First Date Checklist: How to Know There Will Be a Second Date


Did one of the girls from a single women website agree to go out on a date with you? We have two news for you. The first one is good that she is interested in continuing to get to know you since she agreed to go on a date with you. But if you are not able to make the right impression on her, there will definitely not be a second chance, and this is a bad side of first dates.

So, how to spend the first date with a girl so that she likes it? If you want to leave good memories after the date, try to follow first date tips. Thus, you will increase the chances of a second, third... fifth date. So, what are the things to do on a first date?

first date checklist

Pre-First-Date Checklist: a Day Before Preparation

The first date is very important. A woman seeking man can draw conclusions about him in just 10 minutes of communication. And to change her first opinion, the man will need much more time. So, what do you need to do before your first date? Use this first date checklist.


How to prepare for a date? First of all, a guy should take care of his appearance, but the main thing is not to overdo it. A date is an important moment in a relationship. And a girl will prepare especially for it: she will put on the best shoes and dress, do manicure, hairstyle, spray her body with her best perfumes. She will wait for you to appreciate her. And if you come in your tracksuit and dirty cap at such a moment, then she will not see a brutal man but a man who hasn't prepared for a date with her. After all, you also need to wear the best that is in your wardrobe.

Location and Transport

If you don’t have a car, you can call a taxi. If you drive up to her house, she will appreciate it. This is much better than an invitation to a cafe where you will be waiting for her for half an hour. By the way, it is advisable to warn the girl in advance about where you are going to go. Unlike guys, girls dress differently for different occasions. Just decide on a place in advance. Spontaneous decisions are good but not for dating. After all, a girl will feel uncomfortable in a restaurant, wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Financial side

The guy must pay for a date, no matter how “independent” the girl seems. It is important! Money is an important element in the pre-date checklist. A girl may ask you to split the bill but don’t agree. She will appreciate it. Why does she offer it? There are several options: firstly, you are not her type, and she doesn’t want to be obliged to you and wants to end the relationship. Secondly, the girl is afraid that you may want to have something more. So, you should show that you pay for her just because you are a gentleman.

how to prepare for a dateEmotions and behavior

As every first date checklist states, emotions play a major role on a date. When there are emotions, a person is interested, and when there is interest, then something more may appear. Without emotions, there is no interest, and, accordingly, no feelings. The girl must understand where and why she is going to go on a date and what you feel for her, and not just because you want to play bowling or go to the movies. If you don’t show your intentions at the very beginning of the date, then you have a great chance to get on the list of her friends. In our opinion, it is better to be rejected than to be “just a friend” to the girl you like.

Do’s and don’ts

On the eve of the desired meeting, everyone is nervous, scrolling in their heads hundreds of scenarios for the development of relations. You may fail even because of a silly phrase or joke as well as an inappropriate question. Mistakes on a first date often occur due to many things. So, get ready for a first date but don’t take it too seriously. Don’t think that everything will go exactly as you planned, and don’t be afraid of deviations from the “plan.” Such a serious attitude can confuse a woman. Just take it easy and with humor!

Checklist to Stick to on the Day of Your First Date

Poorly prepared for a date with a girl, you can ruin everything in the heat of the moment. Not knowing exactly the character of the partner, her preferences and habits, it is easy to offend the lady. Unpleasant date mistakes will distance you from achieving your cherished goal forever.

Your look

This issue should necessarily be included in the checklist for a first date. Your chosen one will make an initial analysis of your appearance in the first three seconds of your meeting. This also includes your unshaven face, the smell of sweat, hair, not trendy glasses, and so on. Needless to say, you have to do everything for the girl to rate you “excellent” for your appearance. You have to think about your appearance.

Nice conversation topics

Common first date topics for conversation are a win-win option. These include music (what does the girl listen to, does she have a favorite song, singer or band?), literature (does she prefer to read in her free time or not, which of the characters has become her most memorable, and why?), television (which TV show does she like and which one doesn’t, favorite TV presenter?), pets (does she have a pet, what is its name?), entertainment (does she have a hobby that she prefers to do in her free time?), etc.


One of the main first date tips is to smile a lot, laugh, joke, share your impressions, show yourself from the best side. Women fall in love with smiles. They like witty men. So, have fun, smile, laugh, joke, but feel the limits of what is permitted. Don’t tell a woman a “very funny” vulgar joke or anything about how she looks or speaks. Be not only witty but also attentive – balancing on this fine line leads to excellent results. After all, a date is needed for you to understand how comfortable you are with this person.

Positivity and honesty

A date checklist for guys excludes such topics for conversation as illnesses, the bad things that happened to you or your environment. No need to talk about how many bad things are happening in the world, different disasters, floods, etc. Give the girl only positive information to evoke positive feelings and emotions in her. Your world must be beautiful for both you and the girl. A date is a relaxation, lightness, love, and a good mood. So, talk about something nice. If you relax and allow yourself not to pretend, then the date will be nice.

Good manners

Behave like a real man on a date. Choose the right place for your date. You can give a woman a choice and believe that you acted like a gentleman. But she thinks differently. A woman may decide that you are a weakling who is not able to make a decision. Women love surprises and men’s initiative. And they don’t like indecisive wimps. Behave like her man. Women like to be in the center of attention. Don’t look at your phone or watch. Don’t look around, and especially at other girls. Don’t try to kiss her. Men sometimes misunderstand female signals and are rejected.

things to do on a first dateThings to Consider After the Date

So, for the first time, you went to a movie/cafe/park together, and you returned home in euphoria. Before going to bed, you scroll through the events of the day in your head, and it seems to you that you are the happiest. And then your subconscious mind begs the question, “What's next?” How to understand whether there will be a continuation of your not yet begun love story?

How did you end your date?

One of the main signs that the first date went well is that it lasted longer than you expected. Everything is simple here – no one wants to extend a bad date. Therefore, if a woman offered to drink coffee or take a walk after the planned part of the program came to an end, then you can be sure – this is a good sign that you did everything from the checklist before the first date correctly.

You had enough fun?

The same sense of humor is one of the main signs of a special connection between people. In addition, when we like people, we often laugh at their jokes. Therefore, if you managed to make your woman laugh telling her a funny story, then you are definitely on the right way to winning her heart. Well, if you laugh together and perfectly understand each other’s jokes, then you can be sure that the date passed successfully.

Was she flirty with you?

Your hand is in her hand, she touches her shoulders, always looks at you, you walk too close, etc. – all these subtle things should excite and stir up interest. If non-verbal communication was present on your first date, that’s fine. No one talks about kisses and hugs, but innocent tactile contact is an ideal indicator of interest.

How did she react to your texts after a date?

If you interest a woman, she will forget all the rules and call or reply to you in the first 24 hours after the date. She will not wait for the “obligatory” three days because she will want to see you as early as possible, and she will be afraid that you may find someone else.

The Bottom Line

Finally, remember one more rule of a good date. It shouldn’t last too long! Otherwise, you will get tired or bored. And this is noticeable and creates an impression that you don’t need it at all. If the woman next to you starts looking around, it’s time to change the “entertainment program.” It is better to end a date on a pleasant note of intrigue and fullness of emotions.

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