Where to Meet a Russian Bride


Wanna date a Russian girl with serious intents? Good. So now, you should decide what to start with. Of course, your first goal is to choose the right candidate. We have to admit this process was never easy. Especially if we talk about intercultural acquaintances. In fact, there are two main ways you can meet a Russian girl of your dream: searching for her in real life or going online. But let’s have a more detailed look.

Where to Meet a Russian Bride

Immigrant living areas of your city

If you don’t live in Russia, this is the solution. Russian immigrants typically live all around the world. In big cities, there are even quarters fully inhabited by Russians or their descendants. If there are such areas in your city, you are free to explore them and find out if there are any single Russian girls waiting for you to approach them.

Online dating sites

If there’s no chance to find a Russian bride nearby, we suggest you trying your luck on the Internet. Well, the world of dating has already become highly technologized. Seems like modern people can’t imagine their lives without dating services and apps of all kinds. Today, these means of communication are gaining the enormous popularity in Russia. So you won’t have any problems with finding decent candidates online.

In the former Soviet republics

For those who aren’t afraid of adventures, this may be an exciting trip. Certainly, your core destination should be Russia as this is where most Russian girls live. However, these ladies can be found in some other countries e.g. Ukraine, Belorussia, or even Poland. And now, see the most common places where you can find many gorgeous Russian ladies.


There is a plenty of those in large Russian cities. Coffeehouses are typical spots where young female Russians gather after the workday or at a lunchtime. One of the main perks of such venues is that there is always a relaxed and casual air, which is perfect for making new acquaintances. Moreover, your chances to succeed get higher if you approach a Russian girl in a café rather than in the street.

Shopping malls

We’re sure you know how stunning Russian girls are. In the Western world, ladies aren’t really mad about their looks. But to Russian women, their appearance matters a lot. So they do their best to pick elegant outfits and accessories. That’s why you’re likely to meet an abundance of potential Russian brides while shopping for clothes.


A beautiful girl isn’t necessarily a stupid girl. This rule works for females around the world including Russians. On average, they are smart and witty. Reading is among the most widespread hobbies of Russian ladies. Well, libraries give up their position nowadays then go to bookstores. By the way, Russian literature is truly a great phenomenon – if you wish to impress your prospective match, we recommend you getting familiar with some pieces of it.

Outdoor celebrations

As we have already mentioned, Russian girls aren’t so much into making acquaintances in the street. Yet there is an exception – street events. Young Russian women love going out and having fun so they’re frequent visitors of diverse festivals, concerts, fairs etc. In fact, you can pick an event that matches your areas of interest and meet a girl who shares your opinion about what’s cool and what’s not.


Dancing is another popular hobby of Russian ladies. Likewise, they know clubs are the places gathering many attractive young men. Everything there is arranged in a special way: lighting, music, and interior. Thus, you shouldn’t hesitate to approach a girl on a dance pole or at a bar counter as she will likely accept your wooing!

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It seems to me that a Russian girl can be met anywhere. They themselves want to meet foreigners. Therefore, they are always open to communication.
13.02.2020 07:39
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