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So, you got married and became a family man. All those words that you said to your wife mean something now, so it’s time to back them up with actions. Fortunately, being a husband is not so difficult (it is more difficult to answer the question of where to meet woman who can become your wife). The most important thing is to act according to conscience, as your heart tells you, and to be guided by love for your wife. These simple steps, taken seriously, can create your happy future. So, how to be a better husband to your wife?

how to be a better husband

What Do Women Seek in a Husband?

When a woman says that she dreams of a man who will devote poetry and songs to her, give flowers, and serve breakfast in bed, she sincerely believes in her words. And then she makes a choice in favor of a rough brutal. Don’t be surprised. Subconsciously, a woman wants to be next to a man who behaves like a real man, who will take responsibility for her and their relationship.

So, the million-dollar question: what exactly do women want from their husbands and how to be a better husband? As it was said, a woman longs for a relationship with a real man, a kind of macho who fully controls the situation and doesn’t ask permission for anything. In fact, the woman doesn’t want to decide anything. A timid young man “with a burning eye” is unlikely to find a response in her heart, despite the armfuls of flowers and a stack of love sonnets. These words sound harsh, but this is reality.

Being a Husband - Is It So Different from Dating?

Being a better husband is the one you decide to become. This means to forget about selfishness and develop empathy, to become a protector, a safe place for your woman, where she can come when she is emotionally depressed. You have to give her support when she is vulnerable, determination when she is afraid of something, and care when she feels lonely. You must become her stone wall. Her knight. Do everything for her. It is a great responsibility but also an honor for those who choose such a role for themselves.

To be a husband means to remind all those around that real men still exist, and loving their wives is the highest priority in life. They do something not because they are obliged to do this but because they love their women. When you decide to be a better husband, all this becomes natural for you. Maybe sometimes you need to look back and remind yourself why you married this woman. Remember about love and admiration for her. If it’s hard for you, and you have constant arguing in relationships, then you’re not a husband, no matter what document you signed and whether you exchanged rings. If you are self-centered, if you show love for your lady of the heart only when it is convenient, you can’t be called a husband. If you don’t reckon with her feelings, if you are distracted when she tries to tell you about her emotions and experiences, you are not a loving man. If you don’t appreciate what she does for you, and you neither know the word “forgive” nor compliment your woman nor hint her that she is desired and the only one, you are not a husband! It’s hard to call you a boyfriend either.

Ways to Be a Better Husband

How to become a better husband? This is the question most men face some time after the wedding. Most often, this question arises after quarrels with a loved one, when a woman begins to demand attention and love for herself. Therefore, if you really love your woman, start to change something in your life.be a better husband

1. They want tenderness, attention, and care

A woman expects compliments, gifts, various signs of attention, both verbal and tactile from her beloved man. It means that you must tell your wife how wonderful, beautiful, sexy, attractive she is. If you are at work, then write her a message, call her, and being next to her, hug her, touch, and stroke. It is important that you bring your attention to her, it is important to distribute this attention and tenderness for the whole day. Of course, she is also not indifferent to how you are doing, and she can find out about this at home, but when she calls you during work time, she expects tenderness at that moment. Therefore, if you start calling her and saying nice words, you will avoid scandals.

2. They want communication

A woman needs communication as a splash of her negative emotions. Through communication, a woman solves the problems of family life and personal problems. Men often consider women chatterboxes. But women and men are different. The emotionality of women is necessary for men, but emotionality can’t be without a desire to communicate, so you can’t blame a woman for her desire to communicate. If a woman doesn’t speak, she will not throw out the negative through the conversation, which means that she will accumulate and compensate for scandals and quarrels in the family. If you neither talk with your wife nor listen to your wife nor support her in conversation, it means that she will do it with someone else.

3. They need sincerity

Women need sincerity in a relationship. The honesty and openness of a man towards a woman are meant by this need. She expects from a man that he will sincerely share with her all the information regarding his life, personal problems, and work. Hence the eternal curiosity of women who constantly ask their husbands, “How are you?” “How are you doing?” “What did you do today?” “Where are you going to?” etc. In fact, female curiosity is driven by a desire to feel safe. A woman wants her husband to sincerely tell her everything since then the woman will be able to control the situation. Of course, she will not be able to solve problems at your work, but perhaps she will give advice, or simply be internally tuned to these or other problems and will be able to support you.

4. They need financial support

Here we mean not the need for the husband to fully provide for his wife but that situation when the wife is ready to work and partially provide for the family and develop. But a woman arranges life and raise children, and therefore, she should have the opportunity not to work. She must have a choice. If she suddenly becomes pregnant and wants to give birth, she should know that they have enough money, and she can devote herself to motherhood. That is why women care so much about money. And this is not caused by the desire to have diamonds and fur coats. It is clear that women love all these jewelry and chic things, but you must understand that this is a sign of prosperity for women, so they are perceived as a pleasant bonus, warm the soul and delight women.

5. They want men to love their families

How to be a better husband and father? When a woman starts a family with a man, she wants their family to come first. Everything else is secondary. That is, work, relatives, husband’s mother, husband’s father, brothers, sisters, their problems – all of them are not so important. And from the point of view of building a family, this is correct since a new family is a new unit of society, which should self-develop and improve. To do this, it is necessary to fully invest all your strengths and capabilities in it. It must be understood that the husband and wife depend on each other. If one doesn’t provide the needs of the other, then the other is looking for where to fulfill them, at the same time, the family is distorting its development, and the relationship between the husband and wife is built incorrectly.

6. They need fidelity from men

Becoming a better husband, fidelity is a mandatory quality of him. The myth that men are polygamous is not a reason to cheat. Both sexes are equally polygamous; both are characterized by an interest in different personal images – this is how people are enriched emotionally, subconsciously looking for their ideal. If a man decided to marry, he actually stops his search – the ideal is found and completely satisfied. When entering into marriage, a man must be clearly aware of this because by continuing the search (and cheating on a wife), he automatically recognizes the absence of marriage. In this case, it is better to get a divorce than to maintain an imaginary marriage.

7. They want romance

Every woman wants romance and expects some kind of romantic action from a man. No woman will like it if her man begins to approach everything only from a practical point of view and logic. Try to keep the romance in a relationship or return it. A few years after marriage, the relationship loses passion and spark. And only a man can restore normal relations! Also, a perfect husband must certainly pay attention to the appearance of his wife, catch the slightest changes. Try to avoid jokes that can cause aggression and irritability in your loved one. Don’t miss the moment to tell the woman that she looks good.

Becoming a Better Husband: Things to Work on

Regardless of the age of the man, a moment comes when he passionately wants to turn from a bachelor into a family man. This happens when a woman appears in his life, next to whom he is ready to raise children and meet old age. But how to make your soulmate happy, how to build relationships to become a good husband? Any man who wants to keep his love in marriage for a long time must learn some truths to make his marriage strong.how to be a better husband and father

1. Don’t ignore the wife’s need to be with you

We are not talking about an immature jealous wife who doesn’t want to let her husband go anywhere. Such a wife needs the help of a psychologist since her behavior is caused by a feeling of extreme self-doubt. Some husbands like to spend free time outside the house with their wives, while others need a purely male circle from time to time. A husband who values marital relations will not neglect his wife’s need to be together. If the spouses have different hobbies, it is necessary to strive for a compromise. It doesn’t mean that they should do absolutely everything together. But you should respect what your spouse needs and make a compromise.

2. Give love

Women often ask their husbands, “Do you love me?” and this shows that a woman needs respect. Therefore, the ideal husband will not tell his wife, “I have already told you 100 times that I love you. Do I need to repeat this?” Just tell your woman again that you love her. You can tell her this in the morning and maybe it will calm the emotions of your wife, and she will not ask you more about this until the evening. You can write her a message during the day, which will delight your soulmate.

3. Thank her

It is one of the ways to be a better husband. A wise husband doesn’t disregard his wife’s actions and always thanks her. However, spouses often criticize each other, rather than give thanks. If you want to be happy, don’t forget to thank your beloved for any trifle. Be sure to tell your woman that you need her and what qualities you value. It will inspire the woman to new actions, and she will treat you with the same gratitude.

4. Be frank

Don’t say or do anything just to please your wife. She may like this at first, but it will create problems in the future because you were not honest. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. Give the relationship time for development and take on only those obligations that you are able to fulfill. There must be a healthy balance in the relationship. If you constantly sacrifice something for her, this will negatively affect your relationship in the future.

5. Be courageous

How can I be a better husband? If you want to be the best husband to your wife, then you must be courageous and not behave like a child. A courageous man treats his wife as a delightful lady. He calmly resolves difficult situations, he keeps his emotions under control, he passionately achieves his goal, he is self-confident, he never panics, he speaks slowly, he is a man of action, and he solves the problem calmly, not complaining.

Books on being a better husband say that the period of adaptation is the most difficult period in the life of a new couple. But it is the initial stage of life together that forms the further perception of relations and has a direct impact on the further fate of the family. And a key role is played by the behavior of a man.

How to become a better husband? Everyone is looking for understanding and support in the chosen one. That is why, to become a better husband, a man should learn to make concessions and compromises because relationships are a complex process in which both partners take part!

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