apart. Plus, don't forget about online dating. In 90% of cases, you will have text conversations with different people in all dating apps.

1. Don't swear

Swearing is always a bad idea. No one associates romance with obscene messages. Obviously, you should never swear during your acquaintance with a person, or on the first date. This will only show your potential partners that you lack education.

2. Pay attention to your grammar

Talking about education, we can't forget about grammar. It is very important to reread your romantic messages before sending them to your girlfriend. Even the smallest mistakes in your text messages may completely spoil the romance.

3. Compliment your girlfriend

Compliments are compliments. They are always pleasant. No matter how you express them. Text messages are one of the many ways how you can make compliments to your significant other. This will always be pleasant and appropriate. Plus, sometimes, compliments from lovers may support people when they have problems.

4. Use emoji

During your normal conversations, you express your emotions with your facial features and body. Sometimes our bodies say way more than we want them to. During your online conversations, the only way to show your emotions is to send emoji. So, if you feel happy, send happy emoji. If you feel sad, then send sad ones. Don't hide your emotions. Women like when men express them.

romantic thing to do for your wife5. Give her hints

Text messages may serve as a nice tool to give your partner small hints concerning your romantic plans for today. For example, you may, with small messages, hint your girlfriend that she is going to have something special tonight. Just don't say everything directly, or you will spoil the whole pleasure.

6. Don’t send too many messages

Bombarding your significant other with your text messages during the working day is a very bad idea. This will only annoy her. While your main task is to make her feel valued, loved, and needed. Always wait for her response before sending the next romantic message.

7. Send voice messages

Almost every modern messenger allows its users to send voice messages. You can use this feature to record small romantic things for her. It can be everything. For example, you can wish her to have a good day and tell her that you miss her already.

How to Be More Romantic in Bed with a Woman

At some point, all couples realize that they need to learn how to be more romantic in bed. The reason for that is that people always get used to good things very fast. Therefore, with time, you will feel bored in bed with your partner, unless you will always be changing something. Surely, it is good to know how to be romantic over text, but if you have no idea how to be romantic in bed, then your romantic relationship will eventually end up with a breakup.

1. Whisper pleasant things

Women like when their men compliment them. For them, compliments are especially arousing when men say them in bed. It doesn't matter whether you say pleasant things during your sex or just when you go to sleep. The most important thing is that you should mean what you say.

2. Tell her what you are going to do

By speaking up all your intentions, you will boost the production of serotonin and dopamine in her body. These two hormones are responsible for our emotional reactions and happiness. Also, this is a very nice way to bring something new and improve your sex life.

3. Look in her eyes

When you have conversations in bed, or when you go down on her, you should look in her eyes. According to psychologists, it is very important to maintain eye contact with your partner. Thus, stop hiding your eyes, and let your partner enjoy you in all your glory.

4. Don’t fall asleep after the pleasure

After sex, people often feel relaxed and tired. During this time, your girlfriend feels very vulnerable, and she needs you to be with you. Consequently, you simply can't afford to fall asleep after sex. At any cost, try to have a conversation with her and attentively listen to what she has to say.

5. Give her a massage

When she comes back after working day, you can pamper her with a romantic massage on your bed. Buy some aroma candles and massage oil. This will help her relax, and you will tune her to a positive mood.

6. Add light music

Music always helps tune people into a positive mood. Thus, you can use your phone and portable Bluetooth speaker to turn on music only when you need it. For example, when you both have foreplay. Just make sure that you have created a suitable playlist.

7. Hug her

Hugs are very important to everyone. Therefore, without a single doubt, your girlfriend will be very happy to have hugs with you in your bed. Also, you can combine hugs with light music. Furthermore, hugs may serve as the beginning of foreplay.

8. Be open to receive

You, as a normal man is focused during sex on pleasuring your girlfriend. However, sometimes, for a change, it is useful to give her control. Let her completely focus on pleasuring you. Then, switch roles. Such an approach will help you feel and express more attention and love.

Everyday Cute Romantic Things to Do with Your Woman

Finally, we have come to the last part of this article. It is always great to know how to be romantic via text messages and how to add romance to your bed. However, for being happy together, it is crucial to know how to be more romantic in a relationship. You see, if you are not a romantic person, your relationships won't go further than the first date. Thus, your skills in doing romantic things in bed will also be pretty useless. So, what are how to be a romantic husband ideas? Here we will share the main ideas of nice romantic things for your wife or girlfriend.

1. An unexpected picnic

You can pleasantly surprise your partner by unexpectedly taking her to her most favorite place in nature to have a picnic there. You may also stay there for a night. What can be more romantic than looking on starts together with your significant other?

2. Help your partner with cooking

Of course, this sounds like a standard daily routine. But why don't you diversify it with new ideas? For example, you can try cooking naked. Just don't forget to buy two ice aprons before this. Or other interesting ideas that may come to your mind. Feel free to experiment.

how to be more romantic with your wife3. Hot tube for two

When you know that your partner had a very hard day, you can prepare a hot tube for both of you. You should get there together and give your significant other a nice massage. If everything goes fine, you both will automatically get naughty.

4. A little help with hair

When you know that she has to prepare for some important events and has many things to do, you can offer to help her brush her hair. This may not be very practical if you don't possess the necessary skills. But she will definitely be happy to let you do this.

5. Send flowers to her work

This is a very pleasant gesture. If you know that you don't pamper your girlie with flowers, you definitely should do this. Even in the smallest towns, there are flower delivery services. Thus, this is not going to be too hard, but it will make your lover feel proud and happy.

6. A sudden kiss

During her hard-working day, pay an unexpected visit to her work to kiss your girlfriend. You can say that you forgot to kiss her in the morning. Or you may confess that you just had an irresistible urge to kiss her because you miss her. Moreover, don't forget to hug her.

7. A letter from the past

Choose one day, and start praising her with small gifts. It is important to do this for the whole day. After this, secretly write down all her emotions, and add your sincere wishes to your letter. After that, send this letter to her. When she will receive a letter, praise her with another big present.

8. Create a home cinema room

To do this, you can use literary everything. From 4k projectors up to small and old laptops. Honestly, your surrounding doesn't matter. The most important part is the fact that you are going to spend this evening or even night together, without interruptions. However, don't forget to download good movies and turn off your cell phones.

9. Arrange a photoshoot

To make everything perfect, first of all, you have to spend some time listening to your girlfriend. Find out what she likes to post on her Instagram. Thus, you will have a couple of ideas about a possible thematic photoshoot for her. She will be very happy to know that you have planned it for a long time.

10. Don’t fear your emotions

The last idea is going to be a piece of small advice. You will never be able to bring more romance in your life if you don't let yourself express your positive emotions. To help you with this, you may ask your girlfriend to play some games that require showing emotions. She will be happy to know that you are trying to change for her.

We hope that after reading this article, you will never lack ideas of romantic things for your girlfriend. After all, all people in love want to bring romance into their relationships. Don't be ashamed of this desire. Additionally, don't be lazy to plan and fulfill your plans. By doing at least one romantic thing every week, you will strengthen your relationships and will make your girlfriend very happy. Without a doubt, you should never stop on this. Use every opportunity you have to add romance to your relationship, and your happiness and love will never disappear.

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