7 Reasons Why Women Leave Men: Learn How to Avoid Them


From the first, it is very hard to understand why people want romantic relationships. After all, we need to overcome so many obstacles even to get acquainted with someone. Surely, online dating gives us a great opportunity to meet girls now, but even when we finally meet someone special, romantic relationships may end up with breakups if we don't pay enough effort. The human desire to love and be loved is just too strong to be overcome by other factors. This is why even after many failures, disappointment, and promises to stop getting involved in risky relationships, we again and again fail, get disappointed by getting involved in risky relationships

Have you ever wondered why some people have no problems in maintaining strong and healthy long-term relationships, while others struggle even to find someone to start a relationship? Surely, a huge role in your success in dating pays your ability to understand whether a woman is interested in you or not. But even it won't help you when it comes to building and maintaining long-term relationships. You are right that you never abandon trying to find a life-time romantic partner, and you have come to the perfect place to make the first steps towards finding the real reasons behind constant breakups. Also, this article will come in handy to those who already have healthy relationships and want to improve the quality of their love.

why women leave men they love

Primary Female Needs in Long-Term Relationships

Some men, after several failed attempts to build relationships with women, begin to believe that they are doomed to be lonely, or think that all women are alike. Some men even blame women for their failed attempts. Without a single doubt, all people are somewhat alike. At least, we all want the same things. Therefore, when it comes to breakups, it is crucial to understand that people break up due to some reasons. To help you understand what the main reasons for breakups in your cases are, we are going to analyze the primary female needs in long-term relationships.

1. To feel loved

Ask any woman, and they all will tell you that more than anything else in a relationship, they want to feel loved. A woman can truly relax and open to her partner only if she feels loved. It is very important not only to provide your woman with physical comfort but also to show her your love. The main signs that your woman doesn't feel your love are that she is always sad and feels unhappy when you are going to hang out with your friends. Also, those women usually respond with brief snippets of sentences. Remember, romantic relationships are built on love, and it is not enough to love your partner somewhere deep in your heart, you must frequently show your love.

2. To feel safe and secure

As you know, in the modern world, people face many challenges, and this is especially true for women. Thus, when a woman starts a romantic relationship, she expects her partner to be strong, self-confident, and powerful. This gives her a feeling of safety and security. For women, it is very important to believe that their men can handle everything. Your girlfriend wants to know that you are ready for everything for her, and there are no impossible missions for you. So, before starting a relationship, make sure that your woman can rely on you.

3. To be listened to and seen

Women want to be part of their husbands' or boyfriends' lives. They desperately need to know that their partners hear them and care about their emotional state. No, a girl doesn't want to affect you by her emotional state, but she definitely wants you to notice when it changes. Here is a very simple example: if your girls come back home with her eyes full of tears and you don't pick up this fact of her emotional pain, she may even stop trusting you at all. In this case, even though you are in a relationship, in her eyes, life will seem extremely lonely.

4. To feel sexually desired

Sometimes people wonder, "Why would a woman break up with a good man?" Frequently, on the surface, those relationships look good. But then, suddenly, women leave their partners. Why? You see, it happens because it is not just enough to be good partners for happy romantic relationships, you must have sex. For a woman, it is crucial to know that she is attractive and sexually desired. By your sexual desire, you show her that you see her as a feminine and sexual being. This is why it is crucial to praise her body. For example, you can grab her appreciatively.

5. To feel appreciated

Women can't be happy in romantic relationships if they feel underappreciated. I can assure you that your girlfriend does a lot to maintain your relationship. So, in turn, show her that you not only love her but also that you appreciate her efforts and what she brings to your life. She must know that she means a lot to you. Let her know that you value and aware of all those things that she brings in your life. Thus, you will make sure that she will always have a desire to bring more and more to your life.

Why Women Leave Their Husbands and How to Avoid These Mistakes

As you can see from all the above mentioned, sometimes real reasons why women leave men they love are hidden, and even partners may not fully understand those reasons. However, most frequently, partners know that they have a problem and aren't eager enough to resolve it or simply don't know-how. In this part of the article, we are going to discuss the main reasons why women leave their husbands and will discuss possible solutions to these problems. Remember, if you truly love each other, you will find a solution to any problem, especially when it comes to those problems that may ruin your relationship.

1. They feel taken for granted

For a romantic relationship to work, both partners need to show up. To build a healthy long-term relationship, you and your partner both will have to pay effort, attention, and maintain strong communication. Unfortunately, sometimes men take their women for granted and tend to underappreciate their effort and contribution to their love. Thus, women have to carry the extra weight of the relationship by doing additional work. For them, this is a very good reason to leave a relationship. Be sure that if you have this problem, then, sooner or later, your girlfriend will leave too.

How to prevent

The fastest and simplest way to deal with this is to make sure that you let your girlfriend know that you appreciate her efforts. To do this, you should never forget to compliment her and tell that you see her contribution and efforts and value them a lot.

2. They suffer from having all the same arguments with their partners

According to psychologists, most frequently, when couples come to therapy, they complain about the same unresolved problems again and again. Without a single doubt, it is normal to have quarrels in a relationship, but your quarrels must always end with solutions to problems. When a woman feels that her partner can't or don't want to resolve problems, she begins to blame her partner for not listening to her, and that his apologies are meaningless. As you have guessed, sooner or later, such a relationship will end up with a breakup.

How to prevent

First and foremost, you must make sure that you resolve every problem that you have in your romantic relationship. Secondly, try to avoid repeating your mistakes and help your girlfriend avoid hers. Don't go to sleep if you still have unresolved problems because those can kill your love and happiness in no time.

3. They suffer from sexual dissatisfaction

Sexual dissatisfaction is among the main reasons why women leave good men. Sexual life can be a great indicator of happiness in romantic relationships. You see, when two partners have no other problems, they can easily resolve their sexual ones. But if sexual problems remain unresolved for long, this not only puts additional pressure on the emotional conditions of partners but also means that they have other problems in a relationship. So, problems in sex often make women leave a bad relationship.

How to prevent

To prevent this problem, you must establish a connection with your girlfriend. First of all, make sure that she feels comfortable, and there are no other problems in your relationship. Secondly, gently start a conversation about this matter with her. Maybe you only have different sex drives, and everything can be fixed via scheduling your sex life.

4. They don’t have an emotional connection with their partners

The lack of emotional connection listed among very good reasons to leave a relationship. You see, many long-term relationships and marriages end because partners lose their emotional connection. Because of this, both partners can't normally talk to each other and don't see ways of resolving their problems in relationships. Thus, they unintentionally begin to search for other partners and can easily cheat. Of course, this all will take time. The amount of which depends on many other factors. However, the final result is a divorce or a painful breakup.

How to prevent

To prevent this problem, you both must learn how to listen and express your point of view without insulting each other. Thus, you will make sure that you can resolve any problem. Furthermore, it is also crucial to spend quality time together apart from your work or duties.

5. They have outgrown their husbands or partners

Humans must always grow as individuals. This is a crucial rule that allows us to develop and change our lives for the better. However, this may become a serious issue if one of the partners grows as an individual too slowly or doesn't grow at all. Sadly, the one partner who has outgrown the other one can't directly tell the second partner about this issue. So, she will gently hint her husband to go to therapy to fix this gap. When partners or husbands resist this, their women simply see no other way than to leave them.

How to prevent

To avoid this issue, you should never stay in the same place. You see, women perceive this world a little bit differently, and they never get satisfied with what they have. For example, when a woman finds a good job, she begins to want an even better one. The same goes for every other aspect of life. So, the best way to prevent this problem is to make sure that you always have ambitious goals and do something to achieve what you want.

reason to leave a relationship6. They become addicted and stop caring about themselves

For people, it is absolutely normal to sometimes forget about themselves for the sake of their romantic partners. However, women may go too far with this. In this case, their love turns into an addiction when they ready to get used to everything because they can't imagine their lives without their partners if they are aggressive or even violent. Of course, this simply can't last long. So, with time, she will retrieve her dignity again. When this happens, she will understand that she doesn't want to live with this terrible tension forever, and this will be the reason for her to leave.

How to prevent

The best way to prevent this problem is to avoid unhealthy additions in a relationship. For this purpose, you can apply a very simple rule: no matter how much she gives and sacrifices for your sake, you must give and sacrifice more. Thus, you both will feel support, and you will be helping each other achieve more.

7. They feel bored

You may ask, "Why women leave me even if everything is okay, and I am a caring and loving partner?" The answer to this is boredom. You see, boredom can slowly eat your love and happiness just like rust eats steel. At first, it will seem like a small inconvenience, but with time, the negative effect from it will accumulate, and if nothing is done to prevent it, your girlfriend will leave. Boredom will be killing your love and relationship very slowly, so you will helplessly witness how your love dies. So, you should never underestimate this enemy.

How to prevent

To prevent this problem, you simply need to fill your life with new emotions, feelings, and things. For example, you should frequently change places and topics of your dates. Also, try to arrange vacations and be positively unpredictable. Try to make surprises and cause new positive emotions.

8. They don’t feel safe because they can’t rely on their partners

We don't say that she doesn't feel safe because of your violent behavior. Domestic violence is the first reason why women leave men because this problem can't be resolved otherwise. But here we are talking about less obvious reasons. So, in this case, we are talking about emotional insecurities. For example, she is not sure how you will behave with her parents and relatives. Or because you both suffer from financial problems and are standing at the edge of the abyss. Or if she can't rely on you because you have already failed her before.

How to prevent

To make sure that your girlfriend feels confident in you, you need to let her know that she can rely on you. To do this, make sure that you are always come and behave very predictable. Also, try to work on your self-confidence because women feel much safer around confident men.

We hope that our list of main reasons why women break up with men will help you find and eliminate problems in your relationship. Remember, if you truly love each other, then no matter how many efforts you put in your relationship, they will pay off. Your girlfriend deserves to be happy with you, and you deserve to be happy with her. Thus, work on your communication and never allow minor problems to drive a wedge between the two of you. If you let her know how much you love her, listen and help her, she will never even think about leaving you.

If you don't have a girlfriend yet, don't rush into building a relationship with the first girl you meet. Have a couple of dates with each candidate and see who you like more. Also, pay attention to the chemistry between you. When you finally find someone perfect, make sure that you do everything you can to make her the happiest girl alive. Be sure that she will gladly do the same for you. And, as you know, mutual and equal contributions are the best ways to build a happy and healthy long-term relationship.

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